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How Do You Stop a Rocking Chair from Squeaking? (Explained)

Every homeowner loves a rocking chair; the ideal spot to unwind after a long day. A rocking chair has numerous health advantages besides being very soothing. You get to rock your babies and put them to sleep, and the older folks of the household can spend leisurely time on it.

However, the chair’s components become loose with time, resulting in an unpleasant squeaky noise; thankfully, there are simple fixes available. If you have a squeaking rocking chair at your home, you shouldn’t worry too much.

So let’s find out how you can stop a rocking chair from squeaking.

How do you stop a rocking chair from squeaking?

You will have to identify the source of the squeaks. Once you figure out the root of the squeaks, solving it becomes easy. The squeaking sound is mainly caused by loose joints, runners, or the backrest, and with a few modifications, you will be able to stop it.

Can I stop my rocking chair from squeaking?

With a few tweaks and turns, you can stop your rocking chair from squeaking. As there are different types of rocking chairs, each has its unique characteristics. That’s why while some of them may be easy to fix, others can be a bit difficult.

Swivel rocking chair:

A single central base that enables the seat to move 360 ° to the left or right is a spiny, revolving, or swivel chair. When there’s some issue with the central base, the chair makes a squeaking noise during rocking.

Chairs with wheels on the bottom can cause squeaking noise as well. Depending on what kind of material it is made out of, you may be able to stop it from squeaking.

Metal rocking chairs:

Metal rocking chairs are more prone to squeaking than ordinary wooden rocking chairs. If the squeaking sound is caused by faulty joints, you can fix it.

But if it’s because of the poor build quality, then the only option you have is to replace it.

Old rocking chair:

As your rocking chair starts to get old, its parts tend to get nimble, especially the rockers and the legs. If the rocking chair is wooden, the wood might even get rotten.

Once your old rocking chair reaches its demise, you should replace it rather than wasting money by trying to fix it.

Wooden rocking chair:

Wooden rocking chairs are the most common type of rocking chair, and the squeaking sound is easily fixable once you identify the faulty parts.

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How to stop a rocking chair from squeaking?

You can follow these steps to stop your rocking chair from squeaking.

Inspecting the chair:

Inspecting the chair is easier if you have someone to sit and rock it while you find the source of the squeak. Use caution to avoid having your fingers entwined in the rocker.

When checking for struts and major dowels, search horizontally as well. If the joints are loose, do the following: Rotate the chair, and move it from side to side. To determine which joints are loose, pay attention to the portions of the chair that are free to move.

Fixing the joints:

When there are nuts to tighten, tighten those that hold joints together. Although rockers with large, rectangular spindles often use hardware, rocking chairs with these furnishings are usually joined using bolts.

Loosen the screws slightly and don’t over tighten them. If the squeaking persists even after making adjustments, it is probably time to replace the screw.

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Reinforce any glued joints

To prevent harming the wood, choose a rubber hammer to do this. If any part remains glued together after tapping, dampen a cloth with water and wait for the moisture to weaken the glue. Then try again.

Sanding the wood:

The old adhesive should be cleaned of all the spindle and bracing that you remove with 120-grit sandpaper. Cover each joint with the new carpenter’s glue, and then rejoin them.

Letting the adhesive set:

Leave the chair in place for 12 hours while the glue cures, after which you may fasten the chair together using bar clamps or straps. The chair will be free of squeaks when the clamps are removed.

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Why does my rocking chair squeak?

There isn’t one specific reason that causes a rocking chair to squeak. Here’s a brief about why your rocking chair may be squeaking:

Faulty Bolts:

Bolts and screws tend to be loose in unassembled rocking chairs. However, in specific production units, the screws and bolts can be defective as well. Flipping the chair upside down helps you identify any loose screws and bolts.

Fixing a faulty screw isn’t that difficult. You can either tighten it or replace the screw entirely.

Moving wood:

Once you’ve adequately tightened the screws and nuts, there’s still a possibility of squeaking. After pinpointing the squeak’s location, you need to figure out where it originates from.

If the wooden parts aren’t properly installed, they’ll move, and the friction between the different components can cause that annoying sound.

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Splintered wood:

Look for broken and splintered wood on the surrounding components of the rocking chair as it can cause a squeaking sound. Use some epoxy putty on the damaged section if this occurs.

 When the wood has completely dried, be careful to use wood clamps to hold the pieces together.

Friction between the floor and the chair: 

Friction may be the source of a squeak, owing to the chair pressing against the hardwood floor. Use powdered powder sprinkled on the floor under the chair to lessen this friction.

To stop future creaking, you can apply some powder to the chair’s joints.

Creaking hardwood floor:

There are cases when the board is the source of the noise. To discover the noise source, step on each board. You should use a screw or nail to secure the loose board.

Also, use wood glue to hold it in place. To eliminate the squeak, place a mat or rug under the chair. As long as this does not perform as well, your only choice is to relocate the chair.

Squeaking from the rockers:

For most chairs, this will be a wooden pole running through the rockers and sticking out from the seat at a right angle or the crossbars lined up parallel to the seating.

Rockers on the floor connect to wooden rods sticking out of the curved rockers and go up to the seat. Where the squeaking is often heard, it happens here, in the middle of the junction in between the rod and the rocker.

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How do you stop a squeaky rocking chair without WD 40?

WD-40 is, in essence, the best lubricant on the market, but there are other suitable alternatives. Many of the same activities may be done with petroleum jelly, plumber’s grease, squeezable oil, silicone-based compounds, and dry film lubricants.

You can use these alternatives of the WD-40 to stop a squeaky rocking chair.

By spraying the WD-40 on metal components, such as glider rockers, you can reduce squeaking. But if you want to stop the squeaking without using WD-40, you can create your own DIY lube using cooking oils.

Silicone-based penetrating oil helps keep certain materials in good condition, including steel rocking chairs. While it isn’t intended to be a long-term solution, using these products daily may make a big difference.

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How do you fix a squeaky rocking chair recliner?

Some recliners make a squeaking sound over an extended amount of time. Excessive lubrication of these components, together with the tightening of nuts and bolts, frequently removes squeaks and other sounds that anybody can handle.

The squeaking sound of the recliner is generated as you’re reclining the chair. The internal mechanics rub against one another, wearing out and making the systems malfunction.

Bent mechanisms inside chairs are another frequent source of squeaking. This has the potential to damage any kind of hinges or other metal components. If the lubricant doesn’t cure the squeak, look for indications of metal dust or apparent wear.

Push the mechanism carefully back into place using a hammer or pry bar.

What is the best lubricant for a rocking chair?

Different rocking chairs need different lubricants. The material type impacts the choice of lubricant for the squeaky chair.

Silicone-based lubricants are particularly suitable for rubber, metal, or plastic. While it is not recommended, the screws may harm the wood. HansiBeewax works well on wooden furniture or rocking chair frames.

Consider the location where your recliner is frequently utilized as the next consideration. If you want to keep metallic chairs from rusting, it is essential to use waterproof lubricants on the outside.

How do you lubricate a rocking chair?

No matter which part of the rocking chair you are lubricating, you will have to clean the area before applying anything thoroughly. After cleaning, it depends on the type of lubricant you can use.

You will have to spray small jolts to the specific area to spray lubricants and make sure it isn’t dripping. In other instances, you need to apply a thin layer using an applying tool.

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How do you stop squeaky springs on a rocking chair?

First, you’ll have to find the source of the noise. You can search for the portion of the springs that is causing it.

Then turn the rocking chair face down on the floor and spray the area around the squeaky spring with a lubricating spray. By lubricating monthly, you will be able to stop the squeaky sound coming from the springs on a rocking chair.

Final Thoughts:

To sum it all up, before you can stop your rocking chair from making a squeaking noise, you’ll need to find the cause of the noises. Once you’ve identified the cause of the squeaks, the problem is very straightforward to solve. With a few simple adjustments, you can silence the squeaky sound.