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Will Acetone Damage Laminate Floor? (All You Need to Know)

Acetone is a well-known stain remover. So, knowing that you may think of using acetone to clean your laminate flooring stains too. However, not all kinds of chemical products are suitable for laminate flooring.

Therefore, before using acetone you must be wanting to know, will acetone damage your laminate flooring or not. 

Well, this article is going to give you an inside into this popular question regarding will acetone ruin the laminate floor or not. And what are safe cleaners for laminate flooring. 

Will Acetone Damage The Laminate Floor?

Acetone will damage the laminate floor. Acetone cleaning solvents are guaranteed to clean stains from the floor but these solvents will damage the laminate flooring finish. Because the chemical elements, it has will dissolve the floor finish and will remove it. So using acetone is not suggested.

Acetone is a chemical that is used for making stain cleaning solutions and paint remover. Therefore, when cleaning solvents containing acetone is used for removing stains from the laminate floor, it will surely remove any stains.

But as this chemical can also remove paint, the acetone cleaning solvent will break down the laminate floor finish as well. 

As a result, it will damage the laminate flooring by removing the floor finish. So, it’s not recommended to use it but if anybody wants to use it, use it sparingly. 

Is Acetone Safe For Laminate Floors?

Acetone is not the safest solvent for laminate floors. Acetone is a very strong chemical that is used for making stain and paint remover/cleaning solutions. Therefore, it will surely remove any stain from the floor.

However, even if it removes stains, it damages the floor. Because, as mentioned, acetone has chemical elements that dissolve the paint or varnish, so it will dissolve the laminate floor finish too.

Therefore, acetone is not safe to use on laminate floors. Only if needed, sometimes you can use it to clean stains. 

What Damage Acetone Does To Laminate Flooring?

Acetone dissolves the laminate floor finish making it look dull. Acetone contains some chemical elements which are really good for removing any kind of stain and paint. So when you use acetone-containing cleaning solvent, you for sure will clean any stains. 

But the active elements can dissolve any paint and will react on your laminate floor instantly making the floor finish dissolve. Therefore, your home’s laminate flooring will lose its natural wooden shine and glossiness. 

What Cleaners Are Safe For Laminate Floors?

To make cleaning easy for you, here 4 cleaners that are safe for your laminate floors are going to be described. No product review is going to be added here but this section will show you why these cleaners are the best and the safest ones. 

Black Diamond Wood And Laminate Floor Cleaner 

When it comes to a safe cleaner, Black Diamond Wood And Laminate Cleaner will always be on top of the list. Because it has an active streak-free mixture which is safe for laminate flooring. 

All you have to do is spray some cleaner on the floor and mop it with a microfiber mop or cloth. It doesn’t require any rinsing so it’s favorable for laminate flooring as laminate can’t stand excess moisture. It’s perfect for deep cleaning too. 

It’s the safest overall laminate floor cleaner. 

Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner 

If you want an eco-friendly safe cleaner for your laminate flooring then it should your first choice.

Packed up with all natural goodness this cleaner doesn’t contain any VOCs, petroleum elements, or toxic surfactants. That means your laminate flooring will not have any wax buildup on it. 

It also comes with no-rinse formula. So you just need to spray the cleaner on the floor and wipe it with a microfiber mop/cloth. 

It’s the safest natural cleaner for laminate floors. 

Rejuvenate All Floor Cleaners 

As the name implies this cleaner is the safest one for maintaining the shine and glossiness of your laminate floor while cleaning the floor thoroughly. 

This cleaner has pH-balanced formula so it doesn’t leave any cleaning residue behind like other cleaning products. You can directly apply it on the floor from the bottle as it comes with a convenient squirt nozzle. 

After using this cleaner you see your floor getting a gleam. 

This cleaner is the safest in terms of both cleaning and making the laminate floors shine.

ZEP 1 Gallon Hardwood And Laminate Floor Cleaner 

If you don’t want to spend too much on buying cleaner for your laminate flooring then this cleaner is the perfect one for you. It’s a budget-friendly cleaner that comes in a quite big gallon. So you can use it for many days and save money. 

It has a ready-to-use formula and it’s able to soften dirt and sticky areas of the laminate floor. Just use it pouring in a spray bottle or on a microfiber mop and then wipe the floor. It doesn’t require any rinsing also. So nothing can beat this budget-friendly safe cleaner for your laminate floor. 

Zep Hardwood And Laminate Cleaner is the safest one within budget. 

What Can Damage Laminate Flooring? 

Laminate flooring can get damaged by many things. 

Improper vacuuming and cleaning can damage your laminate floor than dirt and dust will do. If you don’t turn off the brush roll it will scratch the flooring.

Cleaning solvents like acetone can damage the laminate floor as it will remove the floor finish making it look dull. 

Water or moisture do the most damage to laminate floors and replacing the flooring planks is the only fixing way. 

Termites also do the same extent of damage to the laminate flooring. It makes holes in the wooden shafts and makes them crack. 

Will Nail Polish Remover Damage Laminate Flooring?

Nail polish remover will damage the laminate floor because it contains acetone. And any cleaning solvent containing acetone damages the laminate floor finish. So, nail polish remover also will remove the finish from laminate flooring leaving it in a dull-looking condition.

Will Bleach Damage Laminate Countertops?

Bleach will damage the laminate countertops. If you use bleach on laminate countertops, it can result in permanent scar or discoloration. As bleach will break the sealant used for protecting laminate countertops. Sometimes can even damage the countertops too. 

Will Rubbing Alcohol Damage Laminate Flooring?

Rubbing alcohol doesn’t damage the laminate floor. It works as an effective cleaning product that cleans the laminate flooring thoroughly. It also, protect and maintain the glossiness and laminate floor finish. 

Can I Use Vinegar On My Laminate Floor? 

You can use vinegar on your laminate flooring. Vinegar is considered as the safest element for making homemade laminate floor cleaner. But don’t use it directly, use it as a mixture of water and vinegar of equal proportion. 

Will Paint Thinner Damage Laminate Flooring?

Paint thinner damages laminate flooring. Because it’s an excessively harsh product that can discolor your laminate floor or can remove the shine from the floors. Paint thinner can even leave residues behind on laminate floors. 

Read more in detail, Will paint thinner damage laminate flooring?

Are These Safe For Laminate Floors?


Windex is safe to use on laminate floors. It cleans the flooring surface thoroughly leaving no streaks. Just spray some on a dry mop and wipe the floor. But don’t use it directly on the flooring. 

Pine Sol:

Pine sol is a multipurpose cleaner that is perfectly safe to use on laminate flooring. It doesn’t include any harmful elements. Just take your preferred scent and use to clean the floor. 

Goo Gone:

Goo gone is an adhesive remover cleaner that is safe to use on laminate flooring. It contains a safe surface procedure that clears any sticky or gooey stains from the floor without damaging the floor and its finish. 


Bona Tile And Laminate Floor Cleaner is safe for the laminate floor as it’s especially manufactured for cleaning stone, tile, and laminate surfaces. However, Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is safe to use on laminate as well but it’s not strongly recommended. 


Fabuloso is also safe for using over laminate floors. It can clean dirt, stains, grease, and filth from the laminate floor surface without harming the flooring. 

Mr. Clean:

Mr. Clean is another safest cleaner for laminate floors. It clears any stain and dirt and makes it all shiny from baseboard to baseboard. 

Murphy’s Oil Soap:

Murphy’s oil soap is completely safe to use on laminate flooring. Murphy’s oil soap contains 98% all natural elements. Therefore, it will not damage the laminate flooring.

If you regularly use Murphy’s oil soap to clean laminate flooring, it will help to extend its lifespan as well. 

How To Get Nail Polish Off Laminate Flooring?

Two ways you can try to get nail polish off laminate flooring. 

Chip It Off:

Before you apply any kind of solution to remove nail polish that can harm your floor’s finish, you should try to chip it off first. 

Take a plastic putty knife, place it between the nail polish stain and the floor and then tap it using a hammer. The nail polish blob will go away. 

Rub With Alcohol:

If there is any nail polish residue left in the flooring, use rubbing alcohol. Wet a rag with rubbing alcohol and leave it over the residue for a few minutes. And then wipe it. 

Is there A Polish For Laminate Flooring? 

There are many laminate floor polish available in both market and online. Some of the best polish names are given below. 

  • Rejuvenate All Floors Polish 
  • Quick Shine Floor Polish 
  • Bona Tile And Laminate Floor Polish 
  • Folex Professional Floor Cleaner 
  • Better Life Floor Cleaner 

Due to containing paint removal elements, acetone will damage your laminate flooring. So you better avoid using it unless it’s not highly required.