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Are Throw Pillows Necessary? (All You Need to Know)

Throw pillows will definitely give you a comfortable feel and an aesthetic vibe that is incomparable. Usually, decorative pillows with matching color accent with the room and furniture offer you a casual look making it look like the pillows were thrown into the furniture.

But many people become confused about the necessity of throwing pillows. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the necessity of throwing pillows whether you need them or not.

Are throw pillows necessary?

Well, the necessity of throwing pillows depends on some different scenarios. If you want to change the look of the room, throw pillows will surely enhance the casual look of the room. However, if you want to increase the comforts on the couch then there are much better options in the market.

Throw pillows change the layout of your room and give you both an aesthetic and casual feeling. Throw pillows are considered an inexpensive way to enhance the color of your room.

If the color of the throw pillows is matched with the color of the room or furniture then it will surely increase the brightness of the room. Therefore, most people go for throw pillows if they want to decorate their room on a low budget.

On the other hand, if you want to buy throw pillows for only comfort then it is not recommended. In the case of expanding comfort, throw pillows isn’t a great option because it will make you super uncomfortable.

Also, if you want a bedtime pillow then there are much better options than throw pillows.

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Do you need throw pillows?

Well, it depends on one’s individual choices. However, the necessity of throw pillows depends on two different situations. If you want to increase the gorgeousness of your room then you can go for throw pillows.

Also, throw pillows are a budget-friendly option for your decorative needs.

However, if you want to increase the comforts on your couch or sofa then throw pillows isn’t a good option. It will make you uncomfortable rather than providing you solace.

Therefore, most people choose other pillows rather than choosing throw pillows when it comes to the case of comforts.

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What is the point of throw pillows?

Well, throw pillows do have some benefits and many of those benefits are on the decorative side. However, some people do love to have throw pillows for the comfort they provide.

Here are some of the points you have to take into your account before you choose whether throw pillows is necessary or not:

For its ability to become lively:

Throw pillows have the ability to add color to your room which leads to enhancement of the aesthetic value of your room. 

The throw pillows match with the furniture in such a way that it looks like the pillows were thrown at them

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Always sliding onto the floor:

A major disadvantage of throw pillows is that they always slide off from the furniture because of the slippery material in the fabrics. However, you obstruct them from sliding off onto the floor by offering a drop space.

Offering drop space means you just have to provide supporting furniture like a side chair, a bench at the foot of the furniture, etc.

They are the best in case of protecting babies:

Throw pillows are great for providing extra support for a newborn who’s really starting to crawl.

To avoid falling, or perhaps to soften the impact mostly in event of a collision, these may be used as barricades. Throw pillows are available in nearly every color and texture imaginable.


In the case of providing comfort, throw pillows aren’t a good option to choose from. Because of its small size and for being less comfortable most people choose accent pillows to cover throw pillows.

However, some people love to have throw pillows because of their small size but it depends on one’s own individual choices.

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Do couches & sofas need decorative pillows?

Yes, they do; however, if your couch and sofa have some special features which don’t require any decorative pillows then it will be a special case. Although modern couches and sofas come with decorative features that don’t require you to buy any sort of decorative pillows.

Decorative pillows like throw pillows can be added with sofas and couches in order to double the look on them. But it depends on one’s own individual choice whether they want to add decorative pillows to their couch or not.

How many throw pillows are on a chair & sofa?

There really is no set recipe, although it is ideal to give plenty of room to relax. 4-5 pillows are usually plenty for a couch in the living room, while larger couches and furniture would require more.

The correct amount of throw pillows may assist to turn your couch from just a plain lounging space into such a cohesive element to the house’s aesthetic concept.

Using these cushions may enhance any room extra pleasant, extra relaxing, and much more visually appealing in the long run. In spite of this, it’s not always easy when you should stop contributing throw pillows to a couch or sofa.

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How to choose C pillows?

C pillows or pregnancy pillows are the best forms of pillows for pregnant mothers in order to ease their back pain, aches, and other sorts of pregnancy pain.

As a result, a pregnant supportive c cushion may make a huge impact by aiding to correct your posture or by offering additional comfort wherever women need it most. Here are some of the steps you can follow in order to choose the perfect c pillows:

It should support your full body:

Some maternity pillows are made to support specific parts of your body. However, you shouldn’t choose those cushions as in the maternity period there is a guarantee from which body part the pain will start.

Therefore, look for the C-shaped pillows that support your whole rather than specific body parts.

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Perfectly holds the pregnant mother while you are sleeping:

You should buy those c cushions in such sizes that it perfectly holds the pregnant mother. There are different sizes of C pillows that are made to hold the side part of the body while you are sleeping.

You shouldn’t go for those c pillows rather go for the perfect sizes that will hold the whole body of the mother smoothly.

Look for the perfect c sized cushion:

With a C-shaped cushion, you should place its enclosed side up against your spine, while its unclosed end should be wrapped over the belly. You hold your head on the peak of a C and cross your legs over the base.

What do you do with throw pillows at night?

Well, you don’t really need to throw pillows while you sleep therefore, it is better if you store or keep them away. You can store them on shelves, under the bed storage, etc. or you can buy XL storage baskets that are available in the market.

How long should you keep throw pillows?

You will need to replace pillows each year or three, as recommended by the manufacturer. According to reports, they “accumulate body oil, dried skin, or tresses, that can make a suitable habitat for dust.

Experts also suggest cleaning your cushions every 5 months and placing a pillow protector between both the cushion and the cover.

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When should you throw out throw pillows?

According to experts, you should replace your cushions every seven to nine months. There are certain pillows that may be used for up to 3 years if they are made of high-quality memory foam.

When pillows become rough or lose their form, they’re typically a sign that they’ve gone bad.

Where do you put throw pillows on a couch?

In most cases, there are 5 or 6 cushions on a living room sofa: 2 different foundation cushions, 2 half pillows, and 1 or 2 specialty cushions. In corner of a sofa, put a base cushion along both sides.

The two medium pillows should be placed close to the foundation cushions, with a small overlapping. Placing a focal point cushion in the middle of the couch will tie everything together and finish the look.

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What is the best size sofa throw pillow?

The best size throw pillow for a sofa usually varies, however, normal squares about 17 inches fit snugly on standard-sized couches. A more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is created by using extra-large pillowcases which are 23 inches in diameter.

Final Thoughts:

The necessity of throw pillows depends on different situations. If you want to decorate your couch or sofa on a low budget then throw pillows will be the best option. However, if you want to increase comfort on your couch then they are a lot better options than throw pillows.

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