Does Headboard Have to Match? (With Helpful Tips!)

The headboard is just not only an item of furniture that allows you to sit comfortably in the bed but also it creates a statement look in the bedroom in the most minimalistic way.

Therefore, while choosing/purchasing a headboard, certainly you would think about whether a headboard needs to be matched with other items of furniture in your bedroom or not. 

So, let’s not dwell in confusion anymore and find out the correct explanations.

Does The Headboard Have to Match the Bed Frame?

The headboard is inevitably not needed to match the bed frame. It is because as long as the size of the headboard and bed frame is the same, the method of installing a headboard allows it to be installed onto another frame. So, an unmatched headboard can directly be attached to any bed’s frame.

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Can You Put Any Headboard On Any Bed Frame? 

You can surely put any headboard on any bed frame as long as the size of the headboard and the bed frame is compatible. For instance, you can attach a twin headboard to both a bunk bed and a twin platform bed. 

Can I Change The Headboard Of My Bed?

If your headboard is not latched on your bed permanently, you can change the headboard of your bed without taking up much hassle. But when you decide to get a new headboard, make sure to get the most compatible with your bed’s frame size. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Dresser? 

The headboard doesn’t have to match the dresser if it’s not preferred according to one’s choice. Moreover, the headboard can always be coordinated with the dresser by mix and match design, color, finish, and style of both the items of furniture to create a harmonized and designer-looking bedroom. 

How To Match Headboard With Dresser? 

Below the methods of matching the headboard with the dresser have been explained.


You can match the headboard with your dresser’s base color, hardware’s color, or match with one of the colors if it’s a two-toned dresser.

For example, if your dresser is a two-toned dresser that comes with a grayish acacia wooden top and a metal base, match your headboard with either of these colors.  


You can match the headboard by choosing the same style as the dresser. For instance, if you have a modern dresser, choose a modern headboard. 


Choosing a headboard of the same material as the dresser is the best method. If you have a wooden dresser, choose a wooden headboard. To add contrast, opt for an upholstered wooden headboard. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Nightstand? 

It’s not mandatory to match the headboard with the nightstand. If it’s preferred, one can opt for a mix and match concept while determining the style, color, texture of the headboard. So that the headboard creates contrast next to the nightstand while blending with the entire room’s look. 

What Color Headboard To Match The Nightstand? – Matching headboard with nightstand

Brief explanations over how you can match the color of the headboard with the nightstand have been provided below. 

Mix Up Material:

You can match the headboard by mixing up the material and the color of the material with the nightstand. Like, if you have a metal nightstand, choose a wood color painted headboard. 

Match With Accents: 

If the nightstand has any metallic or stone accent, choose your headboard in metal (bronze/ brass) /stone accent color. 


If you have a nightstand in bright pop-up color, then go for a subtle neutral color headboard to balance the color combination. Like if the nightstand is in navy blue, opt for gray/beige/white color headboard. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match Ottoman?

The headboard is not imperatively required to match with the ottoman in a bedroom. As long as both the headboard and ottoman are unifying with the entire decor of the bedroom, an ottoman and a headboard in different color and fabric combination, shape, and design can be styled together. 

How To Match Headboards With Ottoman?

Here is a short step-by-step guide for you to match headboards easily with an ottoman. 

Consider the size first:

You should always consider the ottoman’s size first. Because the sizes of both the furniture should fall in line to maintain the look and functionality of your bedroom. 

Consider the shape:

Then consider the shape of your ottoman. If it is a round-shaped ottoman, choose a headboard in a square shape to create a complementary visual interest in your bedroom. 

Match the style of the both:

Next, to create a harmonized and cohesive bedroom, match the style of ottoman and headboard. If you have a mid-century modern Ottoman in a velvet upholstery, choose a headboard with velvet upholstery too.  

Mix and match the color and the pattern of the headboard and ottoman:

The last step is matching or mixing and matching the color and pattern of the ottoman and the headboard. If you have a dark brown ottoman, opt for cream/beige/tan color or 1-2 the light brown color headboard. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Valance?

The headboard doesn’t need to match the valance. There is always room for playing with both the headboard and valance’s fabric color, design, and pattern while choosing a headboard to create a disparity. However, anyone is allowed to play safe by choosing a related fabric to valance for headboards. 

Matching Headboard And Valance:

Matching With Pattern:

If you have a patterned valance and the patterns have different colors than the base color, then you can match the headboard with that specific pattern color. 

Matching with Valance’s Material: 

You can opt for matching the headboard’s upholstery fabric the same as the valance. Like if you got velvet/linen valance, then choose velvet/linen upholstered headboard. 

Mix And Match Styles:

Try to mix and match the headboard and valance. For example, if your valance is in bold forest green, select a headboard with golden tones of beige color to create a beautiful contrast. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Storage Bench? 

There are no hard rules to match a headboard with a storage bench, so both of the furniture don’t have to match. In fact, interior designers suggest opting for a headboard with a similar silhouette to a storage bench and with contrasting materials and colors to coordinate them in a bedroom. 

Matching The Headboard And Storage Bench: 

To match the headboard with the storage bench, pay heed to these step-by-step instructions given below. 

Think about the silhouette shade of the storage bench:

First, you need to think about the silhouette of your storage bench while matching the headboard to avoid bulkiness in the bedroom. So choose a headboard with a similar silhouette. 

Consider the dimensions:

Then consider the width and height of the headboard in comparison to the storage bench. Select a 6-8 inches wider (both sides) and a few inches taller headboard than the storage bench.  

Choose a contrasting material:

As contrast wins, so lastly, choose a headboard with a contrasting material. Like if you have a wooden/metal storage bench, then go for an upholstered headboard or vice versa. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Footboard?

Headboards are required to match with the footboard because both of them are used as a part of one bed and together create a beautifully balanced appearance. Therefore, always select a headboard identical to the footboard in terms of material, color, design, and style.  

Can You Mix And Match Headboard And Footboard?

You can not mix and match a headboard and footboard because a mismatched headboard will look very awkward with a footboard. As well as will ruin the look of your bedroom by creating a mis balanced color combination and haphazard look. 

3 Reasons Why The Headboard Needs To Match Footboard

Part Of The Same Bed:

Headboard and footboard together are used as a pair with a bed, so a headboard needs to match the footboard even though they are purchased separately. 

Shape The Bedroom’s Look: 

A footboard with a matched headboard always balances out and shapes the bedroom’s look.

Visually Pleasing: 

A bed/bedroom with a matching headboard and footboard is visually aesthetic and pleasing. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match Curtains?

There is no need to match the headboard with the curtains. Because a variation between the headboard and the curtains’ color, style, fabric, and design will add a dimension to the bedroom. However, there are always options for having a matched headboard with the curtains to play safe.

How To Match Headboard And Curtains?

To help you match the headboard with curtains, here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

Similar Color Tone: 

If you want a matched headboard with the curtains then choose a similar color tone from the same color family. For example, if your curtains are dark blue, choose a light blue/powder blue color headboard. 

Matching Curtain Patterns: 

Try matching the headboard with the curtains pattern’s color. Like if you have bright floral curtains on a solid light color base, choose a color from any of the flowers and match your headboard with it. 

Mismatching Colors and Styles:

Mismatching the headboard and curtains if you want to add some dimension. For instance, if your curtains are dark blue color, you can choose gray/white color headboard. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Bed Skirt? 

It’s a good idea to match the headboard with the bed skirts because matched headboards and bed skirts together will look more consistent, and the colors will flow together as well. However, the headboards are not obliged to match the bed skirts as the bed skirts get changed every few weeks.  

What Color & Pattern Should Your Bed Skirt Be? – Matching headboard and bed skirt

Here are the explanations regarding what color bed skirt you should get while matching it with your headboard. 

The Same Color: 

Get the same solid color bed skirt as your headboard to build an image of a consistent and cohesive bedroom. As the colors are the same so they will flow together. 

Headboard Patterns: 

There are many geometric/flower-patterned headboards, so you can choose the color of the patterns and select a bed skirt of the same color. Like you have an orange color headboard with white flower patterns on it, choose a bed skirt in white color. 

Headboard Texture:

You can choose bed skirts that match the vibe of your headboard’s texture/material. Like if you got a wooden headboard, opt for khaki, beige, burn sienna, or taupe bed skirts. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Blanket Box?

In other words, blanket boxes are ottomans with storage beneath, so a headboard doesn’t have to match with a blanket box in terms of color, shape, or style. However, the size, height, and upholstery fabric of both the furniture should have compatibility between them to harmonize the overall look. 

Matching Headboard And Blanket Box?

Here are the steps to match a headboard and blanket box. 

Consider the size of the blanket box:

Consider the size of your blanket box. Always choose a wider headboard than the blanket box to match symmetrically. 

Choose a taller headboard:

Then look for the height of the blanket box and choose a taller headboard than the blanket box. The headboard should always be taller. 

Consider the shape of the blanket box:

Now, check the shape of your blanket box. If it’s square, choose a round or your preferred shaped headboard. Different shapes add a complementary focal point. 

Match the upholstery fabric:

Lastly, match the upholstery fabric of both the headboard and blanket box. If the blanket box has a linen/velvet upholstery, choose the same to create a balance.  

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Bedside Table?

Headboards are necessarily not needed to match with bedside tables because bedside tables have several varieties and come in different materials. So there are options to mix and match the materials, color, etc. However, its essential to choose a taller headboard while matching with a bedside table. 

How Do You Style A Mismatched Bedside Table? – Style with headboard 

Different Shape: 

Play with the shape while styling a mismatched bedside table and a headboard. If you have a round-shaped bedside table, choose a headboard in a square shape. 

Style With A Common Thread: 

When your headboard and bedside table is a mismatched one, style them together by pairing up through a common thread. Like you can select a wooden color headboard if you have a wooden bedside table. 

Mix Up Materials: 

Style a mismatched bedside table by mixing up the materials with the headboard. For example, you have a metal base and glass top bedside table, so choose an upholstered headboard to complement the luxurious look. 

Does The Headboard Have To Match The Chair?

The headboard doesn’t need to match the chair in the bedroom. Different headboards and chairs in different colors, styles, materials will suit a bedroom as long as there is coordination between them. But, if there’s any accent chair, it would be better to have a matching headboard. 

Is It Necessary To Match The Headboard With The Chair? 

It’s not necessary to match the headboard with the chair. You can purchase a headboard in completely different materials, styles, finishes, and colors. But remember that there should be coordination between these two pieces of furniture so that the room looks well-balanced. 

Is It Ok To Have Mismatched Bedroom Furniture? 

It’s perfectly okay to have mismatched bedroom furniture because it gives an essence of customized and personal touch to the bedroom.

Moreover, having mismatched bedroom furniture is now today’s trend and even interior designers approve it to create a cozy finish in the home. 

Should The Headboard Match Wall Color? 

Whether the headboard should match the wall color or not depends on your personal preference and the entire decor of the room.

If you want your bed to create a focal point in the bedroom, then opt for a headboard with contrasting colors with the wall. Or, if you want your headboard to blend in with the color of your walls, then choose a matching color. 

Should The Headboard Match The Base?

The base is the same thing as the bed frame where the mattress is set on. So the headboard should match the base perfectly to be attached to the bed frame.

Having the exact same size as a headboard and base is the most important factor you have to consider while purchasing a headboard. 

As long as you get a headboard of the same size as your bed frame, it doesn’t need to match. So feel free to decorate your bedroom with a mismatching headboard. 

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