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Do Coffee Tables and End Tables Have to Match? (Explained)

Coffee tables and end tables are the two most essential pieces of furniture in our house. We use them in our living room and bedroom.

When we decorate the living room, we spend quality time decorating it. Sometimes, we hire an interior designer and make our living room beautiful.

Here, the color of the furniture plays a vital role. If you fail to choose the right color combination of coffee and end tables, you might fail to get unique. Today, we will see how to select the right combination of coffee tables and end tables.

Do coffee tables and end tables have to match?

Matching coffee tables and end tables look nice, but it’s okay to have different colors. In that sense, the coffee tables and end tables have to match; it would be better. However, you can choose the right tone of different colors and make a great match indeed. The color should match.

Coffee tables usually come with a slightly dark coffee color; on the other hand, the end tables may come with a light color.

You can still match them with the same color tone and give your living room an excellent design. However, it will help you design with the same or similar color.

What if you have different colors tables and you want to give it a match? You can do it. The different colors might have a similar color tone which will help you to make the interior design more meaningful.

You might think about matching the different colors and decorating the room with them. The different colors table should not be placed side by side; you should have some space between them. Moreover, it would be better if you didn’t buy the table yet.

You can buy similar color tone coffee tables and end tables. It will also help you if you go for slightly different colors.

Sometimes, the contrast colors also turban the room into a great decoration. You should decorate the tables with some beautiful artificial flowers and make them look attractive.

You don’t need to think about the color tone; you can decorate the tables with any color flowers or other showpieces. Still, the same color coffee tables and end tables will give you extra benefits to quickly decorate the interior.

You can match the exact color quickly, and it will turn into an excellent match indeed. Therefore, it’s better to buy the same color coffee tables and end tables so that you can match them easily and enhance the beauty of your living room.  

Is it bad to have matching coffee and end tables?

It is not bad to have matching coffee and end tables. The coffee tables typically have dark chocolate or coffee colors; it won’t be bad to buy the dark color end tables. It will become an excellent match if you buy the same color tables.

On the other hand, the different colors are also not bad. At least, the dark and light combination would give you an aesthetic variety. You can buy a dark coffee table and a light end table. Then place them anywhere you love.

Whatever the color combination is, the matching coffee and end tables would give you the best result, and it will also assist you in decorating the room. Therefore, it’s not bad to have the matching coffee tables and the end tables at your house.

Can you mix and match coffee and end tables?

You can mix and match coffee and end tables. They will remain fine and help you to decorate the interior quickly.

It would be best to decide the color before you purchase these tables. You can select the end tables colors according to the coffee tables or coffee table colors according to the end table’s colors.

Mix and match coffee and end tables will complete the furniture decoration. They will also help you to make things easier. However, the coffee tables and the end tables can be mixed. If you fail to mix these tables, it will not uphold the color and design tone.

The first thing you can match is the color. It is not necessary to buy the same color. You can mix the tables by buying different colors as well.

Here, the color combination will play a vital role. You set the right color combination before purchasing the coffee tables and the end tables.

We will give you instructions on how to mix and match the coffee tables and end tables in our following sections. So, keep with us and make the best choice.

How do you mix and match coffee and end tables?

You can mix and match coffee and end tables following some simple tips. We have come up with four such tips to assist you.

Color Combination:

You should set the priority for your coffee and end tables to mix and match them correctly. You can either go for the same color or follow your furniture color tone. You don’t need to buy the same color tables as the furniture.

Color combinations could be dark and light or vice versa. You can even set the combination as per your choice. Anything would do, but keep in mind your furniture color. Avoid buying the opposite color.

Same Color:

Most people buy coffee tables and end tables to easily mix and match them.

The same color will give a unique vibe to the living room. But you may not like this idea, don’t worry, you can go for the different color combinations.

You have to be sure about the color tone. Make sure the color goes with each other, not in contrast to each other. Contrast color combinations will give you a weird setup unless you use it for the entire room setup.

Color Tone:

If you want to know the best tip to mix and match the coffee and end tables, that would be color tone.

Color tone refers to the best combination of a similar or identical type of color. You may choose a dark coffee color table and a light end table. They will mix and match easily.

What should the coffee table match?

The coffee table should match with interior design, decorator, furniture, size, and color. Let’s explore them in detail.

Interior Decorator:

Interior decorator plays a crucial role in matching the coffee tables. It will look bad if your coffee tables don’t go with the decorator. It will also show your lack of knowledge of choosing the color for your family or others.

So, the interior decorator will play a vital role here. It will be better if you buy all the furniture at a time, including coffee tables and end tables.


The coffee table should match the size. The furniture and end table sizes may be the same, or the end tables might be a bit bigger. On that occasion, you have to select the perfect size for the coffee tables.

You should choose the small size coffee tables if you have limited space. If you plan to set the coffee tables at your rooftop or open space, you may consider buying the big size tables.

Color Match:

We talked about the best color combination of the end tables and coffee tables in our entire write-up.

Your coffee tables must match the color of other furniture. Otherwise, it won’t uphold the unique design and become a weird portion.

So, you should match the color or color tone, then buy the required coffee tables.

End Tables:

Coffee tables must match with the end tables. Since they both are an integral part of your living room, you should match your coffee tables with the end one.

You may either buy the same color tables or make a good combination. In either case, the match would be perfect.

Do end tables have to be the same color?

End tables don’t have to be the same color, but they must have the same color tone. So the combination of the end tables and the coffee tables will be great. It will also help you decorate the living room or the dining room beautifully.

You can buy the different color end tables and still will be able to match them. You have to place them separately. Before choosing the color of the end tables, you should consider the furniture color.

It will help you to brainstorm. When you look at the end tables, you may think for a while if that is perfect or not.

Final Thoughts

The coffee tables and end tables have to match the color or decoration. You can buy the same color tables or go for the different colors. Whatever you prefer, you should make sure that they match correctly. You can match them using different colors. So, it’s better to follow the decoration.