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Do Bedrooms Need Windows? (All You Need to Know)

Are you going to buy a new home but not sure about the features of the bedroom? It’s a common question among home buyers.

Different regions of the USA may have different standards for bedrooms. Keep reading to know the necessary characteristics and window requirements of a bedroom.

Do bedrooms need windows?

A bedroom must have at least one window to be called a bedroom. A room without a window is not a proper living room. Windows are essential for passing air and natural light. In the USA, bedrooms should have six other qualifications in the legal definition.

The bedroom of your new home is the place where you will sleep most of your life. So, the bedroom needs to be comfortable enough and, most importantly, safe. The safety issue is related to whether you can call a room a bedroom or not.

According to US law, a bedroom must have two ways to enter or exit. For most bedroom, having two doors is not practical and common. In this case, there should be at least a window you can use to exit or enter in case of an emergency.

The definition and standards of the bedroom can vary depending on which state you live in, but the two-way exit or entry is a common rule for bedrooms.

Moreover, windows are essential for good air and light flow. Without those, a room environment can become unhabitable and unhealthy.

Sleeping in a windowless room can cause significant health problems. When you sleep in a closed room, the carbon dioxide level can increase, entering your blood and creating cardiovascular issues.

There are also size requirements for bedrooms and windows. The size of the bedroom varies depending on the state. But a standard size of a bedroom is a minimum of 700 square feet.

Legally a bedroom window should be big enough so an adult person can enter and exit quickly. The window must be in a lower position so that children can enter or leave in the case of an emergency.

A closet and at least one window are standard for bedrooms in some states. Most buyers look for a bedroom with a wardrobe, although the closet is not essential in new bedroom standards. We will discuss them in detail in the following sections.

Does a bedroom need a window to be considered a bedroom? Do bedrooms need 2 windows?

A bedroom does require a window to be considered a bedroom. The window is essential for keeping the room environment habitable. And the window can be used when the main entrance is blocked due to fire or similar issues.

Having two windows is better for a bedroom, but that is not necessary. No matter how many windows you have, you must have at least one window in the correct size.

Many states and cities of the USA have a minimum window size requirement for bedrooms.

The size requirement can vary, but 5.7 squire feet windows are stranded for a bedroom window. That means at least one window of the bedroom must be at least 5.7 squire feet.

The window cannot be higher than 44 inches from the ground. It is essential, as if the window is more elevated, children may not escape in the case of emergency.

5 reasons why bedrooms need windows

Doesn’t a bedroom without a window looks like a jail? (I’ve never been there) Whatever, here are some solid reasons why bedrooms need windows.

As an emergency exit:

As we mentioned earlier, windows can be an emergency exit if something terrible happens. Who wants to sleep in a place with only one way to escape?

Although those situations do not occur often, we hope no one has to face a situation like that. But it’s always better to have a second option for safety.

Air quality:

It’s tough to maintain the air quality if there is no proper ventilation system in a windowless bedroom.

The carbon dioxide you release can get stuck in your room and make the room air unhealthy. This can cause heart and blood disease if you sleep in this type of room for years.

Humidity and mold:

When you live in a room with a poor ventilation system with no window, humidity can trap you inside the room. The moisture will dampen the carpet and wall, and molds can grow in them.

Sleeping in a room with mold can be dangerous. The molds can cause skin disease, respiratory irritation and allergy to sensitive people.

Setting a dehumidifier can control the humidity, and proper light and ventilation will help destroy the mold colony in your bedroom.

Sleep quality:

It’s evident that if your room’s air quality and humidity are not suitable, you will not have a good sleep.

Breathing excess carbon dioxide can significantly reduce the quality of your sleep. You will have difficulty sleeping and possibly have many nightmares in this type of bedroom.

Difficulty focusing and mental health:

The air and light in your room significantly affect your mental health and ability to focus.

What are the requirements for the size of a window in different states in the USA?

Many states do not have a window size requirement for a bedroom, while some states have strict window rules. Check out the window size requirement in different states in the USA.


In California, bedroom windows must be 5.7 squire feet. If we break down more, the minimum height of the bedroom window is 24 inches, and the minimum width is 20 inches. Sill height should not be more than 44 inches.


In Texas, the window’s requirements for a bedroom are similar to those in California. The minimum size of the bedroom window is 5.7 squire feet.


The bedroom windows must be at least 24 inches long and 20 inches wide in Florida. The bedroom window requirement is similar to California, but if the other side of the window is on the grade floor, the window can be five squire feet.

New York:

In New York, the horizontal area of the window needs to be nine squire feet. Thirty-six inches is required horizontal projection of windows in New York.


In Pennsylvania, the window sill can not be more than 44 inches. The bedroom windows must be 5.7 squire feet. The windows should be at least 24 inches long and 20 inches wide.


The window requirements for a bedroom are similar to Pennsylvania in Ohio.

How to work with a windowless bedroom?

So, you have a room without a window? Is there anything you can do to make the space more livable? It can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips for working with a windowless bedroom.

Make one:

If it’s your home, and you will have to live there for long, it’s worth making a window. A mid-size window in your room can make precise changes to your room.

Making a simple window should not be very expensive. However, if there are no ways to make windows, follow the following tips.

Add a ventilator fan:

A ventilator fan is a must in a windowless room. The air can not pass naturally in a windowless room, so you need to use a ventilator fan to get fresh air.

Set a dehumidifier:

It’s tough to control the humidity of a windowless room. If the moisture is trapped inside the room, that can cause furniture and health damage.

In this situation, you can set a dehumidifier. It is an electrical machine that absorbs and controls the humidity of room air.

Do all bedroom windows need to be egressed?

No, A bedroom can have multiple windows, but at least one window must be in a proper size so someone can use it to escape when needed.

Egressed windows should be at least 5.7 square feet. The minimum length of the egress window is 24 inches, and the width is 20 inches. The window sill must not be more than 44 inches.

The rule for bedroom windows can vary in different states of the USA, but the egressed window is a standard feature.

Final thoughts

Bedrooms must have a window you can use to escape when needed. The window must be big enough to get out quickly and easy to use for children and older people. A bedroom window is also essential for good air quality and maintaining your mental and physical health.