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Why Are Accent Chairs So Expensive? (Explained)

Accent chairs are special chairs that enhance your room’s decoration. Generally, people use accent chairs in the living room, drawing room, library, office, etc. places. Accent chairs are available in different shapes and styles.

You can convert a normal chair to an accent chair. But whenever you want to buy a new accent chair, you might be confused about why accent chairs are so expensive. This article will tell you about the expense of accent chairs and the reasons behind it.

Why are accent chairs so expensive?

Accent chairs are so expensive because they have a lot of manufacturing costs. The fabric and leather of accent chairs provide the most comfortable seat. Moreover, some structures of the accent chairs are different and unique. So, the manufacturing cost mainly makes the accent chair expensive.

Accent chairs are key furniture for decoration. They have unique styles and patterns. These make the accent chairs demandable. Moreover, accent chairs are comfortable. So, the manufacturers try to make the chairs more comfortable with expensive materials.

Moreover, the fabric or leather used for making the accent chairs are expensive and elegant. Besides, the demand for accent chairs is also responsible for making accent chairs expensive.

5 reasons why accent chairs are so expensive

Accent chairs have different price ranges. But most accent chairs are expensive. Let’s see why accent chairs are so expensive.


Generally, accent chairs are durable and strong. Even after some year of using as accent chairs, you can use them for dining chairs, desk chairs, so on. So, you might agree that durable furniture needs expense to make.

Cheap accent chairs are also available, but they will not provide the best durability.


The structure of accent chairs is slightly different from the other chairs. Accent chairs have a lot of designs and shapes that are unique. So, the manufacturing cost of this type of structural chair is more than the normal one. Different structure makes the accent chairs expensive.

Fabric or leather:

Generally, accent chairs are made with comfortable seats. The seats contain high-quality fabric or leather. These fabrics or leathers ensure the best quality and comfort.


Most people like aesthetic and antique-looking accent chairs. So, designers have to put a lot of effort to make those aesthetic accent chairs. That’s why accent chairs are expensive.


The demand for accent chairs makes them more expensive. Though the accent chairs are expensive, people love to buy them. Because people look for quality and appearance both. So, the increasing demand is also responsible to make the accent chairs expensive.

How much are accent chairs?

You can find accent chairs in the range of $500 to $2000. The price of the accent chairs depends on the manufacturing material of the accent chairs. Some accent chairs are so expensive that you might find them more than $2000.

Contrarily, you can also get cheap accent chairs for $500. But cheap accent chairs are not of good quality. So, if you want to buy new accent chairs, you can find them at an average price. The average price of the accent chairs is from $500 to $1000.

How much should I pay for an accent chair?

Accent chairs make your room look gorgeous and elegant. So, you can pay much for buying accent chairs. But you can’t pay an excessive price for just one accent chair. So, you have to choose accent chairs that are affordable and durable too.

You can find accent chairs in the range of $500 to $2000. But if you want to be strategic, you might pay $500 to $1000 for an accent chair. This is the average price of an accent chair. So, you shouldn’t pay more than the average price.

You can increase your budget and get a more expensive one. But why would you spend more when you are getting durable and stylish accent chairs at an affordable price! So, you should pay the average price for the accent chair.

What makes an accent chair of good quality?

Accent chairs are available in different styles and patterns. You can find accent chairs at different prices also. But finding a good quality accent chair is tough. You have to notice some features in accent chairs to find a good quality accent chair. Let’s see what makes an accent chair of good quality.


The materials used for making the accent chairs are important to make good quality chairs. If the materials are high-quality, the products will be also of good quality.


A good-quality accent chair has durability and enough strength. Durable accent chairs will also last a long time.

Fabric or leather:

Accent chair seats are made of fabric or leather. A good-quality accent chair will have good quality fabric and leather.


A well-built structure expresses a good-quality accent chair. Moreover, dimensions are also important to make a good-quality structured accent chair.


A good-quality accent chair has a good design also. Though designs vary from person to person, most people like designer chairs to use as accent chairs.

How to choose the right accent chair?

Choosing the right accent chair might be difficult. Because the quality of the accent chair depends on some factors. You have to notice those factors to choose a good-quality accent chair. Here are the factors to notice for choosing the right accent chair.

  • Notice the structure of the accent chair whether it is well-built or not.
  • Check the fabric or leather the seat is made of and its quality.
  • Notice the materials of the accent chair and think about the material’s durability.
  • Choose the design according to your room’s decoration.
  • Notice the dimensions of the accent chair whether it can be compatible with your room’s decoration or not.

Where to buy cheap accent chairs?

Accent chairs are pretty expensive. But if you want to decorate your room with an accent chair, you can choose a comparatively cheap or affordable accent chair. Even you can buy an accent chair only at $200 in some places. Let’s see where you can buy cheap accent chairs.

  • Target: Though target has many expensive accent chairs, they have some affordable ones too.
  • Hayneedle: Hayneedle provides good-quality accent chairs at an affordable price. These accent chairs have plenty of designs also.
  • You can also find affordable and cheap accent chairs from They provide cheap accent chairs with different styles.
  • Amazon: Amazon has a lot of designer accent chairs. They are also available at affordable and cheap prices.

How to make your own accent chair?

If you want to make your own accent chair, you can do it with a normal chair. But you have to go forward with the step-by-step process. Let’s see how you can make your own accent chair.

  • Make the frame or structure of the accent chair with craftsman’s tools.
  • Make upholstery with comfortable fabric or leather.
  • Stick the upholster with the chair’s seat well.
  • Give extra cushioning and cover to the accent chair.
  • Decorate with accessories to make the chair look stylish and elegant.

Do I need an accent chair?

Yes, you need an accent chair if you want to have a perfectly decorated room or house. Generally, people use accent chairs in living rooms or drawing rooms with the sofa. Accent chairs provide single-seated additional seating.

Moreover, accent chairs add a stylish vibe to your living room. If you don’t use accent chairs, the room will not look bad. But using an accent chair can increase the stylish appearance of the room to a great extent.

If you want to decorate your room with furniture, an accent chair is a great option.

Are accent chairs comfortable?

Yes, accent chairs are comfortable. The primary purpose of accent chairs is to provide a symmetrical and stylish look to a room. But accent chairs also provide additional seating options. If you place an accent chair in the sitting place, the chair should also be comfortable.

That’s why accent chairs are made comfortable. Accent chairs have dimensions that are comfortable to sit on. Moreover, the fabric and leather used for making accent chairs are also comfortable.

People also use extra cushioning to the accent chairs to make them more comfortable to look at and sit on. So, accent chairs are comfortable.

What is the most comfortable accent chair?

Armchair accent chairs are the most comfortable accent chairs. Moreover, the chairs have fabric or leather coverings over the chairs are the most comfortable accent chairs.

Generally, armchair accent chairs have arms on them. The arms have fabric and leather covers on them. So, when you sit on the armchair, you can feel the ultimate comfort.

Some of the accent chairs that are the most comfortable are mentioned below:

  • Christopher Knight Home Evelyn Arm Chair
  • Roundhill Furniture Chocolate Pisano Accent Chair
  • Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Accent Armchair
  • Lexicon Fabric Accent Chair
  • GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner
  • Yaheetech Round Tufted Back Chair

Accent chairs are pretty expensive. But they have valid reasons for being expensive. Accent chairs are made of high-quality and expensive materials. Moreover, the design and structure of accent chairs require much expense. You can also make your own accent chair. The process you can follow from this article.