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Are Pocket Doors Good for Bathroom? (All You Need to Know)

Modern problems require modern solutions. As it can be tough for some architects to ensure enough space for a walk-in closet and master bathroom inside a master bedroom, pocket doors work wonders there. 

We might feel the need to save some space inside our bedroom to have more free space which prevents us from feeling suffocated. Pocket doors are a great invention of modernization in case of saving space.

We know bathrooms are required to fit in a master bedroom without taking up too much space. So, here arises a question: Are pocket doors good for the bathroom? 

If you are also looking for the answer then you are at the place. Here’s everything you need to know about pocket doors and their application for a bathroom. 

Are Pocket Doors Good For Bathrooms?

Pocket doors are good for bathrooms. If you are low in space then a standard bathroom door will occupy too much space when it is opened in a small bedroom. Hence, pocket gates will reduce the amount of space occupied and can also help to give your room an elegant look. 

If your bedroom is lacking the space for a swing door then pocket doors are the best solution for you. They are also popular for saving space by connecting the doors to the bathroom and walk-in closets. 

Pocket doors are nowadays famous for their ability to save space. Designers and architects have grown to become fans of pocket doors over the years. Not only do they save space but they also give your home an elegant look. 

Its ability to conceal within the wall cavity makes it unique and desirable. Whenever you open a pocket door it just seems to disappear amidst the walls, unlike a full swing door. 

Pocket doors add a tinge of modernization to your home. You can paint them any color that compliments the fixtures and fittings of your washroom. They never fail to give your home that modern euphoric vibe. 

The typical swing doors take away all the essence from the aesthetic effect of your room decor. Pocket doors are a great pick for small and studio apartments. 

Studio apartments barely have the space for anything hence, pocket doors come in handy while saving space in a studio apartment while keeping the vibe in check. 

Pocket doors allow easy movement and they are also very easy to operate. They minimize the chances of getting hurt, unlike swing doors. 

You can create a rack or place a wardrobe in the space your swing door would have covered by using a pocket door. Pocket doors are also multifunctional. You can use them for both your washroom and walk-in closet. 

When one side of the door is opened the other side remains the same as the pocket door disappears within the wall cavity. 

You can ask yourself what better way is there than pocket doors to save space and you will come up with an empty answer. 

They are also very easy to maintain. You can clean them like any other regular household item. 

Also, if you have a child using your washroom, pocket doors save you the trouble of getting up 5 times a day to assist your child with the washroom door. It is easy to open and also very easy to close. 

Handling swing doors is a bit tough for children. Pocket doors are a clever invention helping us for years with proper home décor. 

Are pocket doors making a comeback?

Yes, pocket doors are making a great comeback. Earlier in the day, pocket doors were known as sliding doors. Sliding doors were used for some very specific places. 

Due to their disadvantages and allegations of being clumsy, sliding doors went into a renaissance. Soon enough, they made a comeback with a new design and are now famous for pocket doors. 

All the disadvantages were reduced to a great extent and pocket doors surely made their way to the hearts of architects and designers. Pocket doors are just sliding doors with a tinge of modernization. 

They are now widely used in libraries, washrooms, wardrobes, cabinets, balconies, etc. There are a variety of designs such as glass doors and wood pocket doors structured to match your taste. 

Pocket doors are making a comeback in ways no one expected. Swing doors compromising the area helped pocket doors to make their comeback a great deal.

What is the benefit of a pocket door for a bathroom?

After the era of sliding doors, pocket doors made a great breakthrough with additional features. There are numerous advantages of the advanced slide doors known as pocket doors. 

They are a popular pick for architects and designers because of their benefits. They are the best pick for studio apartments and small bedrooms. They are also used in libraries, gardens, etc. 

Below given is a list of advantages described in detail to help you comprehend the benefits of a pocket door. 

Saving space: 

The main benefit of a pocket door is its ability to save space. Pocket doors are widely known for saving space. 

Unlike swing doors which take up a lot of compartments when opened, pocket doors disappear amidst the wall cavity when opened, this results in a lot of space being saved. 

They are essential for washrooms of studio apartments and small bedrooms where people are really low on space and cannot afford swing doors to occupy any more of it. 

They also save space by operating multi-functionally. They can be used for both a walk-in closet and washroom or for both balcony and washroom. 

This way when one end of the door is opened, it disappears amidst the other end and wall cavity. 

Modern look:

Not only do they save space but another of their greatest advantages is the modern look they add to the apartment. Pocket doors can be customized according to the theme of your room. 

They can be painted any color unlike swing doors and they can even carry vibrant and bold colors. They bring out the modern and chic vibe of the bedroom while serving the purpose of saving space. 

It barely looks like a washroom door at that point. 

Multifunctional abilities: 

One pocket door can be used for both washrooms and walk-in closets. This way it serves two purposes without occupying any unnecessary space whatsoever. 

What is the disadvantage of a pocket door?

Like every other thing in this world, pocket doors have their disadvantages. Although the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages still, they need to be taken into account before making a purchase. 

The disadvantages are listed down below to help you consider the pros and cons before purchasing a pocket door. 

Lack of security: 

Pocket doors are a bit lacking when it comes to sealing. They fail to seal as tightly as traditional doors do. You need to be extra careful when it comes to sealing as you don’t want anyone else interrupting your business. 

Not being able to seal as tightly as traditional doors is a huge drawback as this is one of the major requirements when it comes to washroom doors. We need maximum privacy there. So, if you are not extra careful accidents may happen. 


Sometimes pocket doors get displaced from their racks and it takes a lot of effort to put them back in. One wrong move and the door may get jammed in the rack, trapping you inside the washroom. 

It then might take professional help to fix the door. This can be a regular occurrence. 

How to install a pocket door for the bathroom?

A pocket door can be installed without the help of a professional by following a few easy steps. These steps make sure you don’t need to spend much on appointing someone to do something that you are capable of doing yourself. 

Pocket doors can be installed in 4 steps which require precision and caliber. If you can dedicate yourself to this work then it will be a piece of cake for you. 

The 4 steps are explained in detail below to help you understand how to carry out the process. 

Mount the rough opening: 

The first step would be framing the rough opening. You need to construct a rough opening of standard size with studs to help place your door between them. Make sure to nail the studs properly.

Connect the split jam: 

You need to connect the bottom of the split jam with a floor plate. After that, you need to secure the floor plates to the floor properly to make sure they are firm. 

Border the frame:

You need drywall tape to properly seal the frame. Using the tape and a sponge border the frame and do it with great precision. 

Attach the pocket door: 

The last and most important step would be attaching the pocket door while making sure the wheels of the door are positioned properly. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, despite having numerous drawbacks pocket doors are a great fit for your washroom especially if you are looking to save space. They also add a modern look to your room. From regular sliding doors to pocket doors, their comeback has been remarkable.