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How Can I Make a Bar Stool Taller? (Complete Guide)

Have you bought a bar stool that is too short for your table? It can be pretty uncomfortable and awkward to sit too low at a bar.

Because you can’t adjust the bars’ height, the best thing you can do is make the bar stool taller. So, let’s take a look at how you can increase the bar stools’ height.

How can I make a bar stool taller?

There are a few effective ways to make a bar stool taller. You can do it by screwing in legs, adding seat cushions, and joining casters. You can also use DIY or purchased leg extenders to raise the seat’s height. By making a bar stool taller, you can eat and drink more comfortably at a high table.

To make the bar stool reach the correct height, you can choose any of the methods available. Using leg extenders, you can increase the height of any furniture.

That being said, you will have to consider a method depending on the stools’ build quality and your convenience.

Three ways to make a bar stool taller

Attaching DIY furniture leg extenders

Using DIY furniture leg extenders is one of the most cost-effective and practical ways to raise the height of bar stools.

Here is how you will be able to make a bar stool taller using DIY leg extenders:

Decide how much height you want to increase:

Measure the distance between the bottom of the crossbars on the stool’s legs and the height you want the bar stool seat to raise.

The crossbars are placed on top of the extenders. So, this process will only work if there are crossbars available in your stool.

Measure the required length of the extenders:

From the floor to the lowest edge of the crossbars, measure the distance. Now take a measurement from the floor to the stool’s seat and subtract it from the desired height.

Add the difference to the distance from the bottom edge of the crossbars to the floor, and this will be the length of your PVC pipe leg extenders.

Cut the PVC pipe:

Cut four PVC pipes using a hacksaw according to the length from step 2. While cutting, make sure to keep the surface smooth and uniform so that the bar stool sits level.

Fit the pipes to the stools’ legs:

Finally, attach a cut pipe on each stool leg and push it against the crossbars.

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Using purchased furniture leg extenders

By attaching purchased leg extenders, you can effortlessly add height to your bar stool. Let’s take a look at the process of using these extenders.

Assemble the leg extenders:

First of all, unbox the leg extenders and assemble them according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

Insert spacer pieces inside leg extenders:

The spacer pieces gradually increase the height. If the leg extenders you bought offer this option, place the same number of spacer pieces in each leg extender.

Attach the leg extenders to the stool:

Turn the bar stool upside down and fit one leg extender on each leg. Make sure to do it properly so that the extenders don’t fall off.

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Adding a seat cushion

A high-quality seat cushion covered in cotton padding helps in rising from the chair while also providing a layer of softness on the surface for comfort.

The easiest and safest approach to raise the height of the bar stool is to replace or add a seat cushion.

Remove the existing cushion:

Most bar stools have removable cushions. If this option is available for your unit, then carefully remove the cushion.

Add the seat cushion:

Now, attach a seat cushion according to your required size in the seat. You can use a seat cover to cover an unsuitable color combination.

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What height should my bar stools be?

There are numerous types of bar stools available in the market. It includes a backless bar stool, bar stool with armrests, swivel bar stool, and upholstered bar stool.

Whichever type of barstool you have, the difference in the height between the counter and the stool should be approximately 12 inches. If the counters’ height is between 41 to 43 inches, the height of your bar stools should be 29 to 32 inches.

How tall are extra-tall bar stools?

As the name implies, the extra-tall bar stools are relatively taller than the standard bar stools. These stools are mostly used in bars and pubs with unusual countertop heights.

Most extra tall bar stools are 33 to 36 inches tall, and the height is measured from the floor to the seat. These stools are for counter heights in the range of 44 to 47 inches.

That being said, the height of the extra-tall bar stools can go as high as 40 inches. They are also known as spectator-height stools due to their extraordinary length. 

How tall should bar stools be for a 42-inch bar?

42-inch is the most common and standard height for bar counters. For comfortable sitting, the height of the stool should be around 12 inches lower than the counter. So, the stool bar for 42-inch bars should be 29 to 32 inches tall.

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Can you make bar stools shorter?

If your bar stool is taller than your required height, you will be able to make it shorter. You can easily reduce the height of the stool by cutting off the extra length from the legs.

If your bar stool has a hydraulic height adjustment feature, then you can make it shorter by just pulling a lever up.

How to lower bar stools?

You will be able to lower the hydraulic or adjustable bar stool in a few simple steps. The process is so simple that you won’t even require a minute to do it. Here is how you can lower bar stools:

Determine the length you want to reduce:

First of all, decide the perfect height for the stool. Now, take a measurement tape and measure the height from the floor.

Find the lever below the seat:

Hydraulic bar stools come with a lever with which you can increase or reduce the height of the seat.

Lower the seat using the lever:

Sit on the stools’ seat first, pull the lever upwards, and release the lever when you have reached the required height. You can adjust the length by getting off the seat and pulling the lever up again.

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How do you make a metal bar stool shorter?

The majority of metal bar stool legs are tubular and hollow metal that is very easy to cut. However, you will need to do it with utmost precision to make it level and comfy to sit on.

Let’s take a look at the process of making a metal bar stool shorter:

Place the stool at a plane surface:

First of all, you should place the bar stool at a flat level surface so that you can cut it evenly. In addition to that, secure the legs on the table to ensure more convenience while cutting.

Cut the metal legs:

Use a hacksaw to cut the legs. While sawing, you shouldn’t move the saw back and forth. Always make long and even strokes.

Smoothen the ends of the legs:

Hacksaw cuts can be uneven at times. So, after cutting the legs of the bar stool, you should sand the legs’ ends.

What is the difference between counter height and bar height?

A counter table is mainly used for eating, so its height is usually slightly lower than the bar tables.

The counter height is generally 34 to 36 inches, whereas the bar height is between 40 and 42 inches. That being said, the accurate measurement varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The process of making the bar stool taller is quite simple, and you can do it without much hassle. You will have a pleasant and comfortable sitting experience at the bar counter by making a bar stool taller.