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Why Does My Garage Smell Like Paint? (Explained)

A garage is a place for repairing different automobiles and painting. People use different paint, fluids, chemicals, and other components in the garage. They help repair the vehicles and construct some valuable materials that help repair them.

Because of these materials or components, you might smell something unpleasant. And it’s a widespread thing for a garage. As a garage owner, if you want to get rid of the unpleasant odor, you need to implement some tips.

Why does my garage smell like paint?

Your garage smells like paint because of spray paint, stored chemicals, or fluid leakage. You have these ingredients in your garage, and you use them regularly to repair the automobiles. When you work with an engine, it may also spread a smell like paint since it will contain fluids.

We found three reasons behind the paint smell of your garage. You may find more. But the theme is the same, and you can implement the solution for everything. And the solution is cleaning. You must clean the garage regularly to get rid of the paint smell.

Spray Paint/Recent Paint:

If you use spray paint on a vehicle or your garage walls, it will give you the paint smell.

So, your garage is smelling like paint because of the spray paint. Maybe you spray it on small components of the vehicle but forget to clean the surroundings. In that case, it will create the paint smell.

If you recently painted your garage walls, it will also create a paint smell that you hardly remove from the air. When you paint the walls, you should take some steps to remove the smell.

Stored Chemical:

The stored chemical may also create a paint smell in your garage. You may need to work with different chemicals to open or repair the damaged engine parts.

Sometimes, a few drops of the chemicals may fall from the stored containers, which will create a paint smell or a pungent odor.

When dealing with the stored chemicals, you must be careful and use the optimum amount of chemicals. Also, look for fallen chemicals and try to remove them soon before they spread the odor in the air.

Fluids Leakage:

You get a paint smell in your garage because of the fluid leakage. In every garage, you will find different gallons full of fluids. If one or two leaks, it will spread the fluids on the floors.

The liquids will spread a pungent smell in the air within a while. So, the fluid leakage will be another culprit of the paint smells.

Can a gas leak in the garage smell like paint?

Sometimes a gas leak in the garage can smell like paint. It simply indicates that significant volatile organic compounds are present in the paint rather than contributing to off-gassing, resulting in a low concentration of low VOCs in the spray paint.

An unpleasant odor can emanate from your garage if you have a fresh coat on. This can be applied to any room within the house.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the compounds found in paint products that emit a mysterious odor similar to the smell of freshly painted paint. This has everything to do with the compounds found in painted products called volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Different compounds that make up each type of Freon gas, scent reports for Freon gas have a wide range of characteristics. Among the most commonly reported fragrances, paint garners more attention than any scent.

Will the rancid paint smell go away from the garage?

The rancid paint smell will go away on most occasions within a month.  Depending on how well your room is ventilated, the smell could remain for up to a month. This is very long for the scent to fade entirely on the end of the spectrum, which usually takes 14 and 24 weeks.

The smell of rancid paint in your garage can penetrate your vehicle and any belongings you keep in the space. Mold and mildew, which thrive in moist, dark, or humid environments, are often responsible for the odor of rancid paint in a building.

Poor ventilation and air movement contribute to the intensification of the odor and exacerbate any mold problem.

Fortunately, some affordable cleansers and straightforward approaches will effectively eliminate the musty odor from your garage.

Is the smell of paint toxic?

The smell of the paint is non-toxic because most of the paints we use are non-toxic and cannot harm our health.

But many times, if you paint around your environment, its fumes can create a burning sensation in your skin, eyes, and throat. It can frequently disappear by cleaning the impacted region or going out into the natural air.

Most paint items contain VOCs that might cause both present moment and long haul wellbeing impacts.

So best practice is while painting inside, you ought to continuously do so securely. It can incorporate choosing paint with lower VOC levels and appropriately ventilated to ensure the region.

How do you get rid of the paint smell in a garage?

You can get rid of the paint smell in a garage by following the steps below. Don’t skip them. You should follow them one by one and make a new environment for breathing.

Baking Soda Mixture:

Putting some baking soda into the corners of the garage would be an excellent remedy for the paint smell.

If you have recently painted a wall and you want to get rid of that smell from your garage, baking soda is your first step to get rid of it.

Take some baking soda, scatter them into the corners, or place them into a container and leave it. It will take the smell and give you fresh air.

Lighting Candles:

Another easiest way to get rid of the paint smell of your garage is candles.

You can light some candles in your house, and it will take the paint smell and remove it at once. Unless you have a strong smell, you can use the candles to remove the pungent odor.


If you want to get the best remedy to remove the paint smell from your garage, charcoal would be a much-appreciated ingredient for you.

You can make a mixture of charcoal and use it in different corners of the middle of the garage to get rid of the paint smell.

White Vinegar:

After following the first three steps, you should use white vinegar to remove it if you still have the paint smell. White or distilled vinegar is a great paint smell remover that will instantly work without causing any concern.

You can use the white vinegar and add it to the freshwater to make a great mixture. Then, it will be ready to spray all over the garage. It will also remove the paint smell and give you a fresh environment.

What smells like paint fumes in the garage?

In the garage, you will get paint fumes from different sources. Not necessarily the spray paint will cause you the paint fumes; there might be some other causes behind it.

Maybe the stirred chemical spreads the paint smell to the air, and you get the smell of the paint fumes. Another source might be the VOCs. Too much use of this paint will give long-lasting paint fumes in the garage.

If you want to get rid of the paint fumes, you must follow our tips and use a vinegar mixture to get the instant result. It might be helpful to use baking soda to remove the strong smell.

  • Chemical Spills
  • VOCs
  • Fuel Leakage
  • Painted Wall

Why does my garage smell like paint thinner?

The smell of paint thinner can frequently show the presence of synthetics, which can be unsafe to your wellbeing.

So if your garage smells like acute paint thinner, you know that more chemicals have been used there. Ordinarily, the paint’s thinner smell is brought about by volatile organic compounds. And it can rapidly escape up high and have a solid scent like that of paint thinner.

Assuming you’ve painted your home recently, it ought to shock everyone that you smell acetone. Paint thinner is used to lessen the thickness of paint much of the time, so it tends to be applied all the more uniformly.

Make a method for cleaning up anything that has come into contact with acetone. Instead of throwing them into the waste, put them inside a decent sack first. After painting a garage, provide adequate natural air to repel strong odors since the odor is bothering you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use spray paint over the car or use the stored chemicals which ultimately give your garage a paint smell, it’s also possible that your garage smells like paint because of the painted wall and fuel leaks. They will create a strong paint smell that you can remove by using white vinegar.