Are Throw Pillows Machine Washable? (Complete Guide)

Throw pillows enhance the beauty of any living room with manifolds and it is very important to keep them clean. But how can we wash the throw pillows? Are throw pillows machine washable? We stumble upon many such questions while preparing to clean our throw pillows.

Let’s see how it’s really done. 

Are throw pillows machine washable?

Throw pillows are machine washable. You can wash them in a top or front loading washing machine without causing any damage to the material. Remember to wash them in a slow washing cycle using a mild laundry detergent. But you will have to make sure that you dry the throw pillow afterward.

Are the decorative couch cushions machine washable?

While some pillows need to be hand-washed, there are many decorative couch cushions that are machine washable. Let’s take a look at some of the most common materials used to produce decorative couch cushions and whether you can wash them in a machine:

Microfiber couch cushions:

You can wash microfiber couch cushions in a machine without sustaining damage. It is advisable to use isopropyl alcohol to clean microfiber decorative cushions. It can also remove stains efficiently.

But note that you should not wash microfiber couch cushions in a machine if it has an “X” label on it. Most microfiber couch cushions are labeled as “water-safe”, you can use those in a washing machine.

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Foam couch cushions:

Foam couch cushions should not be cleaned in a machine. The washing machine cycles are likely to damage the foam within the pillow. In addition, the heat after placing them in the dryer can also damage the foam.

It’s best to handwash foam couch cushions with cold water. And if you want to dry them, set the dryer in a very low to no heat cycle. But you can wash the cushion cover of a foam pillow in a washing machine, that is only if the cover is removable.

Can you wash throw pillows that say spot clean only?

We realize that it is tempting to wash all your throw pillows in the washing machine. But it is often impractical and can cause damage. Some pillows come with the recommendation of being spot cleaned only.

Check the tag before you throw them in a dryer. If it has a spot clean label, do not submerge them in a washing machine. It may damage the pillow.

Instead, you can wash them by hand using a local detergent. Use air drying or steam to dry them afterward.

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Can you wash throw pillows without a removable cover?

You should run a spot test for throw pillows without removable covers first. If you’re not sure about what material was used for the cover or the pillow, do a spot test to see how it reacts to water. 

If the spot cleaning goes well, you can wash the pillow in a washing machine without any trouble. However, if it does not react well to spot cleaning, wash the throw pillow by hand to prevent any damage.

Can you put a throw pillow in the washer?

Let’s see if you can put your throw pillow in the washer –

Top-loading washer:

Yes, you can put throw pillows in a top-loading washer.

Front-loading washer:

You can put throw pillows in a front-loading washer. But you will have to hand dry it later. 

How to wash throw pillows in the washing machine?

Washing throw pillows in a machine take a lot of load off the users. It makes cleaning much easier. If you’re wondering how you should proceed to wash throw pillows in the washing machine, here are the steps that you can follow:

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Remove the covers:

Most throw pillows come with removable covers. First off, remove the covers from the throw pillow before putting them in the washing machine. Clean the cushions separately.

And if your pillow does not come with a removable cover, pay special attention to the material of the cushion. Cleaning cushions with delicate covers in the washing machine may cause damage to it. 

To avoid causing any damage to the pillow, try a spot test on its fabric. This will help you test both the pillow and the pillow cover together. Apply a cleaner to the fabric and rub for 30 seconds.

Clean it with a towel and check to see whether it sustained any discoloration.

Use warm water:

To clean a throw pillow in the machine, use warm water mixed with soft detergent in a front-loading washing machine. Run it in a slow cycle.

Hang the throw pillow:

Hang the throw pillow in an airy area to allow it to dry quickly. As most of the moisture leaves the pillow, put it in a dryer.

Put it in a dryer:

Now put the pillow in a dryer to allow it to dry completely. Do not apply any heat to the throw pillow. This will also help the pillow regain its original shape and fluff.

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Washing throw pillows in a top-loading washer:

Washing a throw pillow in a top-loading washer is completely alright. But you will have to ensure some precautions in order to keep the product safe.

In a top-loading washer, use warm water in the machine. Put the machine in a soft cycle; this will help wash the pillow efficiently. Put some soft laundry detergent in the water.

In a top-loading washing machine, make sure that you’re placing the pillows carefully on each side. This will help you evenly balance the load across the machine and increase efficiency.

Washing throw pillows in the front-loading washer:

You can wash throw pillows in a front loading washer without any trouble. Make sure to keep the machine in a delicate cycle.

However, after washing the throw pillows in a front-loading washer, you’ll have to dry them in a well-ventilated area. Afterward, place the pillows in a dryer, applying very low to zero heat to the pillows. This will help the pillows reshape. 

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Can you put a throw pillow in the dryer?

Yes, you can put throw pillows in a dryer. Most throw pillows can be dried in a dryer, which also helps them to regain their fluffy shape.

However, if the pillow is made of foam or memory foam, it is best not to put it in the dryer. Or else, it may end up just clumping the foam inside the pillow.

Note that pillows can be air-dried pretty efficiently. So most don’t need to be put in a dryer. However, dryers will get the job done fast and much efficiently.

How to freshen throw pillows in the dryer?

Pillows often seem to lose their original fluff. This happens because they are not taken care of properly. But you can freshen throw pillows in a dryer by following some quick steps.

Simply run your throw pillows through a zero heat setting in the dryer. This will help the pillow get rid of all the dust. This allows you to freshen throw pillows. 

In addition, you can use a mild fabric softener on your throw pillows. Apply some softener during the dryer cycle. And the pillow will be left with a sweet odor. 

What is the best way to clean a throw pillow?

Throw pillows come in all shapes and sizes, made of a range of materials. To choose the best way to clean a throw pillow, you will have to pay special attention to its material. Let’s take a look at the best ways to clean different types of throw pillows.

Cleaning microfiber throw pillows:

The best way to clean a microfiber throw pillow is to wash it by hand using a soft detergent. Make sure to use warm water during the process.

Washing polyester throw pillows:

The best way to clean polyester throw pillows is to do it in a washing machine. Run the machine in a slow cycle, using warm water and soft detergent.

Can I dry clean decorative pillows?

Yes, you can dry clean decorative pillows. Dry cleaners can also clean throw pillows very efficiently.

In addition, you can clean decorative pillows through hand wash. Use mild or soft laundry detergent in that case. You can also clean decorative pillows through spot cleaning.

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How much does it cost to dry clean throw pillows? 

On average it cost about 7 USD to dry clean throw pillows. If you want to dry clean the pillow covers separately, it will cost you an additional 5 USD.

Final thoughts:

Throw pillows are definitely machine washable. But you will have to be careful in dealing with them. They need to be cleaned in warm water, using mild detergent. Air drying or machine drying throw pillows are also possible. It helps freshen them up and retain their original fluffy shape.

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