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How to Keep Kitchen Chairs & Bar Stools from Tipping Over? (Explained)

About 3 per hour, 71 per day, and 2,117 get injured per month because of furniture tipping. Are you here cause you are also afraid of being a casualty of it? Don’t worry, we have the right answers to your problem.

How to keep kitchen chairs & bar stools from tipping over?

To prevent kitchen chairs and barstools from tipping over, you can install anti-tip devices onto or beneath them. You can also stick the chairs to the kitchen floor if you don’t need to move them often. Putting away the chairs after using them is also a very effective way to cease tipping. 

6 ways to prevent chairs and bar tools from tipping over:

Here I have gathered 6 best ways for you to prevent kitchen chairs and barstools from tipping over.

Always go for wooden chairs while buying

Wooden chairs are the least likely to tip over.  Wood adds heaviness to the chairs. It holds back and helps to prevent tipping. Also, have a look at the legs of the stools while buying. 

Wide-splayed legs are the best kinds as they circulate the pressure evenly. It works for both kids and adults. 

Place it before the wall

One of the most effective ways to ensure safety is to place the chairs and stools just in front of the kitchen wall.

You can put your kitchen island or kitchen bar at a certain place where you can easily manage to place the chairs and the stools backing up the wall. Thus even if they intend to tip over, the wall would put a stop to it.

Use extra legs behind the chairs

You can add one or two small extra legs to the back legs of the chair at an angle to increase stability. These extra legs can be made of both wood or steel. 

These legs will have a flatter surface on the ground than the legs of the chairs. You can also put these legs to your chairs and screw them to the kitchen floor if you feel like to. 

Install felt pads on the chairs

Installing felt pads on the stools not only gives you the comfort you need from dangling your feet but also lowers the risks of being tipped over by the chairs. 

Use chair caps

It is considered a better way to prevent your chairs or stools from being overturned. You can add some caps under the legs of your chairs or stools. 

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These caps are made of rubber as these will give your chair the steadiness it needs. It’s very orthodox but an effective way to solve the problem.

Lock it onto the ground

If you have made up your mind where you want to keep the chairs and the barstools in your kitchen, you can always tuck them onto the floor. 

Devices that can help to prevent chairs/stools from tipping over:

To go along with these ways mentioned above, you will need some tools and kits to assist you. Here’s a possible list of devices that you will get help from.

Furniture anchors

These anchors are often used to prevent kids and pets from being hurt by chairs or stools tipping over them. These anchors work with two bracket screws to set the chair fixed. 

Rubber chair caps

To hold the chairs or stools in-place, these rubber caps are fitted beneath the legs of the chairs or stools. By holding this kind of furniture in place, you can save everyone from being a witness of unwanted tipping overs. 

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Nylon strings

Nylon strings are another method to strap up or hold the chairs in-place so that your kids don’t get hurt by any uncalled situation of chairs tipping over. 

Nylon strings help to anchor different furniture and secure you and your kids or even your pets from facing any injury caused by chairs tripping over.

Metal kits

By fastening the chairs or stools with the wall with metal anti-tip kits you can easily suppress any kind of injury. You can secure your kids or pets even the adults of your family from being an accident.

Metal kits also ensure 100% safety with superior quality, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Hangman products

To get rid of chairs or stools tipping, you can use hangman products which are considered as leaders in the safety of furniture. 

The kits mentioned above are from But you can also get the same kind of kits on other online shopping sites like,, and make your life much easier and safe. 

How do you keep bar stools from hitting counters?

It is so common for bar stools to hit against the counter. But it does not take much to solve this problem. 

Bar stools are very sustainable to use in a kitchen bar or counter sitting. But their constant hitting against the counter can do significant damage to your cabinet. 

However, installing a kicker board at the base of your cabinet can easily put a stop to it. It will save your cabinet from the legs of the stools and their contact.

Thus, you can easily keep your bar stools away from the circumference of the counter and your counter can be protected. 

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How do you babyproof a chair?

The last thing you would want from your chair is to hurt your precious little child. So, the easiest way to baby-proof your chair is to put bungee cords around the chairs and the table legs to keep them firmly tighten up.

This will not only save your child from getting hurt but also it will save your chairs from all the possible damages. You might also wanna consider throwing some of your tall stools in a closet or garage for a couple of months until your little ones won’t pull them down onto themselves. 

What is an anti-tip device for chairs?

It refers to the devices or kits which prevent chairs from getting overturned. Every year a significant amount of people get hurt from this kind of accident. These are the devices that try to ensure our safety. We can install these devices onto our chairs and reduce the huge amount of chance of us getting hurt.

Anti-tip devices include rubber chair caps which are to install at the bottom of the legs of the chairs. These help to stabilize the movement of the chairs. Nylon strings are also considered anti-tip devices as it holds the chair from being over-turned. Hangman products can also be used very efficiently as anti-tip devices. 

Does an anti-tip device for chairs really work?

Yes, it does.

Anti-tip devices really make a difference when it comes to our safety and welfare. Every year we lose lives because of furniture tipping. Parents get worried about their children getting hurt by the chairs.

This is where anti-tip devices come in handy. Some devices reduce the chance of tipping over from sudden movement. Some hold the chair still and some devices help the chair tucked in tight to prevent overturning.

As a whole, these devices can play a vital role in your security.

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What are the best kitchen chairs and stools that won’t tip over?

To find the best kitchen chairs and stools that won’t tip over, you need to check on some criteria first. If only those standards are met, you can convince yourself of their anti-tipping propensity.

The Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs are the least likely to tip over. The materials in these chairs give them a strong mainframe that prevents them from being overturned.

Chairs having footrests

Tall chairs comparing to your kitchen bars increase significant risks. On the other hand, chairs that have footrests on them reduces the chance of tipping. Besides, they also give you the comfort your need.

Child-proof chairs

Chairs that have felt pads beneath their legs are considered child-proof. These kinds of chairs intercept tipping. Both adults and children can feel safe while using these.

Stools with a back and arms

Plain and tall stools that don’t have any back or arms not only increase your discomfort but also increases the possibility of getting tipped over. Children hold a greater risk while sitting on them.

But a stool with a back and arms around it makes it comfortable and safer. Stools like this can be used by every age and also helps to avert tipping. 

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Furniture tipping is much more frightening than it actually seems. However, it only takes some ideas and ordinary tools to resolve this problem. If you get through this article you will have a pretty good idea about the anti-tipping solutions. 

You will also be able to choose your chairs and stools wisely. Hopefully, all these will make your life better and safer.