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Are Headboards Going Out Of Style? (Read This First!)

Headboards are the favorite piece of furniture for people who prefer back support while sitting in the bed while studying books, and using a phone or laptop.

However, in recent times, to match with new trends and save space many people are not using headboards to create a complete look in the bedroom.

Therefore, if you are about to purchase a new bed for yourself, such a new trend may leave you thinking that headboards are going out of style or not. So, to put an end to your inquiry, let’s discover the facts.

Are Headboards Going Out of Style?

Headboards are never out of style because headboards are an economical method of giving an entire bedroom as well as the bed a statement look. And, in the recent era, headboards are serving as a trendy focal point in bedrooms with their materials, textures, designs, and beautiful shapes.

What Headboards Are In Style?

To let your curious mind know about which headboards are still in today’s style, this section has included explanations of different styles of headboards from past to present time.

Tufted Headboards:

Tufted headboards are a classic and statement piece of furniture that always has been in style. Because tufted headboards are undeniably stylish and come in captivating shapes and beauty that can transform a boring bedroom into a classic one.

Even on social media, if you scroll down through them you’ll see interior designers and homeowners use tufted headboards as a statement piece in their bedrooms.

Upholstered Headboards:

Upholstered headboards are still in style, loved, and used by many house owners. The reason is pretty simple to understand, as these headboards are simply unique, effortlessly add glamour in the bedroom, and obviously exceptionally stylish.

So all these factors of upholstered headboards have made them remain unsurpassed till today’s date.

Fabric Headboards:

Fabric headboards are also known as upholstered headboards because the upholstery fabric is overlaid over a padded pad. So they have not gone out of style. They are still trendy because of their versatility and comfort.

Brass Headboards:

Brass headboards have never gone out of the style from past time to recent era because metal made stuff have their own accent and reputation. 

In the modern era, home decors and homeowners love the vintage touch in their bedroom which stands out the most creating a focal point. So brass headboards are on trend with mass popularity.

If you want to relive the vintage era with a modern charm, try adding a brass headboard to your bed and create a more staple look.

Metal Headboards:

Metal headboards can be made if only brass, only iron, mixed metal, or others, and all these types of metal-made headboards are still in trend.

As metal creates adds an accent and creates a vintage look in the bedroom, so people are still preserving to use them. Moreover, metal headboards are strong and sturdy which is another reason.

Wooden Headboards:

Just like wooden beds, wooden headboards also never go out of style. In recent times, wooden headboards are a bit understated but still are fashionable.

New designs, shoes, and different varieties of wood are making wooden headboards the same popular as before.

Homeowners who like to have versatile pieces of furniture are still choosing wooden headboards.

Rattan Headboards:

Lately, rattan headboards are ruling the sector of home interiors. These headboards offer to create a very relaxing and dreamy bedroom to treat the eyes, soul, and body.

Also, people are really into bringing boho, traditional, Scandinavian, and Japandi vibe in their modern bedroom and rattan headboards matches perfectly with any of these styles, therefore, this factor made them more popular among people.

Tall Headboards:

Tall headboards are fashionable as the other ones. People who like to read or use a laptop while sitting on the bed are the ones who prefer tall headboards the most hence it provides support to the back.

Also, the bed doesn’t look lost in a room with a high ceiling if there is a tall headboard.

What Is The Most Popular Headboard?

Naturally, you would want to know which are the most popular headboards so that you can determine what headboard you want for upgrading the look of your bedroom. So, for your convenience, the top-picked headboards have been listed with short explanations.

Andover Mills Dax Upholstered Panel Headboard (Best Overall):

The Andover Mills headboard has earned the reputation of being the best overall. Because these headboards are pocket-friendly but very high-quality ones. Also, they come with a mounting feature so they can be mounted over a bed’s frame.

Winston Porter Xochitl Panel Headboard (Best Wooden):

Many of you must like wooden headboards because of their durability and timeless popularity. So you can choose these Xochitl panel headboards that come with a simple and very classic style that will suit anyone’s taste.

The structure of these headboards is suitable to prop up against the wall.

Charlton Home Camptown Open-Frame Headboard (Best Traditional):

The Charlton Home’s Camptown Open-Frame Headboards feature detailed scrollwork that creates a focal point in the bedroom.

Also, they are made out of both metal and wood to add traditional richness and the metal scrollwork is painted with a vintage gold color that automatically adds a vintage vibe.

Right2Home Upholstered Soft Shape Headboard (Best Upholstered):

Right2Home’s upholstered headboards are the perfect ones to fit your luxurious bedroom decor. As these bronze-colored subtle and plush headboards with deep button tufting and velvet fabric are pretty eye-catching and budget-friendly.

Orren Ellis Sevenoaks Upholstered Panel Headboard (Best Modern):

To satisfy your modern and chic bedroom decor, these Orren Ellis Sevenoaks Upholstered Panel Headboards Come with soft velvety upholstery and channel tufting.

These headboards also provide back support and comfort while sitting on the bed leaning on them.

Leggett And Platt Doral Metal Headboard (Best Metal):

If you want a low-maintenance simple but elegant metal headboard then this headboard is the most suitable choice for you.

These outstanding-looking headboards are designed with ornamental center swirls that make a sleek and interesting backdrop in bedrooms.

Should A Headboard Match The Bed?

Although most people prefer a headboard, that matches the bed. But it is not compulsory to match a headboard with the bed.

The reason behind this is quite simple, you see most headboards are installed to another same sized frame, so the headboard is hitched directly over the bed’s frame. Also, a headboard doesn’t actually carry any weight so it remains in a totally stable condition.

Therefore, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want a matching headboard with your bed but keep a balance in design, texture, material, and shape. Don’t buy any strange-looking ones.

How Do I Choose A Headboard Color?

Since the headboard functions as a statement item of furniture in the bedroom and creates a focal point, the color of the headboard must complement your room’s entire decor.

If your room’s walls are colored in white and you want to add a visual point then choose a dark-colored headboard like burnt sienna, dark wooden brown, dark gray, etc. But make sure to have a bed in the same color but 1-2 shades dark/light.

You can choose neutral colors like white, beige, taupe, light gray ash, etc. to have a subtle and elegant look in your bedroom. These colors go with any wall color, other furniture colors, and curtain colors.

You can go for pastel color headboards like pastel pink/blue/green, off-white, lavender, etc. if your room’s walls and curtains are in gray. Gray itself is a neutral color so these headboard colors with matching beds and beddings will look great.

You can choose a headboard in different shades of gray to create a gray-on-gray look.

If you want some contrast in your bedroom then you can dare to try the mix-match concept while choosing a headboard.

For example, if your room has an accent chair or ottoman, you can choose a headboard of the same color, material, and texture. It will stand out from the entire room’s look but still will have a matched color.

Is It OK Not To Have A Headboard?

Practically speaking, headboards are not anymore an imperative part of the bed or the decor of the bedroom, so it’s OK not to have a headboard.

In fact in the recent era, people are thinking out of the box and showing creativity by not using a headboard with a bed and saving up space in small bedrooms.

However, if you want to create a statement look and have some comfort while sitting in bed leaning, you can have a headboard.

Should I Get A Headboard or Not?

Getting a headboard depends on your personal preferences, it’s not mandatory to get a headboard.

But if you like to lean while reading, using a laptop or phone, or simply sitting in bed, get a headboard because it will support your back and will allow you to sit comfortably.

Also, to upgrade the entire look of your bedroom, you can get a headboard.

Why Do You Need A Headboard?

You will need a headboard to provide to your bed and most significantly to protect your bedroom’s wall against scraping.

Besides, to create a new statement look with a visual point in your bedroom, you can use a headboard as it’s cost-effective and looks chic. Moreover, with a headboard, you can enjoy sitting in the bed comfortably.

Headboards are like a very classy statement piece of furniture that will not go out of style soon. Modern homeowners are using headboards in their bedrooms to uplift the decoration, even interior designers are suggesting too.

So, if you prefer a headboard, undoubtedly use it for your bedroom.