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Can You Eat Paraffin Wax? (All You Need to Know)

Paraffin wax is a fairly common ingredient found when making gummies and chocolates which are also commonly consumed by children. It is obvious to have concerns regarding how safe it is to consume paraffin wax and if it is toxic. 

This is why it is important that you do your proper research before adding it to any recipes. 

Can you eat paraffin wax?

You can eat paraffin wax as long as you are consuming ones that are classified as food-grade because they are safe to eat. You must never consume other types of paraffin that are not labeled as food-grade because they can cause poisoning and be very harmful to your body. 

Can you consume paraffin wax?

You can consume paraffin wax that is specifically aimed for use in cooking recipes. Paraffin wax can also be known as Parowax and is widely used in a variety of recipes for many different purposes. Rest assured, paraffin wax is completely edible as well as safe to eat. 

However, you should note that there is also another type of paraffin wax that is not food-grade and instead is used in a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products. That type of paraffin wax must never be consumed because it is very toxic and dangerous for the human body. 

It can cause many bowels and digestive issues alongside nausea. 

There are also types of paraffin wax used to coat vegetables and fruits to prevent them from spoiling and keeping them shiny. You must be sure to not consume that as well and you can avoid doing so by thoroughly washing the fruits and vegetables you buy from the grocery store.

Can you eat gulf household paraffin wax?

Gulf household paraffin wax is also known as cooking wax. It is aimed towards using it in a variety of recipes to prevent spoilage and sometimes to keep the food looking shiny. It is also used to set chocolates and gummies.

 It is a common ingredient and classified as food-grade, and rest assured it is perfectly safe to consume. It is edible. 

However, it is worth noting that paraffin wax such as cooking wax has absolutely zero nutritional value. It is made from vegetable and palm oil alongside some synthetic resins. It just passes along the gut and remains undigested. 

Even if it is completely safe to consume, many people choose to find better alternatives because of that. 

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Is paraffin wax toxic and how toxic is paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax that is food-grade and essentially used for cooking is not toxic. They might not have any nutritional value and remain undigested, but they are edible and do not cause harm to the human body. 

Paraffin wax that is not food-grade can be highly toxic on the other hand. This is because it can readily be found in candles and when it is burned it releases harmful cancer-causing toxins. 

Even though it does not release nearly as much for you to be immediately affected, prolonged usage can cause many respiratory issues such as asthma and even lung cancer. 

Such types of paraffin wax should never be consumed. This is because paraffin wax that is not food-grade can be very harmful to the body. It is toxic and can cause skin allergies and nausea. It can also cause digestive and bowel issues in more serious cases. 

What happens if you eat paraffin wax?

There are a lot of symptoms that you must look out for if you have wrongfully consumed paraffin wax. 

Paraffin poisoning:

Even if food-grade paraffin wax is edible, you must never drink it from the bottle. It should only be used in cooking. You must keep the paraffin out of reach from your child as well. 

This is because drinking it can cause paraffin poisoning. Not only can it cause too much vomiting, but it can also cause further complications. It is not absorbed by the body and can cause severe stomach and bowel problems. 

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Further complications:

Not only can consuming paraffin wax cause stomach problems and vomiting, but it can also oftentimes reach the lungs. This can cause stress to the respiratory system. 

Paraffin wax can be washed out from the stomach, but once it reaches the respiratory tracts it can inflame the lungs and cause a myriad of symptoms. This includes coughing, fever, and high heart rate. 

Paraffins present in cosmetics:

If you consume paraffin wax that is present in cosmetics then it can cause severe skin allergies. In more serious cases it can also cause blockage in the intestines since our body cannot absorb it. 

It can also cause stomach aches and severe vomiting. It can also cause constipation.

However, since paraffin wax used in the cosmetics industry has a lot of harmful chemicals present, you must immediately seek medical attention before the symptoms get really harmful and can even cause life risks.

Are there different grades of paraffin wax?

There are many different types and grades of paraffin wax used in different industries and for different purposes. 

Half and fully refined paraffin wax:

This is the most common type of paraffin wax and is often used for making candles. It can also be used to make wax papers and have a melting point of around 131 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Granulated paraffin wax is also used in candle making as well as in the cosmetics and beauty industry. It is also used in many art-related areas and sometimes for making tires. It has a melting point of around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Liquid paraffin:

Liquid paraffin does not have any color, smell, or taste. It retains moisture which is why it is a very common ingredient in cosmetics and beauty products.

Food-grade liquid paraffin is also used in a lot of recipes as well as fruits and vegetables to prevent spoilage. 


Vaseline is actually made from paraffin. Like liquid paraffin, it also has no smell or taste. It is great at locking in moisture and protecting the skin. 

What is food-grade paraffin wax made from?

Food-grade paraffin wax is made from vegetable and palm oils. It also contains synthetic resins. Even though it is considered edible and is food-grade, many people tend to avoid it.

This is because the components paraffin wax is composed of do not contain any form of nutrition inside it. It also cannot be properly digested by our body and it simply moves around in our gut. 

However, since it is completely safe to consume you can confidently use it as long as no one drinks it from the bottle or uses more than indicated in their recipes. 

Is it safe to use paraffin wax in chocolate?

It is completely safe to use food-grade paraffin wax in chocolate. Many people like using it because there are a lot of advantages to using paraffin wax. 

Not only does it help to properly set the chocolate, but it also prevents the chocolate from melting at room temperature. This is why you will notice that paraffin is a common ingredient used in chocolates found at grocery stores. 

It helps to retain the structure of the chocolate as well as prevent it from melting. Other than that, paraffin wax also helps to preserve the shell life of chocolates. It prevents the chocolate from getting spoiled. 

It also helps to give chocolates the shiny color and texture that helps to make them look so luscious. As long as you are using food-grade paraffin and using it properly in recipes, it is perfectly safe to use as well as to consume. 

How much paraffin wax do you put in chocolate?

It usually depends from recipe to recipe because paraffin wax helps to set the chocolate and you need to know how much structure and shine your chocolate needs. However, generally, it is said that for twelve ounces of chocolate you will need around an ounce of paraffin wax

You can also use it when making gummies. However, do keep in mind that paraffin wax is very flammable so you will need to microwave it to help it melt when using it. 

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What is a substitute for paraffin wax?

You can use any type of oil such as canola oil or coconut oil. This is great at adding a luscious layer of shine to your chocolates. However, this will not help your chocolate set properly. 

If you require a substitute that will help set your chocolate and prevent it from melting then vegetable shortening is a very good substitute for paraffin wax. It is an amazing setting agent and works just as well as paraffin wax as long as you are not overcooking it. 

Final thoughts:

Food-grade paraffin wax is completely safe for consumption as long as you are not drinking it straight from the bottle and using it in recipes. However, if you feel unsure about consuming paraffin wax then you can always opt for alternatives such as coconut oil or even vegetable shortening.