Are Noodle Boards Safe for Gas Stoves? Are They Food Safe?

You might have seen noodle board for covering the gas stoves. Besides, you might also have seen to put foods and make foods on noodle boards. Traditionally, noodle boards were used to make noodles, pasta, etc. That’s why their names are noodle boards.

But you might be confused about whether noodle boards are for gas stoves or not. Moreover, you might be thinking about whether they are food safe or not.

So, we have to know about these noodle boards’ elements and their ability to keep foods safe and keep themselves safe from the gas stoves.

Are noodle boards safe for gas stoves?

Noodle boards are safe for gas stoves. Generally, we see using noodle boards for covering gas stoves nowadays. These boards are made of wood and these woods are safe to use on gas stoves. But you must have to ensure that the gas stove is turned off and the stove is cooled down completely.

We see noodle boards covering our gas stoves. So, you might have been confused about the safety of noodle boards using on top of gas stoves. Generally, these noodles boards are made of wood. So, you might think that they are not safe to use on a gas stove.

But these noodle boards are put on the gas stoves after turning off the stove and when the stove is completely cooled down. So, there is no chance that the noodle board will burn. If you put the board properly after cooling down the gas stove, it will be safe.

Moreover, noodle boards are durable. So, they will last a long time. Besides, you can put various types of cooking elements on the board. It provides extra space while cooking or preparing meals.

If you have a small-size kitchen or countertop, you can use a noodle board on a gas stove. It will save your space and make cooking easier. But you have to make sure that it doesn’t have to face gas build-up.

So, you can use noodle boards on top of a gas stove. But you must protect the board from burning or getting heat from the gas stove.

How to make a DIY noodle board cover for a gas stove?

Whenever you want to protect the gas stove from getting dirty or making extra space, you might want to cover the gas stove. So, you can make a DIY noodle board that will protect the gas stove. Moreover, it will give extra space for managing your cooking chores. So, let’s see how you can make a DIY noodle board cover for a gas stove.

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Prepare the measures and tools:

Prepare all the measure, cutting, and finishing tools for making a DIY noodle board.


Measure the edges of the gas stove with a measuring tape.

Cut lumber:

Cut lumber with a saw according to the measurement of the gas stove. You might need to cut a whole piece of timber or 6 pieces that you have to join together later. Cut two extra pieces to make the handles of the noodle board.

Sand the pieces:

Sand the pieces smoothly and make holes to join screws with a hand drilling machine.

Assemble the pieces:

Assemble the pieces of the cover and stick glue to the edges to join them together.

Attach the pieces:

Attach the four pieces with the large pieces so that you can join handles on those pieces. Then attach screws with those pieces and tighten them.

Attach the handles:

Attach the handles and finish with finishing products. You can also decorate the gas stove cover with calligraphy or designs.

What are noodle boards used for?

Noodle boards are convenient in many ways. Sometimes, people think that noodle boards are only for covering and decorative purposes. But noodle boards can also help us with different purposes. So, let’s see what noodle boards are used for.

Protecting the gas stove:

When you cover the gas stove with a noodle board, the gas stove is protected from pouring food items on the stove. Moreover, dirt, dust, grease, etc., also don’t make the gas stove counter dirty. So, a noodle board is pretty helpful to cover your gas stove.

Providing extra space:

If you have a small kitchen, you might need extra space while preparing meals. Moreover, when you prepare meals, the gas stove or burner remains useless for some time.

So, if you cover the stove or burner with the noodle board, you will get extra space to prepare meals. Moreover, you can put food items on the noodle board when the stove or burning is not being used.

Making food:

Traditionally, noodle boards are famous for making noodles and pasta on them. So, when you are not cooking or using the burner, you can make noodles, pasta, and other food items on top of the noodle board.

Cutting board:

Noodle boards are flat wooden boards. So, you can use it as a cutting board. Moreover, the size of the noodle board is larger than the cutting or chopping board. So, you can cut food items on the noodle boards conveniently.

Where do you put noodle board when cooking?

Generally, we use to put noodle board on top of the gas stove or burner when we are not cooking. It covers the stove or burner and protects them.

But when we are cooking, we must place the noodle board away from the burner or stove. Otherwise, it will burn since the board is made of wood.

So, you can put the noodle board on the countertop to use it as a cutting board. Besides, you can place it vertically with a clean wall. Moreover, you can keep it in other free places.

But make sure not to keep them close to the burner while you are cooking. Whenever your cooking is over and the burner or stove is cooled down completely, you can keep the board on it again.

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Are noodle boards food safe?

Noodle boards are food-safe. Generally, noodle boards are made of wood and these woods are safe when you use them with food items. These boards will not react with the food items. We use noodle boards to cover the gas stove. But when we are using it for other purposes, they are food safe also.

Wood is safer than other materials when close to food. You might know that many metals react with food and can be the reason for some illnesses. But wood will not react so much with food that can make you sick. So, noodle boards are pretty food-safe.

But if the wood of a noodle board is treated or varnished with toxic chemicals, it might not be food safe. So, when you buy or make a noodle board for using or cutting food items on it, make sure the wood is not treated.

What are noodle boards made of?

Noodle boards are both food and gas stove safe if you use them while you are not cooking. So, you might be curious about what noodle boards are made of. So, let’s see the materials noodle boards are made of.


Wood is the most common material to make a noodle board. Generally, wood is safe when used for food items. They are also non-reactive and durable to use as a noodle board.

Generally, hardwood like maple is the best type of wood for making noodle boards.

Scrap wood:

You can also use scrap wood to make a noodle board. Generally, most woods are used to make a noodle board. But you can use scrap wood for making noodle boards.

Generally, wood will not burn when you are not cooking on a stove or burner. So, noodle boards are safe to use on burner or for cutting foods.

Metal for handles:

Using metal for the noodle board’s handles is not compulsory. But most people use metal handles for making a noodle board. Noodle boards are made flat. So, you will need a handle to keep it in place. These handles are made of metal.

How to make a noodle board food safe?

Noodle boards are made of wood most time. So, the woods are pretty safe. But still, you have to ensure safety while using a noodle board. So, here are some tips to make a noodle board food safe.

Seal the board:

You can seal the noodle board with a clear coat or Tung oil to make it extra protective.

Use treated wood:

When you are buying a noodle board or making it, make sure not to use treated wood.

Not varnished with toxic chemicals:

Ensure that the noodle board wood is not varnished with toxic chemicals.

Clean the board accordingly:

Clean the noodle board after and before using it every time.

How to seal a noodle board?

When you want to make a noodle board extra protective, you might want to seat it. So, let’s see how you can seal a noodle board.

Use it to prep food:

If you use the noodle board for preparing food, you can’t seal the board randomly. You have to seal with safe material. For example, you can seal the noodle board with Tung oil.

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Not to use it to prep food:

But if you want to use the noodle board just to cover the stove or burner, you can seal it with a regular clear coat or spray paint.

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Final Thoughts:

Noodle boards are pretty safe to use both for covering gas stoves and preparing meals. These boards come out of the woods. So, woods are also pretty food-safe. But you have to cover the stove with a noodle board when the stove is cooled down. Otherwise, it can get burned.