What Are Throw Pillows Stuffed With? (All You Need to Know)

When you want to decorate your sofa or couch, you might think about throw pillows. These throw pillows can enhance the outlook of your sofa or couch. Even, they can change the whole appearance of the decoration.

So, when it comes to choosing throw pillows, you might be confused about what are throw pillows stuffed with. Well, throw pillows can be stuffed with many things. You have to know details about the requirement of stuffing throw pillows to know about the stuffing materials.

What are throw pillows stuffed with?

Throw pillows are generally stuffed with down materials. Besides, you can stuff throw pillows with feathers, polyester, foam, memory foam, cotton fiber, etc. You can also mix down materials with feathers to make a good stuffing. But if you have allergies, you should avoid down materials.

Different types of stuffing materials have different features. You have to decide which one is the best after knowing the characteristics of different stuffing materials. So, let’s see details about the materials that are used for stuffing throw pillows.

Down material:

Down is one of the best materials for stuffing pillows. Generally, down is mixed with feathers and is sold together.

But pure throw pillows are made of down materials only. These materials are white and round clusters. But if you have allergies, you should avoid these materials.

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You can also use feathers as throw pillow’s stuffing material. You can also mix them with down materials. Among the feathers, the goose feather is the best and long-lasting.

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Polyester is the cheapest stuffing material. But polyester is one of the most long-lasting stuffing for throw pillows. Moreover, polyester also doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. So, you can easily choose polyester stuffing for your throw pillows.

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Cotton and cotton fibers are also used as throw pillow stuffing. Cotton is one of the best materials if you want natural stuffing.

Cotton stuffed throw pillows are also hypoallergenic. Moreover, cotton throw pillows resist dust and bacteria. So, if you want to use safe material to stuff throw pillows, cotton is the best.

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Foam is another common material for stuffing pillows. You can also use foam to stuff throw pillows. Moreover, memory foam is another type of stuffing material.

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Though the foam is not a natural material, it is the most famous stuffing material. Moreover, foam is adjustable and comfortable. Besides, foam is cheaper than many other stuffing materials.

What are throw pillow inserts?

Throw pillow inserts are the stuffed material inside the throw pillows. Generally, we use covers on the throw pillows. If you remove the throw pillow cover, you will see throw pillow has fillings inside the pillow fabric. This stuffing or filling is the insert of the throw pillow.

Generally, different types of inserts are available and usable. Among them, down material inserts are the most famous. But many people have allergies to this material. So, they also have other options.

You can also use feathers, cotton, foam, etc., as the inserts of your throw pillows.

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How much stuffing for a throw pillow?

Generally, throw pillows are square-shaped pillows that are smaller than regular pillows. So, throw pillows will not need too much stuffing.

You will need 1 pound of stuffing if you want to make an 18 inches square throw pillow. How much stuffing is used for a throw pillow depends on the size of the throw pillow.

For example, if you want to make a larger throw pillow of 20×26 inches, you will need 2 pounds of stuffing.

Moreover, if you want to make firm throw pillows, you have to put more stuffing. But if you want to maintain a standard size of 18 inches square and a comfortable throw pillow, you can put 1 pound of stuffing.

How do you stuff a throw pillow?

Stuffing a throw pillow is not that difficult. But if you just put stuffing in the pillow randomly, the pillow might not look good and be comfortable. So, you have to follow a step-by-step process. Let’s see how you can stuff a throw pillow.

Gather the materials:

Get ready with the stuffing tools and the throw pillow fabric.

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Choose stuffing:

If your throw pillow is 18 inches square in shape, take one pound of stuffing material.

Loosen the stuffing:

Loosen the stuffing so that lumps are removed.

Place the stuffing in the corner:

While stuffing the throw pillow, keep pushing the stuffing at the corners first.

Fill all the corners:

Fill all four corners firmly and keep filling the inside of the throw pillow.

Check for visible lumps:

While filling the throw pillow, notice if any lump is noticeable from the outside. If you see any lump, press on it from the outside. Otherwise, rearrange the stuffing from the inside.

Check the firmness:

If you see the throw pillow is full, you may stop filling it. But if you want a firm throw pillow, you can overfill it and push the stuffing inside more.

Check the pillow structure:

When the stuffing is complete up to the opening, notice finally for any lump. If the throw pillow looks good, you can seal the opening.

Sew the opening:

For sealing the opening, you can sew it. Keep the stitches small so that they are not noticeable easily.

Decorate with accessories:

Apply the throw pillow cover and decorate it with accessories.

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How to make a decorative throw pillow with stuffing?

Throw pillows are generally placed for decoration. So, when you keep the throw pillows on the sofa or couch, you might want to keep them decorative and beautiful. So, let’s see how you can make a decorative throw pillow with stuffing.

Choose decorative fabric:

While choosing fabric for making throw pillows with stuffing, you have to choose wisely. If you choose a shiny and decorative fabric and add stuffing to it, you will not need extra accessories to decorate the throw pillows.

So, your work will be much easier. Moreover, you will not need any extra cover for decorating the throw pillow.

Decorative items:

You can add many decorative items with the throw pillows. For example, when you finish stuffing the throw pillow, you will need to sew it.

You can sew the throw pillow with lace or fabric flowers on it. The decorative lace and flowers will make the throw pillow look good.

Decorative covers:

Decorative covers are another effective way to make the throw pillows decorative. After stuffing the throw pillows, you can put decorative covers on them.

Generally, glittery and shiny covers are the most decorative covers. So, you can add decorative covers to the throw pillows with stuffing.

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What is the best filling for throw pillows?

If you are looking for the overall best filling for throw pillows, you can choose polyester. Generally, polyester is a synthetic material and is available everywhere. Moreover, polyester is one of the most long-lasting filling materials.

The most beneficial feature of polyester filling is that it is hypoallergenic. So, if you have allergies to several filling materials, you can use polyester. Polyester is a safe filling material in this aspect.

Besides, you can decide the firmness using polyester. You can add more or less stuffing and decide the desired firmness with polyester. So, from all aspects, polyester is the best filling for throw pillows.

But if want to choose other fillings, you can choose cotton, memory foam, latex, wool, etc.

What can I use instead of couch pillow stuffing?

Generally, couch pillow stuffing is common in most places. You might find down materials, feathers, cotton, polyester, etc., common materials for pillow stuffing. But you can use foam wrapped with batting instead of these common materials.

You can also use upholstery batting. Upholstery batting is also known as Dacron. You can use this soft material instead of couch pillow stuffing. This material will also make your couch pillows comfortable.

Final Thoughts:

Throw pillows are stuffed with different types of materials. Among them, down materials with a mixture of feathers are the most common. Polyester is another common and durable stuffing for throw pillows. But you can stuff the throw pillows with cotton fiber, foam, latex, etc.

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