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How Wide Should Curtains Be? (All You Need to Know)

Whenever it comes to decorating our houses, choosing the right size curtains becomes pretty difficult. Because most of us don’t know the standard size of curtains and their impact.

A wrong-sized curtain can change the whole outlook of a room. Moreover, the proper size and symmetrical arrangement of curtains can enhance the look of your house.

So, you might be confused about how wide the curtains should be. Knowing the width of curtains is important because it will determine how many curtains you will need for your window. 

Moreover, curtain width can determine the folds and appearance of the curtains.

How wide should curtains be?

How wide the curtains should depend on the width of the window. Generally, the total width of curtains should be 2 times or 1.5 times the width of the window. For example, you can use 144 to 180-inch curtains for a 76-inch window. Curtain width also depends on the fabric texture.

However, windows have different sizes. Different sized windows also require different curtains. So, you can’t fix the width of curtains for all the windows.

Though the texture of the fabric and some other factors are also important, the width of the window is the first factor to consider. So, let’s see how wide curtains should be for different-sized windows.

For 35-inch window:

For a 35-inch window, you should use curtains that are 70 to 90 inches wide. Generally, the width of the curtains should be double or 1.5 times the size of the window. But you should not use curtains three times wider than the window.

For 36-inch window:

A 36-inch window is pretty smaller than a standard-sized window. So, you will not need very wide curtains. You can hang a 70-inch single curtain. Also, you can use two curtains each measuring 36 inches.

For 48-inch window:

A 48-inch window is also a small window. You can use two 40-inch curtains. Otherwise, you can use one curtain that is 1.5 to 2 times the width of the window. But you can change the width according to the texture of the fabric also.

For 52-inch window:

For a 52-inch window, you can use curtains that have a total width of 1.5 to 2 times the window. That means you can use 78-inch to 104-inch curtains. You can use a single curtain too. But multiple curtains will create a luxurious and aesthetic look.

For 60-inch window:

For a 60-inch window, you can use two or more curtains. Each of the curtains can be 60 inches. If you use 2 curtains of 60 inches each, the total outlook will be nice.

For 70-inch window:

A 70-inch window is a pretty standard and medium-sized window. So, you can use 2 or 3 curtains on this window. Two curtains of 70 inches or three curtains of 50 inches will look good in this window.

For 80-inch window:

An 80-inch window is another standard-sized window. You can use curtains that are 120 inches to 160 inches. This is the total width of two or more curtains. You can also use more than two curtains. But don’t use very wide curtains because that can look messy.

For 84-inch window:

For an 84-inch window, you can use two or more curtains. But the total width of 2 or more curtains should be 126 inches to 168 inches wide.

For 96-inch window:

A 96-inch window is a pretty large window. You will need multiple curtains for this window to look good. But make sure that the total width of the curtains is 144 inches to 192 inches.

For 100-inch window:

You will need pretty wide curtains for a 100-inch window. You can use 2 or more curtains, but the total width of the curtains should be 150 to 200 inches.

For 120-inch window:

For a 120-inch window, you will need some pretty wide curtains. A 120-inch window is a large window. So, you have to use a total width of 240 inches for curtains. This width is unappealing.

For sliding glass window:

Sliding glass windows are generally 72 inches wide. So, you can use 144-inch wide curtains.

Are all curtains the same width?

No, all curtains are not the same width. Generally, curtains have some standard sizes. For example, single standard size curtains are 45 inches wide.

But curtains’ width is fixed according to the width of the window and the texture of the fabric. The wider the window, the wider the curtains will be. But you can always customize the size and number of curtains.

For example, if you have a small window, you can use a 45-inch standard-sized curtain for the window. But if you have a large window, you can use two of the 45-inch windows or other wide curtains. So, all curtains are not the same width.

How much wider should the curtain be than the window?

The curtains should be 1.5 to 2 times wider than the window. Generally, this size range is standard. If you want to use wider or narrower curtains, you can use them depending on your personal preference.

But if you use too wide a curtain, it will look messy. On the other hand, if you use very narrow curtains, it will look informal. So, you should fix the width of the curtains in such a way that they are slightly folded and wider than the window.

But if you want a drapery width for the curtains, you should use 2 times or wider curtains than the window.

If you want to make the curtains luxurious, you should keep the width wider to allow more drapes. But don’t use curtains 3 times wider than the window. Otherwise, it can look messy.

What width of curtain do I need? How to measure for curtains?

You will need a curtain wider than the window. Generally, curtains are 1.5 to 2 times wider than windows. But to measure the curtain’s width, you have to measure the window first. So, let’s see how you can measure for curtains in a step-by-step process.

  • Take a measuring tape and hold it from one end of the window’s outer frame.
  • Then hold the tape up to the other end of the frame.
  • Once you’ve determined the total width of the window, you can determine the width of the curtain.
  • The total width of the curtains should be 2 times wider than the window’s width.

Should curtains be longer than windows?

Whether curtains should be longer than windows or not depends on style and preference. Generally, longer curtains look more formal and go well with the room. It creates fullness and also makes the room look bigger.

But sometimes, people don’t like floor-touching curtains. So, shorter curtains can also be used. If you want to keep the length of the curtains long, you can. But different curtain styles have different lengths.

For example, some people like floor-touching curtains or curtains that pool over the floor. So, they use longer curtains. On the other hand, some people like shorter curtains. But most commonly, curtains should be longer than windows.

Otherwise, too short curtains covering the windows will make the room appear smaller. Moreover, if the curtains are too short for the window’s length, they will look pretty informal.

How short can curtain be?

Generally, curtains have three standard sizes. These are 84 inches, 96 inches, and 108 inches. So, curtains should not be shorter than this. But if your windows are very short, you can customize the size of the curtains.

You have to ensure that the curtains are not shorter than the window. You have to measure the length from the curtain rod to the lower end of the window frame.

If the curtains are shorter than the lower end of the window frame, it will not fulfill the purpose of the curtains. Also, you can keep one foot in length past the frame.

Shorter curtains will not look formal and full. If the curtains are too short, you may notice an unfinished look on the wall. So, the curtains should be short to the lower end of the window frame.

Final Thoughts

The curtains should be twice as wide as the window. This width can vary from window to window and according to personal preference. But the curtains should not be wider than 3 times the size of the window. On the other hand, the curtains should not be narrower than the window.