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Match Kitchen Faucet with Sink & Cabinet Hardware (Solved!)

The kitchen faucet has long ceased to be an ordinary mechanism for supplying water. Nowadays, many models have turned into real works of art and began to play a significant role in kitchen interior design especially with the cabinet hardware.

Does kitchen faucet have to match cabinet hardware?

It is better to match the kitchen faucet with cabinet hardware. Matching the hardware around will give a sophisticated look. But you can also choose to go miss-match to keep the faucets and sinks of the same type and knobs and pulls the same. This allows you to give your kitchen a fresh look.

The range of kitchen faucets is now so wide that it can be very difficult to decide which mixer to choose. Faucets are valve, lever and touch-sensitive, made of a wide variety of materials. And may have various accessories, such as faucet filters and pull-out spouts.

But plumbing equipment should not only be functional, but also look good in the interior of the kitchen. Therefore, manufacturers began to produce models in various colors and styles.

What should the kitchen faucet match?

Whether you want to give the kitchen a new face, make a complete renovation, or build it from scratch. If you want to buy the faucets or the ceramic first: in any case, the question arises as to what goes with what. 

Some designers think kitchen faucets and cabinet hardware should match. But it depends upon the owner of the house. You can choose to have a different mixer of elements. Such as mixing up gold finishing with stainless steel.

In case your pulls and knobs don’t match with the faucet, there is nothing to worry about. In the case of chrome faucet, you can add golden color cabinet pull. You can also mix and match warmer or cooler colors.

For small spaces matching faucets with cabinet hardware is appropriate and gives it a unique look. Also, a matching look can calm your mind if you are an organized person as it symbolizes coordination. But if you are an adventurous or exciting person mixing up different colors would be a good choice for you.

How to choose the right color?

The faucet-sink composition should be harmonious. Therefore, most often these two items are purchased from the same manufacturer. They should be combined not only in size and style, but also in color.

Mixer colors can be very different. If in Soviet times all that plumbing stores could offer were brass and chrome taps, now the choice is really huge. A variety of colors has become possible thanks to the use of new materials and spray technologies. Nickel and chrome plating are still popular. Thanks to the spraying technology, brass taps are painted in a variety of shades of precious metals: bronze, copper, silver, gold.

Usually buy kitchen faucets in the color of the sink. In recent years, ceramic and artificial stone sinks have become very popular. These materials began to be used in the production of sanitary equipment. The decorative finish can be given almost any color. Which shade to choose depends on your taste and the overall design of the kitchen.

What color faucet with black sink

Black is very popular in modern kitchen designs. Many people prefer to choose household appliances of this particular shade. Therefore, the black kitchen faucet will fit well into the overall composition.

Black faucets are made of stainless steel and brass with a special coating, plastic and artificial stone. The design of the models is not only modern – there are often retro and classic taps, with a stylized curved spout and antique decorated valves.

If you decide to buy a black sink faucet, choose a model with a matte finish. Contrary to popular belief, dark shades are more easily soiled than light ones. Splashes of water and fingerprints will instantly ruin the glossy black faucet, so it will have to be thoroughly wiped down with a dry cloth after each use.

What color faucet with white sink

White embodies purity and harmony. The kitchen, decorated in light colors, speaks not only of the good taste of the hostess, but also of her desire for perfect order. For such a room, the best option would be a white mixer. 

By the way, it is not difficult to take care of a modern white faucet. Manufacturers often use special coatings that do not absorb water and dirt. No fingerprints remain on the surface. Therefore, it does not take long to maintain perfect order.

White mixers do not have to be purchased for a sink of the same color. Their combination with shells of a contrasting shade, for example, black, looks original. However, both elements must be made of the same material.

The best choice is to choose a white vacuum coated faucet or ceramic. Models made of silumin (an alloy of silicon and aluminum) are inexpensive, but their service life is short.

What color faucet with stainless steel sink

Though a stainless steel sink seems to be a good investment, it can limit your choice of different colour faucets. You have to delete some options without hesitation but still there are plenty to choose from.

Satin nickel faucets, brushed faucets, polished chrome etc go pretty well with stainless steel sinks. 

Stainless steel sinks and faucets blend pretty well and do not contrast each other. This is why some think that this combination is the best. Stainless steel faucets are easy to maintain. Though stainless steel faucets are durable, these types of faucets are quite pricey.

What color faucet with copper sink

Copper is a dark color that gives your sink a rich natural finish. You should avoid antique copper finish faucets to combine with your copper sink. Copper sink itself looks quite retro. 

Dark brown colour that comes with brush marks, brushed nickel or chrome finished looks great with a copper sink.

What color faucet with brown sink

A brown kitchen sink can be made from artificial stone, ceramic, or inexpensive plastic. This shade is considered universal and is suitable for almost any interior solution. Calm colors in the kitchen design give a feeling of coziness and relax.

The brown sinks are not only beautiful but also practical. They do not show fingerprints, marks and stains from water drops. Most often they have a laconic design, so they are well suited for modern interiors.The brown colour faucets, brushed nickel faucets combine well with brown sink.

In a classic-style kitchen, a beige mixer will also look harmonious. For a classic interior, it is better to choose a model with valve control.

What color faucet with gold hardware

The materials from which sinks and faucets are made for your kitchen should either match or overlap. For example, stainless steel tinted in light gold color works best with the same color, perhaps combined with white or black.

The golden faucet can be beaten with the same bottom valve, and the sink itself can be chosen from artificial granite. Metal and stone will balance each other. 

Black and white, black and beige and black and gold combinations look very solemn. They are perfect for ceremonial interiors with golden fittings.

Can you mix and match kitchen hardware?

With the kitchen cabinet it is possible to furnish any type of environment in an organized way and with a strong functional plus. Whether you like the minimalist design or a more traditional style, you can customize your kitchen with freestanding or integrated elements, in full satisfaction of your needs. 

The kitchen probably offers the most opportunities for mixing metals and finishes.For example, pendant lighting on a kitchen island can be made from oil-rubbed bronze, but to use the same metal cabinet knobs and drawer handles may not work.

Especially considering the current popularity of gray cabinets, deep or dark blue. For cabinets, a better choice is brushed brass finish hardware that opens to a deep-toned backdrop.

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Can you mix chrome and brushed nickel in a kitchen?

The brushed nickel seems traditional and chrome is considered to be more modern. Mixing these two creates contrast so some suggested not to combine these both in the past.

The neighborhood of brass with nickel or copper with chrome in the same interior is no longer considered bad manners. But on the contrary, it is only welcome.

In choosing the basis for the combination of faucet and cabinet hardware, try to take into account not only the liking for one or another metal but also the peculiarities of the interior style.

Country, Provence and vintage furnishings tend to “ask for” warm varieties – brass, copper, gold. In industrial interiors and lofts, brushed metals look good. In modern styles, emphasize neutral chrome.