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Will Paint Thinner Damage Laminate Flooring? (Quick Facts)

Laminate flooring adds such a beautiful and comforting touch to your home. But when it gets dirty or develops stubborn stains then you will have to go through a lot of hurdles to take it off. 

Laminate flooring is made with layers of compressed wood fibers and adhesive and plastic coating. If you pick a random cleaning solution then there is a high chance that you will damage your laminate flooring permanently.

So knowing about the right cleaning solution and how to use them is essential. Let’s take an in-depth look at this matter. 

Will paint thinner damage laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is sensitive and has a high chance of getting damaged in the presence of paint thinner. To remove any stain or paint mark, using paint thinner on laminate flooring will lead to bruise and discoloration. When dealing with stains on laminate flooring, using soap water is recommended. 

Can you use paint thinner on laminate flooring?

The Paint thinner is a mix of various chemical compounds. The chemical used in paint thinner especially acetone is highly flammable and easily reactive to a lot of materials.  The acetone can dissolve plastic and other thin materials.

So when you are using paint thinner on laminate flooring, there is a high chance of causing permanent damage, also blackening and bruising the material. So you shouldn’t use paint thinner on laminate flooring.

Why is it not safe to use paint thinner on the laminate floor?

The highly reactive paint thinner:

The paint thinner is made with lots of highly reactive chemical components.

The acetone and other chemicals will react with the laminate flooring compounds and will deform, bruise, blemish the texture of the laminated materials. 

You might have thought that paint thinner will remove the stain or paint drops from your laminate flooring but your wrong judgment may lead to permanently damaging your precious floor. 

Formaldehyde in laminate flooring:

The laminate flooring is made with layers of wooden fibers, melamine resin, and various adhesives. The adhesive and formaldehyde found in melamine resin have a high tendency to bond with chemicals and evaporate.

In presence of acetone and other chemicals in paint thinner, the laminate flooring is sure to react and lose its shape, size, and quality for good.

The air quality of your home:

After reacting with paint thinner, the adhesive, and formaldehyde in laminate flooring will most likely evaporate. The newly formed chemical composition is pretty dangerous and toxic for humans and animals.

The airborne particles are harmful and will surely put a bad impact on the air quality.  For your own sake avoid using highly reactive chemicals on laminate flooring.

What can get paint off the laminate floor? – What is the safe way to remove paint

Soap water mixed with vinegar:

Soap water is great to remove any stains from the laminate flooring.  You can also add a little amount of vinegar to the solution for better results.

Always select a small portion of your floor and apply the solution to check if the solution is reacting with the floor or not.

Window cleaning solution:

Windows cleaning solution also works great on removing stains and stubborn dry paints. Although the presence of ammonia might react badly with the laminate flooring material.

To apply on a small portion and if you are satisfied with the results then you can continue.

Denatured alcohol:

You will have to dilute the denatured alcohol in water and then apply it to the flooring.  Usually, 60% water and 40% denatured alcohol solution is preferred for cleaning.

Directly applying denatured alcohol might lead to damage, discoloration, and bruising the flooring material. 

Rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol works great when it comes to removing stubborn stains or dried-up paint. Just make sure it doesn’t soak into the floor.

Dedicated laminate flooring cleaning solution:

One of the safest ways to remove any stains or paint is to use a dedicated laminate flooring cleaning solution. It won’t be damaging your floor and will get the job done.

What is the safe denatured alcohol to use on a laminate floor?

Denatured alcohol shouldn’t be directly used on laminate flooring.  Denatured alcohol needed to be diluted with water and only applied in a controlled way.

You can use 70% denatured alcohol to make the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution should be 50% water and 50% denatured alcohol. Always try on a small portion and check the results. 

How much does the denatured alcohol cost? 

It depends on where you are staying in the country. Some state laws strongly regulated the use of denatured alcohol, so the price range may vary from one state to another.

You can easily find 500ml of denatured alcohol at $17 to $20.  If you are looking for a 1-gallon bottle of denatured alcohol then it’s gonna cost you $40 to $50.

How to remove paint from the laminate floor?

Using brush & vacuum:

You can use a brush and rub out any dried-up paint stains. It may take a long time to achieve your goals but it’s the safest way to do it. The bristle will work great on scraping the residue.

After brushing for a bit you can vacuum it and get rid of the dust and other debris.

Using denatured alcohol:

Using denatured alcohol will get the job done but it comes with a high risk of damaging the laminate flooring. So using a mixture of denatured alcohol with water will be a safer option. 

A mixture of 50% denatured alcohol with 50% water is much preferable.  First, clean the floor with microfiber cloths then apply the solution and wipe it. Don’t let it soak in for too long.

Using dedicated laminate flooring cleaning solution: 

There are lots of laminate flooring cleaning solutions. They are effective and don’t harm your floor. Just use it on the floor and clean it up with microfiber cloths.

Can you use nail polish remover on laminate floors? 

Nail polish remover also contains acetone. It has a high tendency to react with polyurethane and polycarbonate. Using nail polish remover will surely lead to some unwanted outcome. Using any chemical formula with acetone contains should be only used as a last resort.

There are dedicated laminate flooring cleaning solutions that work great on cleaning and removing any stubborn stains. 

Is acetone safe for laminate floors?

If your cleaning solution or a homemade chemical formula consists of acetone in it then it’s not completely safe to use on laminate floors. Acetone is sure to react with your laminate flooring material, may bruise, or may cause discoloration to the floor.

So don’t put acetone in the laminate flooring. Even if you are thinking about using acetone on your laminate flooring it should be diluted with a large amount of water.  

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Can you use white spirit on laminate flooring? 

White spirits are relatively less reactive and somewhat safe to use. You can use a white spirit & water solution to apply on laminate flooring. Make a 50% white spirit and 50% water solution.

Pick a small part of your floor to apply and inspect the outcome. If you don’t observe any unwanted reaction between the white spirit solution and laminate flooring then you are all set to continue. 

Can you use mineral spirits on laminate flooring? 

Mineral spirits are also well known for being a highly reactive paint remover. If you are dealing with a stubborn stain or old dried-up paint then you may use it. But make sure it is safe and not reacting with your laminate flooring.

Dilute the mineral spirits in water, the solution should be having 60% of water mixed with 40% of mineral spirits, you can also try 50% water with 50% mineral spirits to make a stronger solution. Only use a strong solution as a last resort.

Apply a few mineral spirits with water solution on a small portion of your laminate flooring, and make sure it doesn’t soak it for too much. Clean the spot with a microfiber cloth and inspect the results.

If your laminate floor didn’t react or show any signs of a bruise, discoloration, or deformation then you can apply the mineral spirits & water solution to a larger portion of your floor.

It’s a little bit risky but mineral spirits will remove any stubborn stain or residue. And remember not to overdo it or let the solution get soaked in too much.

Hope you got an overall idea of how to clean your laminate flooring. What are the do’s and don’ts and what chemical will cause harm to the flooring? 

Always Use a dedicated cleaning solution for the laminate flooring for better cleaning and preserving the quality of your flooring. Best of luck.