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What Size Screws for a Vizio TV Mount? (Answered)

Vizio is a well-known American company that primarily makes televisions in a variety of distinctive styles and pricing. William Wang created it in October 2002.

This firm has developed its business tremendously in its short time on the market and has also achieved a great deal of worldwide recognition.

Now, let’s discuss what size screws you’ll need for wall-mounting Vizio TVs, as well as some additional information about Vizio TVs. 

What size screws for a Vizio TV mount?

A Vizio TV mount uses M8 screws. The most common size of the mounting screw used in the Vizio TV is the M8 metric screw. The size of the screws, however, will vary depending on the size of the Vizio TV. Therefore, mounting screws in sizes M4 and M6 are also utilized for smaller Vizios’.

Not all Vizio TVs have the same screw size requirement. As a result, the wall mount screw sizes of the Vizio V-series vary depending on the size of the Vizio TVs.

The screw size for Vizio V-series wall mounts commonly starts at M8. The additional Vizio V-series wall mount screw sizes are M4, M5, and M6.

Even though M8 is the most common screw size for most Vizio TVs, the size of the screws will vary depending on the TV’s features.

The screw sizes will begin with M4 if your Vizio TV is small. If your Vizio TV is 65 inches or larger, the screw sizes will be completely different.

Choosing the right screws for your Vizio V-series TVs is very important. If you don’t remain cautious while choosing the screws with the correct lengths for your Vizios, then there is a high risk of untimely accidents.

Again, the incorrect length of the wall-mounted screws can also cause internal damage to your Vizio TV. Besides, the TV might not get properly attached to the wall if the length of the screws is not right.

Therefore, choosing the right screw sizes for your Vizio V-series TVs is essential for wall mounting.

Screws for Vizio TV stand & wall mount:

Vizio TV sizeTV mounting screw size
Vizio 65 inch tvM8 
Vizio 55 inch tvM8 
Vizio 50 inch tvM6 
Vizio 40 inch tvM6
Vizio 32 inch tvM4

What are VESA screws?

“VESA” is the abbreviation for the Video Electronics Standards Association. It collaborates with manufacturers to establish standards for various gadgets.

This standard ensures that no matter who the manufacturer is, the placement, measurement, and size of the holes in different electronics are the same.

VESA is also attempting to establish uniform standards for televisions. When it comes to TV manufacturing, the VESA standard is used to ensure that the mounting holes, their location, and size are all consistent.

Vizio TVs are also built to VESA standards, which are internationally recognized for all electronics throughout the world.

Many of you may be wondering why these little mounting screws must be created according to a set of criteria. But, just so you know, making a mistake with these little screws might result in major problems when it comes to mounting your TV on the wall.

Therefore, there are a variety of benefits to having a set of standards for these screws. The VESA standard eliminates confusion among manufacturers, lowers costs for both manufacturers and consumers, and ensures that screws are readily available on the market for a consistent standard.

Wall-mounting your TV has also become much easier, as the VESA allows any TV to be mounted with compatible screw sizes.

Different sizes of VESA screws

VESA screw standardsSize of the screwsDimensions of hole pattern
FDMI MIS-BM4 x 6 mm;50 x 20 mm
FDMI MIS-CM4 x 8 mm;75 x 35 mm
FDMI MIS-DM4 x 10 mm;75 x 75 / 100 x 100 mm
FDMI MIS-EM4 x 10 mm;200 x 100 mm
FDMI MIS-FM6 x 8 mm / 10 mm;M8 x 15 mm;200 mm increments

Do Vizio TVs come with mounting screws?

Yes, Vizio TVs come with screws for mounting. Whenever you buy a television, the manufacturer or the proprietor of the electronic store from whom you are purchasing the television must include the mounting screws.

Many of us may be ignorant of whether or not mounting screws are included with Vizio televisions. However, now that you know, the mounting screws are almost always included with Vizio TVs.

As a result, if you ever decide to get a brand new Vizio TV, be sure to look for the suitable screws that are compatible with the size of the Vizio TV you are buying.

How long should Vizio TV mount screws be?

Screws for Vizio V-series TVs are typically M8 in size. This M8 size comes in a variety of lengths that are utilized in various TVs depending on the requirements for wall mounting.

Thus, Vizio M8 TV mount screws can be 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 60mm long.

M4 screws are nearly 12 mm long, but M5 and M6 screws are 22 and 24 mm long, respectively. Aside from the lengths given for sizes M4, M5, and M6, these sizes, like the M8, can have numerous lengths.

Are TV mount screws universal?

Yes, screws for TV mounts are universal. However, certain critical aspects are at play in terms of universality.

TV mount screws are regarded as universal if and only if they are manufactured in accordance with the VESA standards. Most manufacturers use the VESA standard scale for the production of TV wall mount screws.

The VESA standards are also followed for those wall mount screws that come with Vizio TVs. Thus, VESA TV mount screws can also be referred to as universal.

Can you use any screws to mount a TV?

No, you cannot install a television using any screws. To install your TV on the wall, you’ll need the correct set of mounting screws.

The internal elements of your TV might get severely damaged if you do not use the right set of mounting screws for your TV. Furthermore, using the wrong set of mounting screws can cause the TV to not fit properly into the wall.

It won’t keep the TV in place, and if the screws aren’t the right size, the screw fitting will be pretty loose. As a result, the likelihood of an unexpected accident is quite high.

As a result, double-check the manual before mounting your TV to the wall. If you are unsure about how to mount a television on the wall, call a mechanic and have him do it for you.

How many screws are needed for TV wall mount?

You’ll need four screws to wall-mount a television. When you buy a TV, these four screws will come with it.

Many of us may overlook the number of screws and other accessories that come with the TV since our primary concern is the size of the monitor and whether or not it is scratched, as well as whether or not the remote works well.

However, verifying the extras that come with the TV, such as the number of screws, is also quite significant.

As a result, while purchasing a television, make sure to verify the number of screws.

Be cautious during installation and ensure that the drilling is done according to the precise specifications so that the TV can be correctly wall mounted. If required, seek expert assistance.

Final thoughts

The mounting screw size for a Vizio TV mount is M8. It is the most commonly used size. However, M4 or M6 metric screws are also used for small Vizio TVs. Like most other manufacturers, Vizio TVs adhere to industry standards for screw sizes for a variety of applications, such as M8 for the Vizios.