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Can You Use Fabuloso on Countertops? (Granite, Marble Etc.)

When choosing a cleaner for household works most people recommend Fabuloso. It’s one of the most popular all-purpose cleaners you would find. People buy it not just for its cleaning ability but also for the mesmerizing fragrance it leaves behind. 

Fabuloso is used a lot on surfaces, appliances even on clothes to keep them disinfected and fresh. But a lot of people doubt if they can use this to clean their countertops made of marble or granite.

We’d tell you if it’s okay to use Fabuloso on countertops along with how and where else to use it!

Can you use fabuloso on countertops?

You can clean countertops using Fabuloso, the all-purpose cleaner since it’s a pH-neutral product. It can be used to clean granite, marble, or quartz countertops as it’s not harsh on stones. Fabuloso effectively cleans and disinfects the countertops without making them look dull or damaged. 

Fabuloso, known as one of the top all-purpose cleaners is highly used for cleaning hard surfaces such as floors, cabinets, walls, and even countertops.

But since countertops are made of stones most of the time, for example, granite or marble is used as countertops, users hesitate to apply Fabuloso on those for cleaning. 

As with most cleaners are acidic or alkaline can cause harm to stones by damaging their bond and fading their glossiness. 

But the good news is Fabuloso doesn’t contain acids in a higher portion and any kind of alkali at all. It’s kept neutral so that can be used on different types of surfaces. So now let’s take a look if you can use Fabuloso countertops made of the following stones:


Granite is largely used as countertop material thus gets dirty a lot. Using acidic cleaners can ruin their seals or appearance. So to clean the dirt Fabuloso can be used in a proper amount on granite countertops.

Fabuloso is a neutral pH cleaner with anti-bacterial ingredients so it doesn’t damage the seals of granite while cleaning it.


Quartz, that’s is another popular choice for countertops, can be cleaned with Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner without any doubt.

Though it can be cleaned with soap water too, for stubborn stains Fabuloso is a perfect choice. It has a tough molecular bond hence cleaner like Fabuloso can’t damage it when used.


Marble is gentle in its structure than all these three stones. Too much acid can dissolve marble surfaces thus the countertop loses its quality. So it’s obvious for users to get confused about whether Fabuloso will dissolve this soft stone. 

But thankfully Fabuloso contains less acid than is required to damage marbles. It actually has a pH 7 that’s gentle on soft stones like marble. This indicates you can clean your marble countertop using Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner.

Fabuloso cleaner is gentle on rocks like marble, quartz, or granite. However, since it’s a chemical-based product you should use it the right way.

Can you use fabuloso disinfectant on worktops?

Worktops are flat surfaces that let us work comfortably. Be it the worktop in your office, study area, or kitchen they are always more or less used by many people. Therefore, they get stains, grease, dirt, and most dangerously germs and bacteria.

Whether it’s the kitchen worktop or the multi-purpose one, they must be kept clean and germ-free. For that Fabuloso disinfectant is the best choice. 

Fabuloso disinfectant contains antimicrobial agents such as Alkyl, Dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, etc. that work against bacteria, fungus, or other microorganisms. It also removes stains while making the area fragrant.

Since Fabuloso disinfect is a neutral pH cleaner, it doesn’t cause harm to the countertop material while disinfecting the area.

Even if you have a stone-made worktop, fabulous is safe to use on them. So you can definitely use Fabuloso disinfected on worktops.

5 reasons why you can use fabuloso on countertops

Fabuloso is undoubtedly fabulous in its work. You can use it on any hard surface. Even you can use Fabuloso on countertops whether it’s made of ceramic or stones. Why? Read to know!

It’s a great cleaner:

Needless to say, Fabuloso is great at its job! Water splash, grease, spot, or any stain Fabuloso can wipe them out without making your work too hard.

It contains cleaning agents like lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide that easily remove spots and make the surface shiny.

It has an amazing fragrance:

If we aren’t wrong then a large number of people buy Fabuloso just because of its smell. Fabuloso contains different flavors of scents that are refreshing and last long.

So to eliminate the bad odor of raw ingredients from the countertop, Fabuloso can be used blindly. 

It’s a disinfectant:

Countertops gather germs and bacteria more than dirt. Fabuloso, containing multiple antimicrobial agents fight against fungus, bacteria, and other types of germs and keep you safe.

It’s safe for stones:

Most multi-purpose cleaners contain acid that’s harmful to stones.

But since Fabuloso is not high in acids, it doesn’t damage the structure and appearance of stones like marble, granite. So it can be used to clean stone-based countertops safely. 

Non-Toxic for all:

Fabuloso doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients for humans or pets. It’s unlikely to cause any harm when smelled the scent or being used. It’s safe unless consumed.

What surfaces can you use fabuloso on?

As a multi-purpose cleaning solution, Fabuloso is eligible to use on various surfaces as well. Here we’ve listed what surfaces you can use your favorite cleaner on: 


Fabuloso can be used to clean and disinfect floors. It can be used on mosaic, ceramic, hardwood even on laminated floors without dissolving or damaging them. 


Walls get greasy and stained just like any other surface. Whether the wall is built of stone, tiles, or wood Fabuloso is perfect to use on them. It removes the greasiness without affecting their seals.


Sinks get water spots and bad smells often since it’s used every day. To get rid of these problems Fabuloso can be used. It doesn’t contain any staining ingredients so cleans the sink area without discoloring them. 


Fabuloso can be used on countertops. No matter if the material is marble, granite, or tiles, it’s safe to wipe dirt using Fabuloso. Fabuloso is a pH-neutral cleaner so it will not make the countertops dull or damaged.


Worktops are full of germs thus it’s needed to be sanitized often but with something mild and effective. Fabuloso is a great selection in this case as it disinfects worktop surfaces and keeps them safe to use.

Bathtub and Toilet seats:

Fabuloso can be sprayed on bathtubs and toilet seats ceramic to remove germs without ruining their shine. It deep cleans bathroom areas along with tub and toilet seats while leaving the area scented.

How to use fabuloso cleaner on the countertop?

Fabuloso is most efficacious when used in the proper way. To get the best result while using it on a countertop you can follow these steps:

Choose a flavor:

Fabuloso comes in different flavors such as lemon, lavender, ocean paradise, etc. You can choose as per your fragrant preference. 

Dilute the liquid:

To clean a countertop or any surface, the first step is to mix the ¼ cup of Fabuloso solution with 1 gallon of water if it’s a big space.

You can reduce the quantity according to your area. Mixing Fabuloso with water makes the liquid less harsh for soft rocks like marble. It also helps to remove stains easily.

Take warm water:

Using warm water for cleaning with Fabuloso increases its anti-bacterial power thus it’s suggested to use warm water for cleaning countertops.

Spray the solution directly:

For countertops, it’s good to use fabuloso directly, so you have to spray the solution all over the place evenly. 

Use a soft cloth or sponge:

After you’ve covered the area with Fabuloso, take a lint-free fabric or a sponge and lightly rub the countertop. You’ll witness stains or grease-cutting off from the surface slowly.

Repeat the process:

Clean the sponge or cloth with water and again pour Fabuloso on the desired spot. Rub every corner and edge until you find them neat and clean.

Rinse with water:

Lastly, wash the countertop with water thoroughly. Make sure you let the countertop dry properly.

Final Thoughts:

Fabuloso, known as a multi-purpose cleaner, can be used to clean countertops. It doesn’t contain acidic ingredients at a higher rate instead Fabuloso is a neutral product having pH 7. So it won’t dissolve stones used in countertops for example granite, quartz, or marble nor damage their seals.