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Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint at Lowes? (Read This First)

Benjamin Moore paint comes in a huge range of colors. You can choose a variety of colors at a cheap price. Apart from that, the quality of the product is undoubtedly good which gives a smooth texture too. Moreover, Benjamin Moore paints can not be found everywhere. you have to search for them.

Following below tips and information regarding Benjamin Moore paint and if they can be found at lowes would help you to proceed.

Can you buy Benjamin Moore paint at lowes?

It is not possible to buy Benjamin Moore paint at lowes. Not just lowes, you can not even find it in Home Depot stores. They do not supply the product to the big retailers. Instead, they go to small shops. This is more beneficial to the small shops. You can also buy Benjamin Moore paints online.

The interior painting of the house decides the look of the house. Moreover, house paints can also affect your mood. You can use a variety of shades depending on your taste. Benjamin Moore comes in a variety of colors. Their color range is higher which allows you to choose among a long list of options.

Well, the quality of the paint is also undoubtedly good. The quality of the color would define the room as new and stylish. Apart from that, Benjamin Moore has low range price colors to high range price colors. If you have a doubt about their price, you can go with the lowest price paints. Yet, the quality would vary.

In the case of buying Benjamin Moore paints, you can not find them everywhere. Lowes does not have Benjamin Moore paint. More precisely to say, Benjamin Moore does not provide access to lowes. Well, you can not even find them in depot shops. Benjamin Moore paints are not distributed to wholesalers or retailers.

Instead, it is mostly sold in hardware shops, especially those which are not retailers. You can find Benjamin Moore in any nearby hardware store yet the huge color range might not be available. You can rather buy Benjamin Moore online as there are large options to choose your desired color.

Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint Instead?

You can buy Benjamin Moore paint in the nearby hardware shops. Well, Benjamin Moore is known by their name. Its paint has one of the best quality and texture. Well, the prices are high as well. Yet, the good thing is they provide paint from low range to high range in case of price.

Moreover, Benjamin Moore paints are not available everywhere. It has benefits as you do not need to buy the paints at a high price. You can buy the Benjamin Moore paint from nearby hardware shops which are independently owned. And which are not retailers or wholesalers.

You can also buy it online without having much hassle. Well, buying online, you would also get a large option to choose your color.

Can you buy Benjamin Moore paint online?

Yes, you can absolutely buy the Benjamin Moore paint online. Well, you do not need to buy it at a high price, rather you can buy it at the right price. You can directly buy Benjamin Moore paint from their online store.

Moreover, there is a variety of color ranges provided online. In the case of buying from shops, you might not get the huge option of colors. Online, you can get the original one at the right price without getting scammed.

What Paint Brands Does Lowe’s Sell?

Lowe’s is known as one of the best paint sellers. They stock the best paints to use within your budget. The paint brand itself carries their pride. While Lowe’s gives access to the best paints to the people. The paint quality is indeed the best one varying with the price range.

Well, you can find a few paint brands in Lowe’s. Where else some paints are not sold in Lowe’s. The brands come with paints with a huge color range. Some brands which are stocked in the lowe’s are given below.


Well, Valspar is a paint that provides the facility of both the exterior paint and interior as well. Moreover, Valspar is now obtained by Sherwin Williams. Due to its high quality and texture, it is the first choice of many. No wonder why Sherwin obtained it.

If you are looking for colors that would give a matte finish, Valspar can be your choice. However, it gives a smooth finish which covers up stains and marks easily.

Sherwin Williams:

In recent years, Sherwin Williams has obtained distribution and manufacturing rights for many paints. Meanwhile, Lowe’s distributes Sherwin Williams paints globally. Any brand which is in the acquisition of Sherwin Williams, you can find it in lowes.

You can find Minwax, Thompson’s water seal, Krylon, Cabot, Sherwin Williams HGTV in the lowe’s. As they are part of Sherwin Williams. Nevertheless, every brand which is manufactured by Sherwin Williams is now found on lowes.


You can find giani in Lowes which are good paint for countertops. Well, the paint is heavy yet gives a smooth and glossy finish. You can go with it for the countertops. It requires a long time to heal like other paints yet lasts for longer too.


Rust-oleum Spray paints come in a large scale of colors. They are oil-based colors that can dry in a few hours. It lasts long and is highly durable. These paints are highly suitable for metals as spray color works better on them. You can find it in Lowe’s.

Can lowes color match Benjamin Moore paint?

Yes, lowes color matches Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore has a high range of colors. Yet, you can find similar shades in lowes while quality may differ. Lowe’s offers samples of paint. Using samples you can compare the shade and match Lowe’s color to Benjamin Moore’s paint.

Can you buy Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, or Ace Hardware?

You can buy Benjamin Moore at ace hardware but not in home depot or Sherwin Williams.

Home depot:

As you can not find Benjamin Moore paint at Lowe’s, you can not find it in home depot either. Rather, you can find other brands like Behr, rust oleum. Home Depot is a distributor of Behr paints.

Sherwin williams:

Well, Benjamin Moore is not obtained by Sherwin Williams. As Sherwin does not manufacture Benjamin Moore paints, it will not sell it either.

Rather, you can find Minwax, Krylon, Cabot, Thompson’s water seal, and other paint brands in Sherwin Williams.

Ace hardware:

You can find Benjamin Moore in ace hardware. They have worked together and due to their collaboration ace hardware is their chosen distributor. Ace Hardware is the chosen retailer by Benjamin Moore. On the other hand, you can buy Benjamin Moore in hardware shops.

Benjamin Moore does not prefer wholesalers or retailers. That’s why you can find them everywhere. But the hardware which is owned independently may have a stock of Benjamin Moore. You can also buy it online with a variety of colors to choose from.

Why is Benjamin Moore paint so expensive?

Benjamin Moore paint is not quite as expensive as one thinks. It comes with paints which range from low price to high price. You do not need to buy paints at a high price if you are choosing Benjamin Moore. Some reasons that make Benjamin Moore pricey are given below.

Paint lines:

Benjamin Moore ben line paints are cheaper in price compared to the other lines. Yet, the coverage is not good enough and neither thick. Moreover, the Benjamin Moore aura line is too expensive as it has great coverage and even covers scratches. The long-lasting effect of the paint makes it more desirable.

On the other hand, the regal paint by Benjamin Moore is also high in price. Well, it is a luxurious line that is known for its durability. It is a high-quality product that does not even compromise on its price. Apart from that, you can choose your line depending on the price.

High quality:

High-quality products mostly come at a high price as the ingredients used in them are pricey. The quality would tell it all. It is thick in nature, covers the whole surface, and provides protection. And also known for its durability.

Final Thoughts

Overall, buying Benjamin Moore paint at lowe’s is not possible as lowe’s are not their distributor. Moreover, you can not find it in home depot either. Instead, buy in online or independently owned shops or hardware stores. You can find Benjamin Moore in nearby stores rather than retailers.