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How Long Does Gorilla Glue Last? (Answered)

Gorilla glue is similar to any other household item most of us can’t live without. It’s a blessing in disguise as now many of your broken, damaged or faulty items can be reused and displayed.

Whether it’s the broken arm of your reading chair or the cracked antic piece from your last trip to Egypt, gorilla glue can bond the, seamlessly. 

Since gorilla glue is appreciated by everyone because of its adhesive power, people always recommend it to others. Thus people get to know about it and want to know more.

Many new users who want to give gorilla glue a try question how long this glue lasts?

Here we’ve reached the question and came up with much relatable information along with the former query. 

How long does gorilla glue last?

Gorilla glue includes water-activated polyurethane formula thus it’s a very strong long-lasting adhesive. Gorilla glue can last forever depending on where it’s applied and how it’s maintained. Since its water and heat-protective, gorilla glue can last more than 10 years simply. 

The durability of gorilla glue isn’t the same on every material. Not every stuff can be repaired using this glue as it won’t last on them. 

Let’s know how long this glue lasts on various materials and surfaces.

On plastic:

Gorilla glue can be used on plastic materials. It can last on the plastic for around 10 years since it’s a very strong adhesive. However, if the bond is weakening with load or is not placed correctly, it might not last long. 

On nails:

It’s not uncommon to have some glues on your nails while working with gorilla glue, which can result in discomfort. It can take at least 3 to 4 weeks for the glue to come off from the nails completely. 

On skin:

If someone gets gorilla glue on their face, it might stay there for at least 7 days. Even if it’s tried to wipe off using removers, the adhesive is most likely to stay on the skin for a week minimum.

On metal:

Gorilla glue on metal lasts for a great time. It’s one of the best adhesives to attach metal parts If it’s applied correctly and not intentionally broken, the glue on metal will last from 10 years to forever.

On hair:

Getting the gorilla glue on hair is a real hassle. If no remedies are applied the glue can be there for at least 1 week. But if several removing agents are used, the glue won’t take more than a day or two to completely come off.       

On vinyl:

Vinyl is not a suitable surface to hold gorilla glue. It doesn’t adhere to the surface properly and thus might not last for long. 

How long does gorilla glue last once opened?

Once open gorilla glue can last more than 6 months to even 1 year but only when it’s stored the right way.

Gorilla glue includes water-activated polyurethane formula that may react to the outer environment when opened. This ingredient when coming in contact with air, humid loses its moisture and thus the glue dries up.

Though the shelf life of gorilla glue is around 2 years when unopened, the life span shortens as you open it.

Gorilla glue when its’ cap is opened, starts losing its normal texture and consistency because of the outside humidity, air, and overall weather. So they can hardly last more than 1 year.

But if you store the used glue tube by sealing it with the cap again tightly in a dry place at room temperature the glue may last more than 6 months to 1 year. 

Does Gorilla Glue last forever?

Gorilla glue is used to fix cracks and to bond broken things. It’s one of the best adhesives out there. It’s so long-lasting that can bond the broken pieces forever if used properly. 

Gorilla glue is preferred by so many people because of its strength and durability. Gorilla glue can be used on multiple materials such as wood, ceramic, glass, stone even on stones. 

But what amazes its users most is the strong bonding gorilla glue creates. This specific brand of glues manufactures glues using water-activated polyurethane formula.

This is highly strong and increases the strength of the glue so that the bonding lasts for a long time, even after a few hits.

Gorilla glue is so powerful with its advanced formula that you might not even need another try to repair something. If used accordingly, gorilla glue can last forever.

What is the shelf life of gorilla glue?

The shelf life of any product means the time of a product where the appearance or quality doesn’t get ruined. So before using any type of Gorilla glue, you should know how long it can last when opened and when not. 

Here we’ll be sharing the shelf life of some different types of gorilla glues.

Gorilla wood glue:

Gorilla wood glue is one of the best-selling adhesives from this brand. The shelf life of gorilla wood glue is nearly about 2 years. Gorilla wood glue remains fresh till this duration if it’s stored in a moisture-free place and sealed. 

If the glue has been opened and used, then it lasts for more than 6 months depending on how nicely and carefully it’s been stored. 

Gorilla super glue:

Gorilla super glue is a master of all work. It’s powerful and strongly repairs things that they last for a really good period. However, the lifespan of gorilla super glue is not as fantastic when it’s opened and used. 

It can then last around 6 months too with proper storing. Gorilla super glue can last from 18 to 24 months unopened and stored in the right way. 

Gorilla construction glue:

The shelf life of gorilla construction glue is up to 2 years when kept in the proper place. Till this time the glues’ quality remains best. But after opening, the shelf life reduces to 1 year or a maximum of 2 years. 

How to make gorilla glue last?

If you are aware of the wonders gorilla glue can do, you must keep a tin of this glue present at your house. 

Though having this important element at your place is one of your wisest decisions, you might disappoint later if you find the glue has lost its quality over time. 

That’s why here we’ve provided some ideas that can make your gorilla glue last longer.

Store at room temperature:

Too cold or too warm environment ruins the texture of gorilla glue.

Because of various ingredients’ reactions to heat and cold temperatures, glue can dry up soon. So you should always store the gorilla glue at 53 to 102-degree temperature. 

Store it in a dry place:

Never keep the glue around the shower stand, near a sink, or any humid area. This will only ruin the quality of the gorilla glue. Store it in a dry place far from damp weather and it will go a long run.

Put the cap back:

It’s when you don’t put the cap back properly that most glues lose their longevity. Close the lid tightly every time you open and use it. Moisture, air, and humidity are harmful agents for gorilla glue and ruin it in no time.

Keep it away from the sun:

Excessive sunlight and heat are bad for the glue and shorten its life quickly. So while working with the glue or even storing it, make sure there is no direct sunray falling over.

How long does Gorilla Glue hold for?

Gorilla glue is one of the strongest glues that can be used on different surfaces. It is prepared with an advanced formula, water polyurethane formula that allows it to hold on to the joints for a longer period. 

It’s water and heat resistant that’s why the bond can hardly be weakened. 

Gorilla glue can hold broken things, whether it’s ceramic, glass, wood, or metal, for more than 10 years easily. Depending on how it’s been applied and maintained the repaired items can last forever even.

Should you keep Gorilla Glue in the fridge?

Storing gorilla glue correctly is not something one should avoid. If not kept in suitable weather, the quality and strength of the glue decrease. Moreover, the shelf life of the glue shortens if not stored properly.

From this concern, many people wonder if they can keep gorilla glue in the fridge. Well, you should not do that. Gorilla glue is best when kept at room temperature.

Many types of glue can be stored in the fridge to extend their lifetime, but gorilla glue will lose its quality at too cold a temperature. 

Final Thoughts

Gorilla glue is manufactured using advanced formulas such as polyurethane. Moreover, it’s heat and water-resistant, so these can’t weaken the bond gorilla glue makes. It’s a much more powerful adhesive and can last around 10 years even forever if maintained well.