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Why Are Headboards So Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

Headboards come first in mind when it comes to modernizing a bedroom’s look easily and have some comfort while sitting in the bed leaning.

However, when you contemplate buying a headboard, you might get surprised by the high price of this single piece of furniture. And such a high price will make you raise a question: why are headboards so expensive? So, let’s find out what makes headboards so costly.

Why Are Headboards So Expensive?

Headboards are basically made out of real wood or expensive metal, good-quality leather, or high-end materials, and these factors make headboards so expensive. Oversized headboards and headboards with exotic finishes are the other two reasons that make them fall into the thousand bucks range too.

5 Reasons Why Headboards Are So Expensive

To some of you, still, the reasons behind headboards being so expensive might seem a little bizarre. Therefore, this section has added explanations about all the factors to clear out your confusion regarding what makes headboards so pricey.

Wood Species:

Wooden species are a reason that makes headboards expensive. There is both solid hardwood and softwood.

Since people take headboards as a long term investment, they prefer solid hardwood-made headboards more than softwood and hardwood is more durable and long-lasting.

Headboards made of hardwood such as Oak, Mahogany, Birch, Walnut, Acacia, Maple, Cherry are exceptionally pricey because they guarantee durability and last a long time.

Upholstery Material:

Upholstered headboards are the most popular ones among all headboard types. And the upholstery material makes it both expensive and popular as these materials are chic, trendy, and offer many designs.

If the headboard is made out of linen or microfiber then it tends to be expensive as these fabrics are themselves so expensive.

Velvet as upholstery fabric is also expensive. So if you want to get an upholstered headboard made out of these materials you have to spend more.

Leather as an upholstery material is more expensive than fabric. Especially, if you want to purchase genuine leather made upholstered headboard, it will cost the most.


Brand reputation is also a factor that makes headboards so pricey. Hence, reputable brands attract more customers. Therefore, their products are the demanding ones in the market which increases the price.

Also, brands use top-notch quality materials to manufacture headboards and high-quality materials are already pricey, so the price automatically increases to balance with the manufacturing price.


The size of the headboards is another reason behind headboards being expensive. An oversized headboard is always more expensive than any double-sided or single-sized headboard. The bigger the headboard the pricier it is.


People prefer customized headboards according to their taste, bedroom’s design and decor, theme, etc. So when the headboard is being customized it needs to be done more precisely so that it meets customer’s satisfaction and needs.

It needs more effort and sometimes more high-end materials as per customer’s demand which makes the headboards expensive.

How Much Do Headboards Cost?

The standard price of a headboard ranges between $150-$700. This means within this price range you can expect a good-quality headboard in your preferred size.

However, if the headboard is an oversized one, has exotic designs on it, and is made of high-end materials then be prepared to spend over $1000.

Sometimes, customized headboards designed by reputable interior designers and made of really high-quality materials can cost up to $10,000.

Headboard Prices – Price of Different Types of Headboards

You will find several types of headboards that come in several sizes. So you may not have a general idea about the price range of all these types and sizes of headboards.

Therefore, a table containing the price range of different types and sizes of headboards has been included here. 

Prices of Different Types And Sizes Of Head Board 

Types Of HeadboardsSizes Of Headboards
Upholstered HeadboardsPrice- $200-$500+Small SizePrice- $150-$300
Wooden HeadboardsPrice- $350-$700+Full/DoublePrice- $350-$500
Metal HeadboardsPrice- $200-$350Queen SizePrice- $500-$700+
Rattan HeadboardsPrice- $450-700+King SizePrice- $700+
Mixed MaterialPrice- $150-$700+California King SizePrice- $700+

How Expensive Is It To Reupholster A Headboard?

If you want to reupholster a headboard, expect to spend around $200-$2000.The exact cost of reupholstering depends on the size of the headboard, upholstery fabric, finishes, and labor.

If your headboard is big-sized, you want custom finishes, or high-end materials, the cost of reupholstering automatically will increase. Because the bigger the headboard’s size, the more labor it will take. As a result, you have to count more money.

At least be prepared to spend $1000 on average at least to reupholster a standard-sized headboard with minimum labor and good-quality upholstery fabric.

Can You Buy A Headboard Separately?

You certainly can buy a headboard separately. In fact, most manufacturing companies sell headboards separately. So you can find any preferred sized headboards that will match your bedroom and bed.

Even if there’s a customize option, if you don’t want to buy a ready-made one, you can always customize a headboard.

How Do You Make A Cheap Headboard?

To help you out with making a headboard at fewer prices, here’s an easy step-by-step guide.

The materials you’ll need to make a headboard by yourself are –

  • Plywood (For a twin bed- 40”×30” inches)
  • Two strips of 3/4″ plywood
  • Two strips of 5/8” board
  • Dense foam ( 40”×30”)
  • Thin foam or batting (6-8” longer and wider than the foam)
  • Fabric of your choice (8-12” longer and wider than the plywood)
  • Screws, staple machine, drill, level

Create Hanging Apparatuses:

Start your work by making hanging apparatuses because the headboard is going to mount on the wall with an L- shaped bracket that will go in another L-shaped bracket.

So, screw-down one thin plywood strip of 3/4″ inches, on the horizon of a 5/8” board. Repeat the process again to have another L-shaped bracket.

Mark On Your Wall For Bracket Mounting:

Now look for 2 studs on your bedroom wall where you are going to fit your headboard. Try to find studs that will be the closest to your headboard center.

Measure How High To Mount Headboard Bracket:

Now measure and fix a spit at least 2/3 of up from the headboard because it’s a twin-size headboard about 30” tall.

Attach Screw Into The Stud:

Since the 3/4″ plywood section will go to the bottom of the bracket and there will be open space at the top, ensure that the bracket is upward while screwing it onto the wall.

Now take a level and swivel the bracket to the exact level on your wall and screw it down into the 2nd stud. And you are finished screwing down your support screws.

Mount The Bracket On The Headboard:

At this point, measure where your bracket will go onto the headboard and mount the bracket on the bracket precisely. Use screws to hold the bracket in place. Keep 1/8” space between the brackets to have a little wiggle room.

Upholster The Headboard:

Place your high-density foam on the headboard and arch the perimeters of the foam around the edges of the board. After that, attach a thin foam or batting with staplers and make it fit onto the main foam smoothly.

Keep extra thin foam or batting so that you can attach upholstery fabric to it.

Attach The Fabric:

At last, attach the fabric onto the board keeping a 6-8” distance from the center. Pull the fabric tight every time before you staple. And secure the corners by folding the fabric in small pleats and staple down them. Trim all extra fabric and mount it on the wall.

And, there you are done making your own headboard at a cheap cost.

Are Headboards Worth It?

Headboards are definitely worth it because they function as a statement part of the bed that creates a visual point in the bedroom and enhances the whole decor. Also, provide support to the back while sitting in the bed for reading or working on a laptop.

Mainly protect the wall from getting furniture scratched.

Are Tufted Headboards Expensive?

Tufted headboards are comparatively expensive than the other headboards in the market. It’s because manufacturers use linen fabric to make tufted headboards which increases the price as the fabric itself is expensive.

Also, tufted headboards are popular among people due to having thousands of captivating styles, colors, and shapes that make a bedroom look sophisticated.

What Is The Point of A Headboard?

Along with creating an elegant look with visual points and having back support while sitting in the bed, the main point of a headboard is to safeguard your bedroom’s wall from scratches.

Besides, headboards give a personal touch to the bedroom by creating a cozy ambiance.

Do You Really Need A Headboard For Your Bed?

A headboard is not a mandatory item for your bed. So you don’t need a headboard if you don’t want one. Also, if you live in a small bedroom and want to save space to maneuver comfortably, you don’t need one.

You can adopt some other creative way to make your bedroom look beautiful without a headboard.

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have A Headboard?

You can follow these tips to make your bedroom look well-decorated without a headboard.

  • Hang pretty fabric
  • Create an accent wall by painting or sticking wallpaper on the wall
  • Use artwork to fill out the spot
  • Unfold decorative carved wood/rattan folding screen
  • Place bookcases

Materials, sizes, brands, and customization make headboards so pricey. Even though headboards are pricey, they make a bedroom look polished, so you can opt for one.

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