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Can You Use Fabuloso on Car? (Answered)

Fabuloso is a well-known cleanser for it serves multipurpose cleaning opportunities. As the manufacturer claims, it is suitable for most hard surfaces. It is again cruelty-free and offers no harmful elements.

Now you may be wondering if you can use the product to clean your car or not! Well, as a gentle cleaner, we would say it is harmless.

However, let’s find it out in detail to know if it is a suitable cleaner or could bring any possible damage to the car.

Can you use fabuloso on a car?

You can use fabuloso in a car, both the exterior and interior. It is a hard surface cleaner. Mix it with water for cleaning. The product is vegan-friendly. It does not contain any elements that could cause potential damage to a car. In addition, the cleaner also has a gentle and fresh scent to it.

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose and multi-function formula cleaner. The product introduces a fresh scent of either lavender, citrus, or ocean breeze. 

Fabulosa is free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and a disinfectant.

Apart from cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, you can use it in many other places. It works best on a hard surface. Nevertheless, you may use it on fabrics as well. On fabric, it works as an excellent spot remover.

Fabulosa is also great for car cleaning. You can clean dirt and germs from both the exterior and interior. Here’s a more detailed view.  

Car interior: 

Fabulosa on a car gives a superb result. It is best to use on the dashboard, frames, and other accessories. 

Even though it works best on a hard surface, that doesn’t rule out car seats. 

If the car seat is of synthetic fabric, you can make a spray out of fabulosa to spot clean.

You can also use the wiping technique to clean the entire seat. Remember to dry with a towel dry afterward.

Car seats/Leather car seats:

You can use fabulosa on leather seats as well without harming the material.

To clean leather, use a solution of fabulosa and water and wipe or spray. Wipe with a dry fabric afterward. 

Car carpet:

Though many may not recommend using fabulosa on car carpets, it is possible. The confusion arises since the product is best for tough and nonporous surfaces.

However, it is not possible to deep clean the carpet with fabulosa. Mix water and fabulosa, either spray or wipe with a fabric. 

Car exterior:  

The car exterior is hard surfaces everywhere. Nonetheless, we may doubt using fabulosa as there is paint on it.  

Car paint: 

Fabulosa does not ruin the paint. We already mentioned fabulosa is best to use on nonporous surfaces. Luckily automotive is nonporous, meaning fabulosa will not harm the car surface. 

Car windows:

Fabulosa is fantastic to use on the glass as well. It not only helps to clean but gives an instant fragrance as well. It also does not leave any streaks unless you use an abrasive bristle brush. 

3 reason you can use fabuloso on your car

By now, we know how fabulosa is okay to use on the car’s interior and exterior. Here we have compiled our insights on why we can use fabulosa on our car?

All around cleaner:

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner with multi-function properties. Fabulosa is best to use on hard and nonporous surfaces.

The product is not only for cleaning the kitchen, or bathroom or walls, it proved to be effective on cars as well. It has neutral pH that also means that it won’t easily damage materials.

Great for the dashboard:

The dashboards on a car are hard-surfaced which makes fabulosa an excellent cleaner. Since it is nonporous, do need to worry about getting it too wet.

You can use a microfiber to dry afterward. Also, the cleaner should be nonabrasive.

Cleaning exterior:

Fabulosa does not affect the glass texture or leave out scratches. You can spray on the surface or use fabric to wipe the windows to clean. Ensure the brush or cloth used is soft textured.

Again, the paint on a vehicle is nonporous. It means that fabulosa would not ruin the pain texture as well.

Finally, fabulosa complements steel material, hence, okay to use on the rim as well.

How to clean a car with fabuloso?

Fabulosa appears to be pretty simple to use. Let’s look at how we can use it to clean a car. 

Car seats/Leather car seats:

It is okay to use fabulosa on leather. The product will not harm the texture of leather. Again, fabulosa can be used on other materials as well. 

Prepare solution: 

Mix one part of fabulosa with ten parts of water. You can either put it on a spray bottle or use a sponge. 


Before you wipe the seats with fabulosa, make sure you vacuum the seats. Remember not to use ammonia or bleach-based products that could ruin the leather. 


Spray on the seats or do spot cleaning. You can again take a fabric or foam to wipe the product onto the seats. Dry the seats if needed. 

Car carpet:

Many people may disagree with the idea of cleaning carpet with fabulosa. However, it is possible. Here’s how.

Prepare solution:

Mix one part of fabulosa with ten parts of water. Now put them on a spray bottle. You can use the product directly as well. 


Remove the carpets from the car. Now thoroughly vacuum all the parts. 


Spray the solution directly. It is the best method to spot clean. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub. 

You can also use a soft sponge or fabric. Damp it with the solution and directly apply it to carpets. 


Now keep the carpets to air dry or use a dry towel. 

Car windows:

Fabulosa do not harm or put any scratch on car window glasses. 

Prepare solution: 

You may mix one part of fabulosa with ten parts of water. Store it in a spray bottle. You can also use the product directly pouring it on foam or cloth or microfiber. 


Spray the solution on the glass surface and wipe it afterward. If you are using it directly, pour some product onto the fabric or microfiber and apply it to the glasses. Do not use any abrasive scrub or chemicals. 

What household cleaner can I use on my car?

Apart from cleaner specific for car use, it is possible to use DIY elements from households to clean cars. Vinegar, for instance, not only helps you clean but will also deodorize. Use three parts of water with 1 part of vinegar for car cleaning.

Dish soap is another great product. However, use a soap or dish cleaner from vegetable-based oil. Do not use abrasive cleaner or brushes.

Now, essential oils in a car can work as an air freshener. Use a few drops on a tissue and store it safely inside the car to get the fragrance. 

Rubbing alcohol once again is excellent in removing stains from car seats and carpets. Use dye-free clothes in the process.

Take ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol and mix it with 1 liter of water. It will also avoid frost from accumulating. When using DIY products, remember not to use something harmful or abrasive. 

How to spring clean your car with fabuloso?

The spring cleaning of a car with fabulosa implies cleaning it thoroughly. Here we have discussed the process step by step.  

The Interior:

Top to down cleaning:

Start with cleaning the carpet, dashboards, and seats. Vacuum all the parts thoroughly to remove loose dirt. 


Use a soft microfiber or foam to get drops of fabulosa. Wipe the boards all over. Use a dry towel when necessary.

You can also mix fabulosa with water. Take 1/4th of fabulosa in a gallon of water.


Vacuum the seats to clean off loose dirt. Mix 1 part of fabulosa with ten parts of water. Spray all over and wipe with a dry fabric. 

Use a soft bristle brush to wipe away the dirt. It is also great for spot cleaning. You may also use a sponge or microfiber. 

Scrub floor mats/ carpets: 

Take out the mats and carpets. Vacuum all over.Use the solution of 1 part of fabulosa with ten parts of water. Spray and scrub with a semi-hard brush. Again you may use microfiber or a sponge. 

The exterior:

Windows and mirrors and surface: 

You may make a solution of fabulosa and water. Either spray onto the hard surface or use a microfiber to wipe the dirt. 

Afterward, wipe the excess moisture with a clean cloth or microfiber. 

Final Thoughts

Fabulosa is an excellent all-purpose cleaner. It is effective on multiple surfaces. We can use fabulosa on fabrics, though it is best for a hard, nonporous finish. It is thus suitable to use on car dashboards, seats, and carpets. Ensure accurate amount and use soft cloth or bristle when cleaning.