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What Color Backsplash Goes with Cherry Cabinets? (Explained)

Cherry cabinets in the kitchen make an excellent choice as the cherry wood stain offers a bold, gorgeous, and rudy look.

Besides, its rosy hue adds a starling punch of hue to any typical kitchen while keeping other things conventional, thereby, cherry cabinets can suitably pair up with several backsplash colors. 

However, you may not know exactly what backsplash color goes with cherry cabinets, thus, let’s find out the backsplash colors that appear to be appropriate for cherry cabinets.

What Color Backsplash Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

The light neutral colors make the most suitable backsplash colors with cherry cabinets, so beige, white, cream, and light gray make the top contenders. But if a little more colorful hues are preferred, mint green, pastel pink, and light blue will match with the reddish undertone of cherry cabinets.

Since the cherry wood cabinet set offers the opportunity to work with a good range of backsplash colors that perfectly suits the reddish undertone of cherry wood.

Thus, the most suitable backsplash colors for cherry cabinets are listed below with proper reasoning. 


Beige makes one of the most perfect backsplash colors with a cherry cabinet setup because beige has such a subtle tone that doesn’t dominate the kitchen area, rather goes well as a perfect contrast color to the cherry wood’s richness. 

Besides, the beige-colored backsplash makes the kitchen area look bright, open as well as well-lit with the cherry cabinets as beige is a light color neutral and cherry wood has a dark rosy stain. 


White is the brightest and lightest neutral which makes it a suitable backsplash color that matches with reddish, dark undertones of the cherry cabinets.

White backsplash creates a very dramatic yet soothing contrast with cherry cabinets that looks luxurious and the kitchen feels spacious. 

White backsplash with cherry cabinets best works in relatively a smaller kitchen as the kitchen doesn’t look jam-packed. 

Light Gray: 

The light gray color now is an elegant contemporary color that incredibly matches any wood stain. Besides, light gray backsplash will make the kitchen appear larger, even if it’s not that big. 

Also, the light gray as a backsplash color would balance out the red stains of the cherry cabinets which will ensure that the kitchen area isn’t visually overwhelming.

Thus, having light gray backsplash is strongly recommended if you don’t know what to choose with your cherry cabinets.  

Pastel Pink:

Even though pastel pink may not be your first preference as the backsplash color, know that the pastel pink Shade actually can create a beautiful warm kitchen area with cherry cabinets that’s filled up to the edge with blushy pink.

Moreover, the pastel pink backsplash gives the kitchen a lovely glow that seems surreal, even if the kitchen has a flash of crisp white lighting. 

Light Blue: 

Light blue makes the right pick for those who would prefer to add a subtle bright contrast with their cherry cabinet setup.

The aqua appearance of the light blue backsplash will make the reddish stained cherry cabinets stand out, as well as, will offer a nautical vibe in the kitchen. 

Mint Green: 

If you want a stunning pairing that would add a punch of contrasting hue to your cherry cabinets, then pick mint green as the backsplash color. 

Cherry cabinets have a bold red tone whereas mint green is a soothing soft color, thereby, the mint green backsplash and cherry cabinets together will create a delightful, contemporary yet retro look in the kitchen.

This combination will balance out each other as well. 

Should The Backsplash Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cherry Cabinets? 

It entirely depends on the shade of your cherry cabinets that whether you should get a lighter backsplash or a darker one with your cherry cabinets.

If the cherry cabinet setup has a light cherry wood stain, you may opt for a little dark backsplash such as a slightly darker shade of gray to bring out the depth in your kitchen. 

But if the cherry cabinets are in a very dark cherry wood stain, the backsplash should be very light and neutral such as a beige, white, or cream backsplash to make the kitchen feel fresh and light.

What Color Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets And Black Granite?

White, beige, cream, off-white, and light gray would make the best color as a backsplash that would perfectly go with cherry cabinets and black granite countertop.

Mosaic tile containing all of the shades of these light neutral colors will also suit the cherry cabinets and black granite countertop. 

However, if you want to go bold, you can choose black backsplash as well with the cherry cabinets and black granite countertop.  

How To Match Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets?

The tips added below will make it easy for you to match the backsplash with your kitchen’s cherry cabinets.

Consider The Cherry Wood Stain: 

If your cherry cabinets have a bold and dark reddish tone, you should choose a very light neutral such as beige, cream, or white as the backsplash color so that the kitchen looks fresh and dramatic.

But if the cherry cabinets have a light wood stain, a little colorful or a little deep neutral such as light gray backsplash would match and bring depth to your kitchen. 

Consider Your Kitchen’s Size: 

The size of your kitchen matters. You can consider having a little bit more colorful or detailed patterned backsplash with your cherry cabinets if your kitchen area is spacious. 

But with a small kitchen, you better chose a light neutral backsplash with no busy/detailed design and pattern to avoid your kitchen looking loaded.

Consider Having Either Matching Or Contrasting Backsplash: 

If you prefer contrast and want to highlight your cherry cabinets as statement pieces in your kitchen, consider having a contrasting backsplash.

Therefore, select a neutral-toned backsplash such as beige, cream, gray, or white so that your cherry cabinets are showcased properly. 

But if a matching look is preferred, stick to the same color palette as the cherry cabinets to have a uniform and peaceful-looking kitchen. 

Consider The Countertop: 

The backsplash needs to coordinate with your cherry cabinets’ countertop as the countertop and the backsplash will be sitting next to each other.

Thus, if you want to have a simple-looking backsplash, choose a neutral backsplash that goes along with both the countertop and the cherry cabinets. 

However, if you want to have a personal touch in the kitchen, choose a mosaic backsplash that contains several colors, tones, and patterns and is perfectly coordinating with the cherry cabinets and the countertop color. 

Consider Your Budget: 

Most importantly, consider your budget while matching the backsplash with your cherry cabinet. If you have a large budget, don’t hesitate for having the trendiest backsplash in the most contemporary colors and designs.

But if your budget is minimum, opt for a simple backsplash in a suitable color and less costly material.

How Can I Brighten My Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets?

To nullify the dark effect created by your cherry wood kitchen cabinet setup increases the lighting by using brighter bulbs in the kitchen area.

You can opt for overhead ceiling lighting to get optimum brightness in the kitchen, and in this case, the pendant lights are the best option. If your budget is limited, you can opt for LED lights to brighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets as well. 

Except for installing more lighting, you can use silver, white, or any other light-finished pulls and knobs for the cherry cabinets, as light-finished hardware brightens up the kitchen.

Installing a light neutral colored backsplash would also lighten up the kitchen’s darkness by allowing light to come from the ceiling and adding a flair.

Also, choosing countertops in light shades and installing white borders around the cabinets will brighten the kitchen with cherry cabinets. 

Lastly, creating chances to reflect more light is a great way to brighten the kitchen up. You can increase the kitchen’s reflective surfaces and install a mirror across from your kitchen window. 

What Color Tile Goes Well With Cherry Cabinets? 

Since cherry cabinets have a dark hue and can create darkness in the kitchen’s atmosphere, the most appropriate colors for tiles are the light neutral ones. 

And among all light neutral color tiles, white, beige, and light gray are the best matching ones.

It’s because white tiles with cherry cabinets will bring out the vigorousness of cherry red wood cabinets, while if you use beige tiles, it would give off a calm and soothing vibe in the kitchen.

And light gray tiles reopening on their cool and warm undertone, either would minimize the bold impact of cherry cabinets or would balance out the richness of cherry cabinets.  

Final Thoughts

The light neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, and light gray are the top options for the backsplash color with cherry cabinets. Except for these neutrals, pastel pink, light blue, and mint green make the best-suited a little bit colorful backsplash options with a cherry red cabinet setup.