Do Headboards Touch The Floor? (Complete Guide)

A headboard is a vertical panel or an upright piece of furniture that is set behind the head-side of the bed. Headboards are necessary because they keep the frames of the beds away from the walls. This keeps your decorative walls free from abrasion and safe from the risk of any damage to the wall’s decor.

A headboard not only keeps your wall safe from damage but also gives your bed strength and elegance.

Do Headboards Touch The Floor?

Headboards don’t usually touch the floor. They are attached to the frames of the beds with nuts or headboard bolts through the props and holes. Each bed comes with specific bolts and the holes are made for the particular bolt shapes. So, the headboard gets attached tightly by the nuts and bolts.

Do Headboards Sit On The Floor?

Regular headboards do not sit on the floor. Instead, they get attached to the frame of the bed by certain nuts and bolts specifically made for them.

The bed frame on the other hand, stands on the floor while the headboard gets attached on the side by it. Although the headboards do not necessarily touch the ground, it won’t be any issue if they do.

Even if you get a bed where the headboard stands on the floor, you can drill some extra holes on the headboard near the bottom to lift it up.

Does A Headboard Need To Touch The Floor?

There’s no rule for a headboard to touch the floor. Before coming to any conclusion, you need to remember that the function of the headboard is just to keep your bed frame distant to your wall so that there’s no chance for abrasions. Also, all the weight on the bed will be put on the bed frame, not on the headboard.

So, no! A headboard does not need to touch the floor.

How High Off The Ground Should The Headboard Be?

A headboard for a certain bed is made balancing with the height of the bed. According to a study, the average height for a bed is 16-24 inches. This average height refers to easy sit-ups on the bed without having your legs swung.

Now, as we know, the height of the bed is balanced with a certain headboard. If the headboard has two stands on both the sides to get attached with the bed frame, the headboard will get attached to the bed exactly where the height of the headboard will end.

Meaning, the headboard will be 24 inches high off the ground if the bed ends exactly at 24 inches.

What Headboard Touches The Floor?

The headboards that touch the floor are called the floor standing headboards. Headboards that touch the floor stand from the floor giving the bad frame more strength than putting more weight unlike the regular headboards. Headboards come in many sizes and shapes for different types of beds. For example –

  • Super King Size Floor Standing Headboard (6ft)
  • King Size Floor Standing Headboard (5ft)
  • Queen Size Floor Standing Headboard
  • Double Size Floor Standing Headboard (4ft)
  • Single Size Floor Standing Headboard (3 ft)

How To Fit A Headboard To A Bed?

The process of fitting a headboard to a bed is surprisingly easy. The most traditional way of fitting a headboard to a bed is through struts, holes or slots. Here’s how you can simply fit a headboard to a bed –

  • Step 1: Remove all the packaging
  • Step 2: You’ll find a small pack of nuts, bolts, screws in the package and you need to keep them apart.
  • Step 3: Find out the perfect nut for the perfect hole before attaching it with the strut.
  • Step 4: Now attach the headboard with the struts aligning the struts.
  • Step 5: Now screw the nuts-bolts tightly through the holes with the headboard.
  • Step 6: Find the fixing points in your headboard and screw them with the bed frame.
  • Step 7: At this point, you’ll still be able to slide the headboard to keep it in position. So, slide the headboard and fix the height of the headboard and secure it tightly.

Is It Bad For The Headboard To Touch The Floor?

It is not bad for the headboard to touch the floor. Instead it’s better if the headboard touches the floor. It gives strength to the frame of the bed. Although the traditional way of attaching the headboard is standing high off the ground, it’s okay if the headboard does not.

No matter how the headboard stands, the only purpose it serves is to not let your bed hit the wall and cause damage to the decor. However, the floor standing headboards i.e. the headboards that stand on the floor give the bed a luxury look while giving the room elegance.

Should A Headboard Sit On The Mattress?

The mattress is set on the frame of the bed. So, the frame already has the weight of the mattress. If in any case a headboard additionally gets fit with the frame of the bed, it will be risky for the one side where most of the weight is going to be.

That particular side of the bed may fall apart if too much weight is put on that. So, no, a headboard should not sit on the mattress. So far height is the concern; you can always increase the height of the mattress from the base by adding a board or metal stand to it.

What Is A Floor Standing Headboard?

A floor standing headboard is the headboard that stands on the floor and gets fit with the bed frame. This particular kind of headboard not only provides strength to the bed but also elegance to your room. There are different kinds of headboards in the market and the floor standing headboards are the most costly.

They require a heavy base and more materials than the regular headboards do. Just how they are made, they always bring newness to the entire look of the room by just adding to the bed’s looks.

How Do You Secure A Freestanding Headboard?

A free standing bed frame is the kind of bed frame that doesn’t require to be mounted directly to the bed or the wall. These kinds come with no hardware essentials like – nuts, bolts, screws etc. So, installation of such a headboard is easier than installing any other kinds.

● Choose your preferred headboard that is perfect in size for your bed.
● Select the perfect area for your bed and the headboard.
● Now just place the headboard slowly pushing towards the wall.
● Secure the headboard with the bed frame again pushing it slowly towards the headboard and you’re done!

Where Do You Hang A Headboard?

A headboard should be in a place where it won’t look odd or give off dull vibes from the room. Always find an opposite to the light’s direction so that it looks soothing to human eyes. Always fix it against the wall, never far from it.

As it’s a matter of necessity, looks, and durability, never compromise with the quality of the headboard. The more quality you’ll ensure, the more elegance the headboard itself will last in your home.

A headboard gives your bed strength and durability including better looks. Honestly, just the attachment of the headboard will change your entire interior.

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