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Do Accent Chairs Have to Match? (Complete Guide)

Accent chairs are such a piece of furniture that complements the decor of the living room, hallway, or bedroom by adding a contrasting visual interest in that particular room. However, most people prefer to purchase matching furniture.

So, perhaps while getting a single accent chair, you might not understand whether you should take a matched accent chair or an unmatched one. Therefore, a very usual question may arise in your mind that do accent chairs have to match or not. 

This article is going to explain why or why shouldn’t an accent chair match your room décor and other furniture. 

Should Accent Chair Match?

There are no such rules that an accent chair should be matched with any room’s decor and other furniture design, style, or color. But people who are no risk-takers can match accent chairs as per the room decor, similar style, other furniture, comparable fabrics, or matching throw pillows.

Accent chairs are that piece of furniture that brings a contrasting spice in a monotone living room, hallway, or bedroom. Therefore, it’s not necessary to match accent chairs with a room’s existing decoration, style, and furniture design or color.

Also, because combining accent chairs with any room or furniture should be a fun process, not any complicated thing. 

However, not everyone would like to take risks while matching accent chairs. So, they are always allowed to adopt the foolproof way to match accent chairs by the similar design, color, style, and comparable fabrics that go along with other furniture. 

How To Match Accent Chairs?

Some tips have been explained below that will help you to match the accent chairs perfectly. 

Style Of The Area

While matching accent chairs, consider the style of the area where you will keep the accent chairs. 

For example, if you have a living room with relaxing vibes, choose an accent chair that will give the same relaxing vibe. If you are not sure don’t try mix-matching because you might end up matching an oddly matched accent chair for your living room. 


The next tip you should consider is the color of accent chairs. 

Color is a major determining factor in terms of matching accent chairs because it makes them the perfect focal point of that area. If you want some fun color playing in the room vibe, go for bright and contrasting colors. 

Or if you can’t decide on colors, just simply go for a wooden color that would match with any other existing furniture color. 


You must pay attention to upholstery while matching accent chairs. Because accent chairs add a complement to the entire look of the room so they must match with the upholstery of other furniture fabrics. 

For instance, if you have a velvety and heavy sofa, you have to match an accent chair with a supple, smooth, and organic look with tapered legs to add complement to the sofa. 


Consider and compare the shape of the accent chairs with other furniture of the room. Always try to choose fairly matched shaped accent chairs with other furniture rather than matching the exact or repeated shaped accent chairs. 


Considering purpose and functionality is a must thing while matching accent chairs. Because even if accent chairs fit stylistically but lag in functionality, it’s kind of useless. So remember the purpose like where you want to use it or for what you want to use it. 

Is It Okay To Mix Accent Chairs? 

It’s absolutely okay to mix accent chairs. Just make sure to take notes of the dimensions of each accent chair’s height, depth, and width when you mix them together. So that one can not overshadow the other one. 

It’s not necessary to have two or more accent chairs of the same color, style, design, or shape. You always can mix them together to bring spice to your room decoration. But you must pay attention to a few guidelines while mixing them up together. 

Guidelines such as you are required to look for accent chairs with the same height, width, and depth to mix. So that one doesn’t look too big or too wide that might overpower another one.  

How To Mix And Match Accent Chairs?

To help you out with mix and match accent chairs, here some effective ways have been explained to mix and match the accent chairs.


First, consider the overall style of your home and the style of your other furniture in the room so that you can get a more combined and cohesive look by mixing and matching accent chairs. 

For example, if the room has a modern vibe, you can go for a contemporary style accent chair. Because a contemporary-style accent chair will add a simple, elegant yet bold look in a modern style room without being a modern-style accent chair. 


Colors play the most important role while mix and matching accent chairs. Because the color of the accent chairs brings the most contrasting eye-catching visual into a room. 

Suppose, your living room features a very bold colored wall or colorful sofa set, so for such a room you should mix and match accent chairs by choosing very subtle and neutral-colored accent chairs.

Like neutral-colored classic wingback accent with tufted upholstery can be a good choice. 


Different patterns have a great role in the mix and matching accent chairs too. Because patterns greatly pull off the mismatched furniture look altogether by creating a color scheme and different geometrical look in the room. 

Like, if your room’s wall and other furniture have solid colors then you should choose bright and geometrical patterned accent chairs. It will balance the total look of the room as the patterned accent chair will spice up the entire room’s monotonous decor. 

Country Style 

You can mix and match accent chairs by considering different country-style accent chairs. 

For example, if you have a modern-styled room, you can bring a spark by adding an antique-style accent chair. It will give you an aesthetic antique vibe. 

Do Accent Chairs Have To Match Sofa/Couch?

Accent chairs do not necessarily have to match the sofa or couch. Because there are no hard and fast rules that you just match accent chairs with your home’s already existing sofa or couch.

However, you should follow some guidelines to make sure that you can get a put-together look balancing the cohesiveness between the accent chairs and sofa/couch. 

Even if you don’t match accent chairs, you must take into account a few important considerations.

You must match the accent chair in such a way that it complements the overall style of the room. Also, can complement other furniture and create a visual attraction in the room. 

How Do You Match Sofas With Accent Chairs?

To make matching sofas with accent chairs easy, here some effective tips have been suggested and explained for you to follow. 


The main tip to match sofas with accent chairs is to consider the contrast between the sofa set and accent chair. So that even the sofa looks different, it can complement the accent chair very well. 


You must compare the shape of the sofa with the shape of the accent chair’s shape. Because a repeated or exactly the same shape sofa and accent chair will not look good. So match the sofa with such an accent chair shape that is different yet compatible. 


Choose contrasting colors to match the sofa with the accent chair. Like for a patterned and bright accent chair, match a sofa with subtle and solid color. 


Consider the entire room’s style. If you have a glam-style accent chair, match a statement piece of sofa that will complement the look of the entire room.  

How To Choose The Right Accent Chair?

Here are some methods explained below that will help you choose an accent chair. 


Choose an accent chair that is functional and can fulfill your purpose of purchasing it. 


Understand your home’s decorating style and then choose an accent chair. 

If you have a modern-style home decoration, an antique or contemporary accent chair will go well with it. It would be a mix and matching style. 


Consider the color of your room and other furniture. If you have a plain and solid-colored wall and furniture, choose a bold and patterned accent chair to complement it. 


Choose accent chairs by comparing the size of other furniture. Don’t choose a too big or too small accent chair that may give an awkward look. 

Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In The Living Room?

You surely can have two different accent chairs in your living room. In fact, it will complement the entire look of the room even more by creating contrast and focal point in the room. 

But before you determine to have two different accent chairs, you must note down the dimensions of both of the accent chairs, like their height, depth, and width. So that one doesn’t overshadow the other accent chair and maintains a balanced look. 

Where To Place An Accent Chair In The Living Room?

Here some of the places to place accent chairs in your living room have been included. 

  • Beside a coffee table 
  • Can be paired up with a matching ottoman 
  • In winter, right next to your home’s fireplace 
  • Vertically to a couch/sofa 
  • In a corner  
  • A little far away from a loveseat 
  • In an empty corner in your bedroom 

Accent chairs are a complimentary piece of furniture that mainly bring visual interest to a room, so it’s not needed to match accent chairs. But if you want to play safe then you can match accent chairs according to your home’s style, decoration, color, etc.