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How Much Do Hunter Douglas Blinds Cost? (Explained)

You must have heard about Hunter Douglas and are looking to know about their blinds pricing. You come to the right place, hold your breath and go through the entire write-up. Today, I’ll explore the Hunter Douglas Blinds and show you the best choice.

Mainly, Hunter Douglas is a brand. It offers problem-based solutions regarding windows and your interior design. You can consult with them, and they will provide you with the best solution accordingly.

How much do Hunter Douglas blinds cost?

Hunter Douglas Blinds cost around $300. It’s the average cost, but it will vary from product to product. Since Hunter Douglas has various blinds, their cost is not constant. But one square foot of such blind will cost you $20-$30. You can go for their premium blinds if you have a flexible budget.

We found nine different types of Hunter Douglas Blinds. They are different in quality and price as well. Let’s see what’s their price and which one fits your budget. 

Hunter Douglas Powerview automatic motorized blinds:

These blinds are costly and premium. You cannot buy them from local or online platforms.

You have to consult with the specialist, and then they will help you get this product. Typically, the Hunter Douglas Powerview automatic motorized blinds will cost $299.

But the price will depend on the quality and material. Since different fabrics quality and other issues are related, you need to consult with the Hunter Douglas specialist and ask them to recommend the best price. You cannot do it yourself.

Hunter Douglas silhouette blinds:

It is another premium category of blinds from Hunter Douglas. It will give you the best protection against solar UV rays and other lighting issues.

And you can decorate your windows as you want to. However, the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Blinds will cost you around $1500 to cover a single window.

This is the premium quality silhouette blinds. You may also find some economical choices from Hunter Douglas and go for them. Still, the economic price of the silhouette will beat other premium category blinds.

Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb blinds:

If you want to protect your windows and repel both heat and cold, Duette Honeycomb blinds will be good. It is also a premium category blind that will cost you more than an economic blind.

And Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb blinds will cost around $1000.

But the starting or the economical choice will be around $300. It’s the price of a set to cover the entire window with a Duette blind. It will suit any interior design and become the best protection against heat and cold.

Hunter Douglas vertical blinds:

One of the most budget-friendly blinds is here. If you are looking for a reasonable price Hunter Douglas blind, this is for you.

Hunter Douglas Vertical blinds will cost around $100 each. You might find the blind for $75 only; it depends on the services and quality.

You can consult with a specialist from Hunter Douglas and place an order from their nearby agent. They will deliver the product and help you decorate them as well. Their customer service is the best.

Hunter Douglas roller blinds:

Here are the cheapest blinds from Hunter Douglas. The average cost of Hunter Douglas Roller Blinds is about $1-$5 per square foot.

Since Douglas ensures the best quality, you might find it with several dollars. But the best quality blinds will cost around $28.

But that’s not the ideal choice for everyone. Since people have different budget limitations, Hunter Douglas ensures different categories of blinds. So that people can buy their budgeted best quality blinds.

Hunter Douglas blackout blinds:

If you love blackout blinds and want to cover one entire window with a single shade of blind, Hunter Douglas Blackout Blinds is for you. It is a budget-friendly blind from this brand.

Hunter Douglas Blackout Blinds will cost you around $150 for a single shade.

If you choose the economic blackout blinds, they will cost around $30 for each shade. It’s a good deal if you have standard-sized windows and look for budget-friendly blinds.

Hunter Douglas faux wood blinds:

The average cost of the Hunter Douglas Wod blinds is about $200.

The price will depend on your window size and the faux wood quality. When you ask them for suitable blinds, the specialist might suggest different categories of faux wood blinds.

Then, it will be on you to choose the right one that suits your budget. You may ask them for budget-friendly faux wood blinds or premium category blinds. Both are available at their store.

Hunter Douglas Everwood blinds:

The Hunter Douglas Everwood blinds will cost around $20-$30 per square foot.

This is a reasonable price and budget for such actual wood blinds. You need to measure all your windows on foot, then go for the required sized blinds from them.

Hunter Douglas will deliver their products to you and help you install them in the right direction. That’s excellent customer service for them.

Hunter Douglas wood blinds:

The cost of Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds will be around $200. The average price per foot will be approximately $20-$30.

It depends on the quality of the wood. If you go for the real wood, it might cost more. And the artificial wood will be budget-friendly.

It’s better to get ideas from the specialist and budget accordingly. It will help you design your room with perfection.

Hunter Douglas Parkland wood blinds:

The average Hunter Douglas Parkland Wood blinds will cost $28. It’s an approximate price for the wood blinds.

But you will get different options for the parkland wood. If you want the best quality parkland wood, you need to increase your budget.

But parkland wood will be a great choice for you. It will help you from both the sun and decorate the living room.

Are hunter Douglas blinds expensive?

Hunter Douglas blinds are expensive because of the quality and customer service. It’s a brand of interior design, and they give you pretty much everything. They will ask you to book a consultation when you go to their website.

Then they will ask you about your requirements. You have to explain, and then they will suggest the best available option. Since they have different price ranges, you can get the best available one that suits your budget best.

They give you the best experience of having quality blinds. And the quality, of course, comes with the price. You pay the price; they pay the service and quality. It’s the main reason why their products and stores are so pricey.

For their product’s quality and customer service, Hunter Douglas is expensive. It will ensure the best quality, and you will be satisfied with their services. Hunter Douglas will be there for you from purchasing to setting up the blinds.

Are hunter Douglas blinds worth the money?

Hunter Douglas Blinds are worth the money. They give you the best quality and premium category blinds, and all their products will provide you with the best protection against the sun and UV rays. They will also decorate your entire room.

You may find similar types of blinds from other brands at a low price. But to get the best quality and premium customer services from the manufacturer, you need to invest a bit more. It’s truly worth your money.

Hunter Douglas doesn’t buy their product online. You have to consult with their specialist and take their advice.

Then, you need to collect from their offline or physical store or outlets. They will give you the home delivery and help you set up the blinds as well.

Therefore, their quality, services, and other factors are worth the money. So, you can invest in their products and get the best experience. It will be a worthy decision.

How long do hunter Douglas blinds last?

Hunter Douglas Blinds last for one to several years. The battery will give you one year of service if you buy the motorized blinds. After that, you have to replace the unusable battery with a new one. But they have more blinds.

The typical Hunter Douglas Blinds will last for seven years; that’s the ultimate warranty of their products. You might get more life from them. Some users also find ten years of lifespan using Hunter Douglas blinds.

Apart from that, if you take proper care of the blinds and follow their instructions accordingly, you can expect several years of lifespan. The battery life will also give you the best backup if you perfectly follow their roles.

Final thoughts

Hunter Douglas blinds cost around $300 for an entire window set. And the $28-$30 will be per square foot blind. But you will find some budget-friendly blinds as well. Moreover, different types of blinds are also available for you. You can buy the perfect one to decorate your living room.