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Do Duvet Covers Shrink? (Quick Answers)

Duvet covers keep your duvet or comforters from dirt, stains, and even germs. They are made in such a way that you will need to wash them more than often. Therefore, there is a huge chance of shrinkage of your duvet covers but do they really shrink?

You will need to stick to the last word of this article as we find the answer to whether the duvet cover will shrink or not.

Do duvet covers shrink?

Well, the shrinkage of duvet covers mainly depends on the quality of the material as synthetic-made covers have no shrinking issue. If your duvet cover is made of pure cotton or linen and if you wash them in the wrong way then there is a high chance that the cover will shrink to 6-9%.

Shrinkage of duvet cover mainly depends on the material of the cover, as because of the heat factor of the fabrics the shrinkage usually takes place. However, if you wash them in a proper way then there will be less chance of shrinkage.

Also, fabrics like polyester, nylon, spandex, and even acrylic will not shrink at all. Therefore, if you are going for an anti-shrink duvet cover then go for fabrics that are made of polyester or nylon.

Otherwise, wash the covers in the proper way which is instructed by the manufacturers to avoid shrinkage.

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Do cotton duvet covers shrink?

Well, cotton duvet covers will surely shrink if you wash and dry them in an unusual way. That is because if you use hot water in your washing machine or use high heat to dry them then the cotton covers will shrink.

Side by side, premature wearing can also be caused by exposure to excessive heating or sunlight. Therefore, whatever the fabric is, especially if it’s made with cotton, then it is instructed to wash and dry them in a proper way in order to avoid shrinkage.

Will a 100% cotton duvet cover shrink?

Yes, definitely a 100% cotton-made duvet cover will shrink because of the fabric’s exposure to high heating. The usage of hot water in cover washing as well as using high heat in the dryer can cause huge shrinkage.

Also, washing them in cold water can cause 100% shrinkage of the fabrics of the duvet cover. Cotton that has been pre-shrunk might shrink down to 3-6%, whereas cotton that has not been pre-shrunk might shrink more than 15%.

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Do IKEA duvet covers shrink?

The shrinkage of IKEA duvet covers basically depends on how you use them and wash them. Well, most of the customers have reviewed that the cover shrank after a few washing, and some of the customers told that it doesn’t shrink after washing and drying.

Generally, the IKEA duvet covers are made of cotton, therefore, there is a huge chance that the fabric will shrink.

Do duvet covers shrink in the dryer?

Yes, duvet covers will shrink in the dryer because of the high heat used in the dryer. The heat factor in the dryer plays a vital role in the process of shrinkage of fabric which includes cotton, linen, etc.

Therefore it is recommended to avoid the heat cycle of the heater in order to not let your covers shrink.

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How to unshrink duvet cover?

There are some proper steps that you will need to follow to unshrink your duvet cover and they are given below:

  • Firstly you will need to fill up a bucket with warm water but not with too hot water.
  • Then you have to mix some baby shampoo with the warm water in the bucket as it will make the fibers of the fabrics relax.
  • Secondly, you have to soak the fabric into that mixture and let it rest for some time.
  • Then after a while, you have to start massaging the item gently.
  • Thirdly, after a handful of massages, you have to take it out and squeeze the water out. Make sure you don’t wring the item as it can change the shape of the cloth.
  • Flex the clothing item carefully while it dries on the line or let it dry naturally in the sun. Carry on in this manner till the garment piece regains its normal size.
  • The final result will be amazing as the item will regain its original shape.

How to shrink a duvet cover?

Basically, the only way to shrink a duvet cover is by putting it on a heat cycle. It starts with the washing in hot water that leads to a dryer with high heat which eventually causes the duvet cover to shrink. However, the elaborate process is noted below –

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The shrinkage process of cotton made duvet cover:

  • Warm water should be used to cleanse the clothing.
  • Set the dryer to high temperature and let it run for a few minutes
  • To prevent over-shrinking, inspect the clothing frequently during the drying phase.
  • Once you have the correct size, switch the dryer to medium heat or airflow and slowly dry the remainder of that as well.

The shrinkage process synthetic fabric made duvet cover:

  • The item should be washed in cool water.
  • Put inside the dryer on full heat for a few minutes to dry.
  • Make sure the dimension is correct by checking on a regular basis.
  • Once the item has reached the required size, turn the dryer down to the minimum temperature and let it dry completely.

How is a duvet cover supposed to fit?

It is recommended that you choose a duvet with a maximum size of two inches to fit the duvet cover. You may also choose from a number of options for tucking your comforter into the covers. Sewing or the use of safety pins are the best two options you can go for.

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Should the duvet insert be smaller than the cover?

No, the duvet insert cannot be smaller than the cover rather it’s better if it’s bigger than the cover. As because duvet covers are meant to be washed, so the fabric will shrink.

This implies that, while the size of your duvet cover is the same as the dimensions of your duvet, it will shrink by a range of 5%, fitting much more snugly over the duvet and ensuring a flawless fitting.

Should a duvet cover be smaller than the duvet?

In order to support the depth of the comforter, duvet covers are designed somewhat bigger than normal duvet proportions. It is important to pick a duvet cover that is the right fit for the bed and duvet.

This will result in the duvet shifting and bunching up in your bedcover as a result of selecting the next option.

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How much smaller should a duvet cover be?

There are no fixed dimensions of how small a duvet cover can be. However, it is better to measure the measurements of your duvet and then select the dimensions of the duvet cover based on that.

However, you can go for a maximum of 2 to 3 inches smaller than your duvet for a tight fit.

What do you do if your duvet is too big?

If your duvet is too big then you can try sewing your duvet as it is one of the most efficient and quickest ways. Also, you can triple the sheeting process as it is largely practiced by hotel employees.

It’s a quick and easy method that requires you to drape the upper layer of crap over and over merely over the blanket.

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Final Thoughts:

The shrinkage of duvet covers mainly depends on the heat factor. If you put your cotton-made duvet cover into hot water and dry it in high heat in a dryer it will surely shrink. Therefore, to unshrink your duvet covers, wash and dry them carefully by following the right techniques.