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What Color Should a Screen Door Be? (All You Need to Know)

Choosing a color for a screen door can be difficult, especially if it is your first time. Pick something that blends well with your home and surroundings. Certain color combinations work well for screen doors. Before installing a door, you need to know what color you want.

What color should a screen door be?

The color of the screen door should be selected from the following range: white, beige, brown, gray, blue. Most common color is white. The choice may differ depending on the type of home environment. Dark browns and grays give a more natural look. Blue can give your screen door a unique appearance.

Walk through this section to learn more about the color of your screen door –


The most common color for home screen doors is white. There is no particular reason for this. It goes well with any home design. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that it is found everywhere. 

People tend to use white color without considering other colors because they have a choice of many designs. White is the best color to choose when picking screen doors with a conventional design.


Ivory is not one of the most common colors. Its beauty is greater than its rarity. As a natural shade, it blends into any environment. You can use Ivory for a cottage-style look in your home.


Alternatively, you can choose a brown screen door if you prefer a woody finish. It has a very interesting appearance and easily adapts to the walls. Using it as a classic color will never feel dated. Brown screen doors are perfect for cabins, cottages, and lodges.

Dark gray:

You can choose to use dark gray color on the screen door if you want to keep up with the current trend. Gray is a standard color for screen doors. There are many options to choose from.


You can use blue in your screen door if you would like to add something different. This color is not used that often, and does not follow current fashion trends. It can, however, significantly alter the appearance of your room. The bright color attracts the eye easily.

Should the screen door be the same color as the door?

It is not necessary for the screen door and the door color to match. You can choose different colors for the door and screen door. You do not always need to use a different color in both situations. You can use the same color in both. 

This comes down to whether you choose a color that matches the environment. Two colors that have a balance between the two doors can be used for the screen and the door if there is a balance between the colors of the two doors.

Additionally, you can play with the screen door’s color by combining creative colors with it. Since there are no standards, you can do whatever you want. Ensure the color you choose goes with the house style and the surroundings. 

This is crucial because it will provide them with a good and pleasing appearance.

Should I paint or stain my screen door?

When you have a limited budget, you might consider painting your screen door. The cost of painting a screen door is affordable. The finished product is quite durable, even though it is low cost. Additionally, its beauty makes it impossible to ignore. 

Screen doors that are nicely painted look outstanding.

Be sure to use stain for your screen door if you have no concerns about cost. The cost of staining any door is quite high. The good thing is that stained doors look stunning. It is likely that if you consider the beauty of it, you will not consider the budget anymore. 

You can choose between paint and stain based on your choice and budget.

Should I paint my storm door the same color as my front door?

It is not necessary to paint your storm door the same color as your front door. There are glass panels on all types of storm doors. This allows you to see the front door below the glass panel.

There is no need to use the same color for two doors. Nevertheless, that is not possible. However, you may choose to use it. The factor is not particularly important. What is important is the color combination of the front door and the storm door. 

Try to ensure that the colors of the two doors are in balance and that they are similar.

How to choose door screen color? 

The screen door does not have much color variation. Thus, you can easily choose a color. Consider these factors when choosing the color of your screen door. Here are some suggestions.

Do something beyond the trend:

Some running colors match the trend. These include white and black. Both of these colors are common. It serves no purpose to say that they aren’t beautiful to look at. But since everybody is using these, you could do something a little different. Perhaps you could use a different color.

Pick the color you like:

Do you have a favorite color? Almost everyone has a favorite color. Your personal preference will be key. Combine the colors that you prefer.

Choose colors that are compatible with the front door:

The color of the front door is very closely related to the color of the screen door. As long as you use the same color on both doors, then there is no problem. When using a different color, however, check if the two colors match.

Consider the house’s structure:

It is important to match the color of the screen door with your house’s structure. If your home design is like a cottage or cabinet, woody colors will work best for you. Choose gray and brown in this case.

Adapt colors to the surrounding environment:

You should pay attention to the colors of nature around your home. You can also apply a green screen door if your house is surrounded by greenery.

How to paint the screen door?

Painting the screen door is not difficult. Choose a color you like. Following these steps will allow you to accomplish it yourself. Here is how you do it.

Protective equipment:

You should always have safety equipment on hand when you are working with dust and color. Make sure you wear gloves, goggles, and a mask. After the painting process, make sure you clean your hands.

Repair and clean your screen door:

You must first clean the surface where you will paint the outside of the door. It can be cleaned with water or soap. Dry the surface afterward. Steel and wood have different numbers of holes. Leaving the holes unfilled makes the paint look bad. 

Use filler to cover these holes and gaps. Use rubbing alcohol to level the surface.

Stick Painters Tape:

Usually, the whole door does not have to be painted. Place tape over areas you don’t want to paint, such as glass, locks, and handles. Make sure that no gaps exist when planting. A gap will cause the paint to stick. Eventually, it will be a hassle to remove.

Make the surface smooth:

Almost all metals and woods have an uneven surface. The surface is smoothed before the paint is applied. Sanding is required to smooth out the surface. Smoothing the door with the sander is the best method. Using any electronic sander, however, can expedite the process.

Apply primer and the paint:

It is necessary to apply the premier before painting. You can use latex primer or oil-based primer on wooden doors. They are fast drying. You should allow at least an hour for them to dry. Apply the first coat of paint after it has dried well. 

Depending on the type of paint and the type of weather, a coat of paint takes one to two hours to dry. You can apply a second coat after the first coat is dry. In most cases, two coats are applied. You can add more if necessary. Wait for the paint to dry before removing the tape.

Final Thought

Grey, white, and brown are the most common and trendy colors for screen doors. Woody colors are suitable for the cottage, cabin screens. You may choose a more colorful option, such as red, blue, or green. Take into account the surrounding environment and the color scheme of your home and front door.