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Do Rocking Chairs Scratch or Damage Hardwood Floors?

Rocking chairs have been a part of contemporary living rooms for centuries. Even to this day rocking chairs are being used to add a different dimension to the home setup. Especially in homes with babies or older fellows, rocking on a chair has proven to be a great pastime.

To add to that, rocking chairs have great health benefits as well. But when you get a rocking chair, you need to consider where you’re going to put it. Do rocking chairs scratch or damage hardwood floors? Let’s find out.

Do rocking chairs scratch or damage hardwood floors?

Over time the runners on the rocking chairs start damaging the hardwood floors. The runners scratch the wooden panel and as a result, the coated finish on the surface starts to come off. In addition, the bottom part of the rocking chairs gets damaged and the wooden layers start to peel off.

Will a rocking chair scratch wood floors?

The excessive and forceful rocking of the rocking chair will end up scratching your wood floors with time. No matter what your rocking chair is made out of, be it wood or steel, you will eventually end up scratching the surface.

Hardwood floors are difficult to live with since furniture tends to leave scratches and degrade the surface. Rockers especially put up with chair sliding. As mentioned earlier, the runners of the chairs also wear the wood and finish on the bottoms of the rockers.

Manufacturers are starting to take notice of such issues and preventive measures are being taken. However, only the high-end rocking chairs are immune to scratches.

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Do rocking chairs damage hardwood floors?

The straightforward response to this question is yes. The use of a rocking chair is enjoyable, but it will gradually but inevitably create marks on hardwood floors over time.

Although rocking chairs are great for babies and seniors alike, they can take a toll on your flooring. That’s why experts suggest using a protective layer if you have hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are quite susceptible to damage. Rocking can cause the hardwood to bend. In some homes, rocking chairs have also caused buckling.

How do I protect my hardwood floors from a rocking chair?

Following these simple tips can protect your hardwood floors from a rocking chair –

Buying a different chair:

You might also try a new type of rocking chair. There are many more creative options to let you enjoy your rocking chair without damaging your floor such as the glider rocker. 

Also known as fixed rockers. It’s a rocking chair that stays put. In other words, the chair on the pedestal base doesn’t move, but the seat part does rock. This option is excellent for wood floors since the chair’s base won’t move and damage the floor

Connecting components using Loop Strips:

You can protect your hardwood floors by using the loop strips to connect the rocking chair parts. Strip fasteners also work exceedingly well in preventing damage to the hardwood floor.

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Purchase a Cover:

The runners may be protected with a rocker cover, which might be an excellent choice. This solution has a few excellent advantages. It enables you to customize the décor and even create your own covers if you’re a creative kind.

The only disadvantage is that you may need to cover the runners while the covers are being manufactured, or you may choose not to use the chair during that time. Ultimately, you decide whether to create or purchase coverings.

Preventing heavy use:

If you have toddlers in your house they might rock the hardwood chair with excessive force. Normal usage won’t do much damage if the floor is maintained properly.

In addition to that, you should place the rocking chair where the hardwood is stable and solid.

What to put under a rocking chair on the hardwood floor?

No matter what the problem is, there’s always a solution. And in this case, you can use the following items underneath the rocking chair to prevent any sort of damage to the hardwood floor.

Using a non slip carpet:

A carpet is a great choice for people who prefer a simpler solution. All you need to do is locate something that will easily fit beneath your chair.

However, there are certain considerations with rugs. The chair’s action may cause the rug to slide out from beneath the runners. If you don’t mind adjusting a rug to put the chair on it, it’s a simple solution to preserve your hardwood flooring.

It may also be used decoratively to match color palettes or give a splash of color to a more neutral environment.

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Makeshift fabric:

Although this isn’t a permanent solution, it’s one of the cheapest options you have. You can use any plain fabric and decorate according to your home décor and place it underneath the chair.

If you can make it work it won’t damage the floor, considering the fabric is thick enough.

Furniture pads:

Furniture pads are a lifesaver for people who are dealing with rocking chairs. You will find furniture pads almost in any major outlet.

Vinyl is used in non-slip furniture pads because it is ideal for chairs with wooden bottoms and rocking chairs that rest on hardwood floors.

Rocking Chair Rubber Strips:

What separates these strips from the others is that they utilize rubber rather than Velcro. 

You will just need to get a couple of strips of rubber of the perfect length, and the cutting of them to the proper length for the runners. In order to attach them to the chair, use an adhesive.

Keep in mind that rubber may leave stains on your flooring. These markings, however, are often easily removed from the floor, rather than resulting in everlasting damage.


Velcro can be used in combination with other materials underneath the rocking chair. You will have to attach Velcro strips the same length as the rocking chair’s runners.

There are mainly two sections to a Velcro that also keeps objects in place namely the hook and the loop.

How to keep rocking chairs from scratching the wood floor?

By taking the necessary precautions you will be able to keep your rocking chair from scratching the wood floor. Some people prefer installing rubber strips, while others go for extravagant carpets that match the décor. Either way, you’d be able to protect the wood floor.

Furniture pads are commonly used for basic furniture as it is easy to install. Whereas other options like rubber strips and Velcro require you to use multiple tools. However, they aren’t that difficult to install.

So you can choose any of the options and end your worries of scratching the wood floor with your rocking chair.

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How do I keep my rocking chair from sliding? Stop rocking chair from sliding on hardwood floor

Because of faulty rockers, your rocking chairs may be sliding or walking away. Here’s a step by step guide on how you can prevent it from happening:

Identifying the faulty rocker:

Also known as the straightedge test, take an x-acto knife and extend it out along both rockers. Observe where the blade comes in contact with one while bypassing the other.

It will help you determine which of the rocker is the bigger of the two.

Draw the outlines:

To prevent the rocker chair from falling, tape a sheet of cardboard to the leg of the chair with the smaller rocker. The paper should be positioned on the legs with consistent markings, then shifted to the opposite foot of the chair.

Use a pencil to draw an exact profile of the rocker.

Implementing the design:

For an accurate assessment of the chair’s rocking profiles, attach the paper to the opposite end of the rocker. You will have to tape the paper on the interior of the chair in order to have the rocker profile go in the same way.

Flattening the rockers:

Use the design as a reference, and then use a wood plane or belt sandpaper to remove content from the bigger rocker until it matches the figure. Remove the extra material, then use 120 gritted sandpaper to level off the rocker.

Testing it out:

Test out the rocking chair on the floor. If it is still sliding, go back and sand and plane it again. It may assist to enhance your drawing to stay on top of current techniques.

Using felt instead:

If you don’t have the equipment necessary to implement the aforementioned, you may try to secure rockers using felt- or rug-padded strips instead.

Because of this, the rocking chairs are less likely to move about on smooth surfaces, since they now have more friction.

Is it dangerous to buy a rocking chair if you have a hardwood floor?

In the long run, it can be dangerous to buy a rocking chair if you have a hardwood floor. The rocking motion of the chair scratches the floor and with time certain parts of the top layer might even peel off.

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Are felt strips safe to use on white or light hardwood floor?

The felt strips are designed to be compatible with both white and light hardwood floors, so you can breathe easily.

It doesn’t matter what kind of hardwood floors you have; they are very much safe. They are safe for your floor and won’t stain it.

Do rocking chairs have legs?

Yes, rocking chairs have legs that join the seat with the rockers.

The framework between the arched rockers and the seating is usually supported by the legs of a rocking chair. This chair typically looks quite similar to standard wooden chairs, but with a rocking base.

How many legs does a rocking chair have?

Typical chair-designed rocking chairs have four legs but some of the antique and modern rocking chairs have two recognizable legs and the other two are being converted into a tangling design.

Final Thoughts:

The rocking chairs’ runners eventually damage the wooden flooring. Firstly, the runners scrape the hardwood panel, and this begins the stripping of the vinyl coating. The chairs’ bottoms also become worn down, with the wooden layers peeling off; that’s why preventive measures are necessary.

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