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How Many Square Feet Is a 2-Car Garage? (Quick Answers)

Even if you have a single vehicle or two, a two car garage is perfect. You can fit two vehicles perfectly without damaging any one of them. And if you have a single car, it will have all the space to itself.

How Many Square Feet Is A 2-Car Garage?

A two-car garage is usually 360 square feet. This is the standard for a two car garage. The 360 square feet is enough to perfectly fit two cars and it also leaves some space. This space is necessary. Though some garages depend on the type of car. Still, most two-car  garages are 360 square feet.

While most garage sizes depend on the type of car you have, there is still a standard measurement followed in garages. 360 square feet is the average space for a two car garage.

The estimated space does not leave much spare room. But this is a god amount of space to fit two averaged sized cars.

2 car garage roof:

For a two car garage, the roof of the garage should be around 400 square feet. The roof should be bigger to hold the pillars and foundation.

The roof of the garage should be the same size as foundation of the garage. But with the exterior the size stands at 400 square feet.

2 car garage door:

20’x20′ is the standard size for a 2 car garage door. 24’x24′ is a safe measurement to ensure there is enough space to keep the cars from bumping into each other.

The garage doors are standard like the other garages. Wide enough for a regular car to go through.

2 car garage space:

360 square feet is the most appropriate space for a 2 car garage. This is a standard space for a two car garage.

This space leaves enough room to have a safe space for the cars. The space of the garage matters a lot as the cars could get damaged without enough space.

Two car garages are very convenient for car owners. This is why the current car owners and home designers go for a two car garage system. This designed car requires a good amount of space. 360 square feet is perfectly standard for a two car garage. 

It is safe to go for a 360 square feet space for a two car garage. This way there is enough space for both the cars to be stay undamaged and side by side.

What is the average square footage of 2 car garage? How large is a 2 car garage?

The average square feet of a two garage is around 18′ x 20′ or 20’x20′. This is the comfortable space for two cars to be settled.

The amount of space is good enough to fit two cars. There are other sizes and space measurements as well but 18’x20′ is the perfect space.

A two car garage is a moderately large garage that has enough space to keep two cars in perfect comfort.

The large sized garage can also keep a single car perfectly for obvious reasons. 360 square feet is the ideal size for a two car garage which is a moderately large space.

20 x 20, 22 x 22 and 20 x 22 are some of the common space sizes for a two car garage. However the average, and standard, size is around 18’x20′ square space. This is a moderately large space to comfortably keep two cars together, without any damage.

How big is an oversized 2-car garage? Is 552 square feet large enough for 2 car garage?

Though the average size of a two car garage is 20’x20′, a 24’x24′ garage is also good which is oversized.

Though it might seem a bit oversized and can be too big to maintain, the square space is also good enough for two vehicles. This amount of space is considered oversized for a two car garage.

For a two car garage, a 552 square feet space size is good enough. In fact, it might be a bit oversized considering the average size is 360 square feet.

But the size is good for two large vehicles. Though it might be bothersome to actually maintain the large space.

For two large vehicles, a 360 square feet garage should be perfect. This leaves extra room for safety as well. But you can go for a 24’x24′ spaced garage as well just to be safe. This might be considered too big but it still works just fine.

What is the minimum width for a 2-car garage?

The smallest, or the narrowest, width that can be kept for a two car garage is around 12 feet. However, it is always safe to keep the width at 20′.

This is to ensure maximum safety for both the vehicles. Even for a single vehicle, a 12 feet width would be too narrow.

The minimum dimensions for a two car garage should be 20’x20′. There should be no adjustments made in this measurement. Even though you can go for a more small or narrow dimension, it is best not to do so as it might be an issue of serious damage for both the cars.

There are many narrow two car garages. And they cause a lot of trouble for the cars. This is why the minimum width for a two car garage should be 20′. So no car gets damaged. Try not to alter the width to less than 20′.

How do you measure the square footage of a 2-car garage?

The common dimension for a two car garage should be very accurate. Any mistakes made can be very hard to fix after the garage has been made.

Which is why you should be very careful before you finalize the measurements of your garage. And as it is a two car garage the measurements need to be more accurate.

It is very normal and presumably easy to calculate the measurements for a two car garage. But the calculation requires much precision and concentration.

And as the garage is supposed to be larger than the usual garage it is obvious that the measurement will be different-

Determine the type of vehicle:

Determine the type of vehicle you have. For the averaged sized car you can keep the measurements average. But if you have a larger car it is best to take the measurements accordingly.

Measure the garage door:

Measure the garage doors first. The doors should be 8′ in width. This way small cars can go through without any problem and there will be an extra feet left for large cars to pass as well.

Measure the space:

Take the measurement of the main space. Make sure it is 24’x24′. You can leave an extra feet around the width just in case there is any mishap during the construction.

Multiply the width and length:

Multiply the width with the length to get the actual square feet.

Taking the measurements for a two car garage is not an easy task. Be very careful with the initial measurement because any mistake might be hard to fix later on.

What can I fit inside a 2-car garage?

A two car garage is usually 360 square feet, which is very much spacious. The very large spaced garage can hold two average to large sized cars.

This is very obvious, as the name suggests. However, the large garage is used for other stuff as well from time to time.

Other than average sized cars, your two car garage can be very useful for other type of car parking as well.

You should be very careful about the size of the vehicles as you do not want to damage any one of them. This will not be so difficult if you know the right measurement of the vehicle-

Average sized cars:

The garage is large enough to fit two average sized cars. Any two average sized car could fit perfectly in the two car garage, the model hardly matters.

A large car:

An SUV or a jeep like car would fit perfectly in a two car garage. There are many pick-up trucks that can fit easily in a two car garage as well. As long as the garage door is wide enough t fit the car.

Two large cars:

Two large cars can fit right inside a two car garage. The average 360 square feet garage has enough room to fit two large cars. Jeeps however might be an issue.

The two car garage has a good enough space to hold two cars easily. But you should always be careful while parking to not harm any two of the cars.

Final thoughts

The standard, and ideal, measurement space for a two car garage is around 360 square feet. The most ideal space size 24’x24′, so it leaves enough space for the safety of both the cars. For a two car garage, a place of 20’x20′ should be good. But 360 square feet space size is perfect and ideal.