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How Big Should Mirror Be Over Dresser? (Quick Answers)

Want to make your bedroom more appealing without spending a lot of money? If this is the case, you may want to consider installing a large mirror above your dresser. How big should the mirror be over the dresser? Here’s what we find out.

How big should mirror be over dresser?

A mirror should be approximately two-thirds to three-quarters the size of the dresser. Due to its relatively small size, the dresser will allow you to see yourself without feeling crowded. In the case of a dresser that is 40 inches wide, a mirror should be 25 to 30 inches wide.

Dressers of the standard size range in width from 35 to 55 inches, in height from 25 to 45 inches, and in depth from 15 to 20 inches.

Therefore, the standard size of the mirror over the dresser should be 30 to 35 inches. In addition, it should be between 25 and 30 inches tall. Your dresser top might not be covered by the mirror since it will be at an angle.

Furthermore, it is important to consider your height. You will find it difficult to see in a mirror that is too tall if you are short.

Similarly, if you are tall, a short mirror may not be noticeable from below. To find one that works best for your room, try out different sizes and angles.


A good rule of thumb is to choose a mirror that is two-thirds to three-quarters the width of your dresser. The mirror on a standard-sized dresser should be between 30 and 35 inches wide.

Too wide a mirror can dominate a small space, making it appear bigger. Because of this, make sure that the dresser and mirror are spaced apart enough to avoid feeling crowded.


Make sure your mirror is at least one-half the height of your dresser if you are taller than average. By doing so, you will minimize the distance between yourself and the reflection, allowing you to see details more clearly.

For a regular person with a standard-sized dresser, try to have a mirror over it that is 25 inches tall.


Over the dresser, the mirror should be 5 to 8 inches high. As people become shorter and taller, this height is essential to see yourself clearly in the mirror.

A high mirror will also not cover any decorations on the wall behind the dresser.

Should a mirror be smaller than a dresser?

A mirror should usually be smaller than your dresser, but it can go either way. There will be enough space for you to display your items and not have to constantly find your makeup or other personal items.

A rectangular mirror tends to make you look thinner in the reflection, so it is always advisable to choose an oval-shaped mirror.

Furthermore, if you plan on hanging the mirror on the wall, it would be best if you chose one with a traditional mount. Keeping the mirror in this way will prevent it from wobbling and making it appear unstable.

 However, if you do choose a wall mirror that is not mounted, make sure to attach it securely to the wall using MDF or plywood to ensure that it does not move around when you are using it.

5 factors that determine the dresser mirror size

The size of your dresser mirror is determined by several factors, including the width of your vanity and the height of your cabinet.

Additionally, you may want to consider how much storage space you have and what type of dressing table you have. Five factors determine the size of a dresser mirror:

The width of your vanity:

You will first want to take into account the width of your vanity when choosing a vanity. There will be a lot less space above the dresser if it is narrow, so a smaller mirror might be a better choice if it is narrow.

The height of your cabinet:

Secondly, consider how high your cabinet is off the ground. The size of the mirror you can use will depend on this.

For instance, if your cabinet is higher than average, choosing a taller mirror might be the best choice since it gives you more room to work with and you can see everything.

The amount of storage space:

It is also important to consider the amount of storage space available above your dresser.

A smaller mirror might be the best option if you don’t have much room on top of your dresser since it won’t take up as much space.

What type of dressing table you have:

Before choosing a mirror for your dressing table, you should know what type it is.

If your table is shorter than most, it may not be possible to accommodate a large mirror; in those cases, you might want to opt for a smaller one.

The style of your vanity:

Additionally, the style of your vanity will determine what type of mirror you can use.

If you have a sleeker-style dresser with a slender mirror above it, then opting for a smaller mirror may look better than going for something larger that would take up more space and not look as elegant.

How do I choose a mirror size over a dresser?

Ensure the mirror and dresser are the right sizes before buying them. You can then select the right size based on that information.

Hang the mirror evenly by removing any decorative hanging brackets or hangers. Here are some guidelines for choosing a mirror size over a dresser:

Measure the width and height of the dresser:

The first step is to measure the dresser’s width and height. By doing so, you will be able to select the perfect mirror size. For the mirror to hang evenly, remove any decorative hangers or brackets that might need to be removed.

Choose a mirror size of two-thirds to three-quarters:

Choose a mirror size that fits two-thirds to three-quarters of the way into the space on top of the dresser. The mirror should be about 24 to 26 inches wide if your dresser has a width of 42 inches and a height of 30 inches.

Take into account the size of the room:

When choosing a mirror for your home, it is important to take the room’s size into account. There is a rule of thumb that the smaller the mirror, the better it will look in a small room, and the larger the mirror, the better it will look in a large room.

Styles to consider:

Consider the style of your mirror when choosing one. A traditional mirror will look better in a traditional space, whereas a contemporary mirror will look better in a modern setting.

Height is a factor to consider:

It is important to keep your height in mind when choosing the size of a mirror. Those who are shorter are going to prefer a smaller mirror, whereas those who are taller will prefer a larger one.

How do you put a mirror on a dresser?

The easiest and most elegant option is to simply install a mirrored wall instead of using a mirror frame.

There are many different types of mirrors available in stores and online, so choose the one that suits your needs. Listed below is a guideline on how to hang a mirror on a dresser.

Things you will need:

To begin with, you will need a mirror, a frame, screws, and nails. To cover the mirror’s edges, you will also need some clear packing tape or masking tape. 

When you have the dimensions of your dresser down, measure and draw a line on the mirror to indicate where the screws will go.

Look at the dresser and find the nearest wall:

You need to find an area on the wall where you can screw in your mirror once you have the dimensions of your mirror. Ensure that your mirror hangs level and is centered on the dresser by carefully measuring.

Mark out where screws go:

Mark four dots equidistant from each other on the wall where the mirror will be mounted using clear packing tape or masking tape (see diagram below). There will be a strong anchor for your screws if you use these.

Screw in the mirror:

The mirror needs to be screwed in now. Start by unscrewing the four screws that you marked earlier and placing them into the anchors you created.

Tighten them up with a Phillips head screwdriver once they are firmly planted (don’t overtighten). Your mirror is now installed and ready for use.

Make sure that it is secure:

Make sure your mirror is secure by covering the edges with clear packing tape or masking tape. By doing so, it will be protected from damage caused by movement or debris.

Final Thoughts

Briefly, the mirror should be approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of the dresser. In general, the mirror over the dresser should be 30 to 35 inches wide and 25 to 30 inches high. Choose a mirror over a dresser based on your vanity’s height, width, storage space, and style.