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Why are Kitchen Faucets so Expensive? (Explained)

If you want a kitchen faucet that fits all your needs, you should buy a kitchen faucet that doesn’t need a fix again and again. Better quality kitchen faucets that last longer than usual are a bit higher than an average budget. However, we always recommend prioritizing quality over the price.

Why are kitchen faucets so expensive?     

Style, shape and, color, and the quality of the kitchen faucet make the kitchen faucet more expensive than usual. Also, you should consider the shipping and faucet installment money into the account. Any kitchen that comes in a more personalized style and design in the market is more expensive.

A kitchen faucet isn’t just an everyday element of your life —it’s practically an “essentially hourly ” item. This means that you have to nitpick the right one by watching out for potentially harmful points or leaks and avoiding any malfunctions of ill-fitting hardware. 

On faucets, both the metal cost and the machining come with a high price — the more metal, the more it gets expensive. Those plastic kitchen faucets cost less as this type of material is very cheap.

A right kitchen faucet might cost much more than your tight budget. There are so many other factors that add to its real manufacturing cost when it becomes available in the market. Starting from the materials to designs, every cost is included. 

You should always consider a number of factors and reasons to consider when buying a kitchen faucet. If a kitchen faucet is between $100-$300, there’s a high possibility that you have to fix the faucet again with damage or leakage

There are plenty of reasons which could never be denied while buying an expensive kitchen faucet.

Top three reasons why kitchen faucets are so expensive.

Functionality of kitchen faucets:

Functionality should be a top-notch priority for choosing a kitchen faucet in your home. Buying a cheap kitchen faucet might create problems and may require the necessity to be replaced when it loses its functionality warrantee. 

The functionality of a kitchen faucet comes with extra features and abilities to accomplish different tasks at a time. In that case, an expensive kitchen faucet comes up with better functionality than most other cheap kitchen faucets. 

Most of the finest kitchen comes up with the finest material like steel other than adding new features. As the material has an aftereffect on the functionality of the kitchen faucet, the price keeps increasing. 

In addition to the reasons mentioned, there are tons of features for which a kitchen faucet can be expensive. However, you should always compare the quality even for the expensive kitchen faucets. 

Interior design of kitchen faucets: 

Colour, design, pattern, and style are important factors while installing a kitchen faucet. Anything that is in style never comes at a cheap, and so is a kitchen faucet. That being said, the price is dependant on the better quality which the kitchen faucets serve. 

Material of the kitchen faucet: 

The price of the kitchen faucet is also dependant on the material the kitchen faucet is made of. Mostly, the material that kitchens are built with is steel, and it raises the price. 

A few faucets are also made with brass and nickel. The manufacturers, before making any faucet, make sure that the material of the faucets doesn’t go any kind of rusting when they launch the faucets into the markets. Thus, the material is a big factor in choosing a kitchen faucet.

Why are Delta faucets so expensive? 

Delta Faucet is best known as Best Kitchen Sink Faucet to buy. It also gives a very good warranty for its quality. The minimum range starts at $100 and extends up to $3000. 

If you want a kitchen faucet that is worth the money, the Delta kitchen faucet is highly recommended for you. Delta kitchen faucets swivel well and come with great functionality. Most of the Delta kitchen faucets are made with steel which adds to its price. 

Delta kitchen faucets generally remain functional until 10-15 years. If you buy a Delta kitchen faucet, you might often get benefits while checking for any damage if there’s any in the future.

Why are Kohler faucets so expensive? 

Kohler Kitchen Faucet is known as Best Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet in the market. The main reason for Kohler to be one of the most expensive faucets is their long-established history for their quality.

Over the years, Kohler has become one of the prominent kitchen faucet brands. It leaves us with no surprise that their products cost higher than other kitchen faucets with their outstanding durability, functionality, and quality.

Kohler is considered a higher-end brand that sells faucets a bit higher than the other brands. Though a bit old brand, they are gradually updating their features and adding new technical features to increase their swivel support.

Why are Moen faucets so expensive? 

Moen kitchen faucet is known as the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet in the market. Moreover, Moen Arbor 7294 Kitchen Faucet is known as the Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet. Their specialty is they use a lot of additional technical features to update their functionality. 

Moen offers almost all sorts of kitchen faucet designs for a modern kitchen cabinet. Their price range lies in between $200-2000.

Buyers get a lot of advantage from the diversity of kitchen faucet which Moen offers.  It means that most of the kitchen designs can accept an amazing faucet addition for a price that is both fair and worth the amount.

Why are Grohe faucets so expensive? 

Grohe faucets come with a very, very high-quality warranty in great designs. The minimum price starts at $200 and keeps increasing depending on the material, design, size, and other features. 

When it comes to kitchen faucets, Grohe is one of the best-recommended companies where you can buy a kitchen faucet without having the necessity of a replacement. In the case of service, they are best known for their amazing quality and durability. 

While buying a kitchen faucet, it’s always recommended to buy faucets that best suits your preference. However, you should always compare the prices before buying it.

Are expensive faucets worth it?

Yes, an expensive faucet with better quality is differently worth it rather than replacing a second-tier quality faucet again and again. People use a kitchen faucet multiple times every day for different purposes. 

Most of the time, you might need to fix a kitchen faucet multiple times over the years. On the other hand, a well-built, expensive kitchen faucet will last longer than expected.

Very Sooner or later, an infuriating, unimportant pipe leakage becomes a significant leak that can damage your sink, cabinet, and even your kitchen. So buying a kitchen a bit higher than your budget might not hurt you. 

Every homeowner faces the necessity of replacing a kitchen or bathroom faucet even once a year. Considering the daily use of these replacements, selecting the one kitchen faucet in your cabinet that meets all your criteria is essential to avoid any kind of extra expense.

How much should I spend on a kitchen faucet? 

If you want to buy a kitchen faucet at a minimum price, your kitchen faucet should price in between $150-$300. A kitchen faucet can be an essential item in your daily life. Whatever money you should spend, make sure the money is worth it.

A cheap kitchen faucet will cost at least $30 to $300. You will find a broader selection of designs starting at around $500-$1000 for mid-tier kitchen faucets. However, the prices can climb towards $1,500, which is a good investment for a quality one. 

One of the most notable reasons why faucets are so expensive is the functionality and additional features that have been included other than the existing features. 

Though it might be a myth that cheap faucets get damaged easily, there are a bunch of kitchen faucets that expire after a long time. In that case, quality is the main factor of durability and functionality. So buying an expensive kitchen is always worth the money. 

While you are looking for a kitchen faucet, always remember that quality is what can best serve you. Even if it pushes through your budget, you can consider buying an expensive faucet that doesn’t need to be replaced repetitively. 

Like always in doubt, never hesitate to reach out to us and ask your questions. Because we are just a knock away.