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How Big Should Mirror Be Over Console Table? (Answered)

Console tables are visually impressive and at the same time a practical way of decorating your home. Placing a mirror over a console table brings out elegance while providing functionality. These two decors are a perfect pair together.

You may be wondering what size of mirror you should choose for your place. Luckily, we have done all the work for you. Stick with us if you want to know all the exciting details about the matter.

How big should mirror be over console table?

For greater visual impact, 1/3 or 3/4 of the console table’s width is optimal for the mirror and its length should measure between 30 to 40 inches. The mirror’s bottom edge should be 6 inches above the surface of the console table. Maintaining these dimensions will create excellent visual balance.

A mirror over a console table is an excellent choice for wall decor. It reflects light, makes the room bright, and makes the space feel more open. To achieve that, having a balanced dimension is a must. Mirror’s position over the console table is equally as important.

 If proper dimensions are not met, it will end up looking asymmetrical and it will look out of place. Balance is pretty important here.

To get a good balance mirror’s width, height, and position over the console table, all three factors will significantly matter. Here is a short explanation for each dimension-


In any circumstances, the width of the mirror must not exceed the console table’s width. At the same time, its width should not be too small compared to the console table. It will also depend on your sense of aesthetics as well.

We need to achieve a balance here. Generally, the mirror’s width being 1/3 or 3/4 of the console creates the best balance. It is the standard width of a mirror over a console table nowadays.


The same logic will apply here as well when we think about how tall a console table mirror should be. It normally depends on the size of the console table. Normally, a console table should be between 30 to 40 inches tall

However, it is not an absolute rule. You can go for a slightly taller mirror if your house has a high ceiling. That way the room will look brighter and more open.

But you cannot go wrong if you choose a standard 30-40 inches tall mirror. So, if you feel confused, just get a standard-size tall console table mirror.


How high a mirror should be placed above the surface area of the console table is also essential to know. It will not look good if the proper height does not meet.

If the mirror is too high up above the surface of the console table, the area may end up looking empty and the area will look too compact if the opposite happens.

Interior designers recommend that the mirror should be around 6 inches above the surface of the console table. It creates a perfect gap space between the mirror and the console table.

To get a perfectly proportioned mirror for your console table, you will have to consider all of the dimensions we have discussed here. If any of the dimensions are not considered properly, your console table and mirror over it will make an odd combo.

Can a mirror be bigger than a console table?

A mirror should not be bigger than a console table. Scale is a very important matter when you get a mirror and console table combo. If the mirror is bigger than the console table, it will look rather bad. The mirror must be smaller than the console table.

If the mirror is bigger than the console table, the mirror will take more focus, making the console table look insignificant.

It will look the other way around if the mirror is too small. Having a big mirror is the trend nowadays, but its width should not exceed the width of the console table.

A big mirror over the console table looks really neat. It should be placed in the center. Ideally, the mirror should be around 50-75 of the console table. You may even get a slightly bigger mirror but not more than the console table.

How big should a round mirror be over a console table?

Ideally, a round mirror over a console table should be around 30 – 42 inches in size. This is the most general possible size. But it may vary based on your taste and home decor.

You can opt for a smaller mirror if you want. But it would be best if you considered at least using a 30 inch mirror.

A round mirror over a console table looks incredible. It brings out the elegance and looks aesthetically pleasing.

But again, choosing the right size will make all the difference. Mirror size may vary depending on individuals’ tastes, but we see a general pattern here. There are always some exceptions, as people like to think out of the box.

For round mirrors, the general 1/3 or 3/4 wide of the console table rule still applies. If you feel unsure, you can always stick to this universal size. It is guaranteed not to disappoint you. Round or not, the mirror should not be bigger than your console table.

As long as you choose a smaller round mirror than your console table, you cannot go wrong.

Place some other décor on the console table to make it look symmetrical and make sure to make your round mirror the centerpiece. This way, the round mirror and console table combo will look pretty.

4 factors that determine the console table mirror size

There are certain things that you need to know about the mirror size over the console table. Let’s get to know them.

Room size:

The room where you are putting the console table and mirror combo is a significant factor.

The room’s size will dictate what should be the size of your console table and mirror combo. If your room is small, it is preferred you put small decors in that room. If the room is big, bigger decors will make it look better.

Width of the console table:

It is no wonder that the mirror size heavily depends on the width of the console table. In fact, it is one of the most important factors that determine the console table mirror size.

If the table is relatively wide, you should get a wider mirror. For a small console table, it is better to get a smaller mirror.

Height of the console table:

Your console table’s height is an important factor for the console table mirror. How tall the mirror should entirely depend on the height of the console table.

If the console table is tall, you will need to get a taller mirror. Otherwise, a less tall console table will suffice your need.

Lighting condition of the room:

A mirror bounces back light and makes your room look bright. Consequently, your room’s lighting condition is a big factor in this matter. If your room has a lot of natural light, you can get a relatively smaller console table mirror.

But, if your room lacks natural light and relies on indoor light, you may consider getting a bigger console table light.

How do I choose the right size mirror over a console table?

Choosing the right size for the mirror over a console table depends on several things. Follow the steps below to know how to choose the size for the mirror-

Measure the width of the console table:

The first step is to determine the console table’s width. For that, we will need a measuring tape. Use the measuring tape and measure your console table’s width.

For that, first attach one end of your measuring tape to one edge of the table’s one side and stretch it to the other side and complete the measuring. The width of the mirror should be 1/3 or 3/4 of your measurements.

Measure the available height over the console table:

The vertical length of the console table also needs to be measured. Use the measuring table and determine the console table’s vertical length.

Attach the end of the measuring tape to the bottom tip of the table and stretch it to the outer tip of the console table. Use the console table’s length to determine what should be the mirror’s vertical length.

Final Thoughts

A mirror’s width should be fifty to seventy-five percent of the console table’s width. The length of the mirror should range between 30-40 inches. If you get a console table mirror of the right size, it will have a significant visual impact and make your space more meaningful.