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Are Bathroom Wall Panels Waterproof? (Answered)

Bathroom wall panels are convenient panels that make the bathroom look good. Moreover, bathroom wall panels have some excellent features. So, people are using wall panels in the bathrooms nowadays.

Bathroom wall panels have many advantages and disadvantages. The feature that people search most of the time for bathroom paneling is water resistivity.

So, while installing or buying bathroom wall panels, you might be confused about whether bathroom wall panels are waterproof or not. Well, you have to know the wall panel materials and their details to know about water resistivity.

Are bathroom wall panels waterproof?

Most bathroom wall panels are waterproof. Generally, people use the panels of Acrylic Stone Resin, laminated Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), PVC, etc., material as panels in the bathroom. These materials are water-resistant. So, these materials protect the bathroom wall from water and damping.

What are bathroom wall panels?

Bathroom wall panels are covering of bathroom wall that upscales the bathroom wall. These panels are like tiles but not the tiles actually. Bathroom wall panels are both aesthetic and beneficial.

People install bathroom wall panels for their outstanding features. Water resistivity is one of the features. Generally, bathroom wall panels are made of PVC, UPVC, Acrylic Stone Resin, laminated MDF, etc.

These materials are water-resistant. They also provide a hygienic and clean wall in a bathroom. Moreover, bathroom wall panels are easy to install. They are cost-effective too. So, bathroom wall panels are being popular day by day.

Are bathroom wall panels waterproof?

Bathroom wall panels are waterproof. They also provide durability and don’t discolor. But if you use wood materials for paneling, the wall might not be insulated and waterproof. So, the wood panel might not be suitable as bathroom wall panels.

However, whether bathroom wall panels are waterproof or not depends on the materials used as panels. So, people use waterproof materials in the bathroom panels most time.

What kind of paneling can be used in a bathroom?

Bathroom wall panels can be of different types. They are made of a variety of different materials. But all materials are not suitable for bathroom walls. The materials which are water-resistant are perfect as bathroom wall paneling.

Here are some panelings that are suitable as bathroom wall panels.


PVC is a suitable panel for the bathroom. PVC is lightweight and waterproof. Besides, this panel provides insulation and a good finish. PVC panels are easy to install and also budget-friendly. Moreover, PVC panels have varieties of colors.


Marble is another paneling that you can use in the bathroom. Moreover, marble paneling has many color variations. Marble is also waterproof. Besides, marble provides a great and smooth finish on the wall.

Laminated MDF:

Laminated Medium Density Fiberboard is another suitable panel for the bathroom. This material is waterproof and durable. MDF is also easy to clean and keeps the bathroom wall insulated from air, dust, dirt, water, etc.


Beadboard is also good for bathroom paneling. Though beadboard covers the lower part of the bathroom, the lower part has more chance to damp. But beadboard keeps the wall moisture-free. Moreover, beadboard creates a traditional look in the bathroom.

Vinyl wallpaper, wainscotting, embossed tile board, etc., are also good as bathroom panels. But try to avoid wood panels in the bathroom.

How to waterproof shower wall panels?

Most shower wall panels are waterproof. But some materials might not be waterproof. So, you have to make the panels waterproof or seal the panels. You can use a water repellent sealer to make the wall panels waterproof. Let’s see how you can do it.


At first, you need to clean the wall panels well. You can add detergent to the water to make a cleaning solution. Then take a piece of cloth and rub the wall well with detergent water and the cloth. Clean the panels fully and remove all the dust and dirt. Let the wall dry for some time.

Water Repellent Sealer:

After cleaning and drying the wall panels, apply a water repellent sealer on the panel. You can pour the sealer into a tray and use a paint roller to apply the sealer to the panels. After applying the sealer, let it dry properly. After the sealer drier, you can apply a second coat if you want.

Can you use PVC panels for shower walls?

Yes, you can use PC panels for shower walls. Even, PVC panels are one of the most suitable panels as a shower wall. PVC panels are waterproof and durable. But PVC is a softer material than other ceramics and tiles.

So, there is a chance of scratching the PVC panels. So, you can use UPVC panels. UPVC is a type of PVC panel that is rigid than PVC panels. These plastics are good for shower walls. They are laminated and have a good finish.

Moreover, PVC panels are insulated. So you don’t have to seal the panel. That’s why you can use PVC panels on the shower walls.

Are PVC wall panels waterproof?

Yes, PVC panels are waterproof. You might know that PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride. So, they are made of plastics. And plastics are waterproof. So, the materials made of plastic are also waterproof.

Even the joints of the PVC wall panels are also waterproof. So, you don’t need to seal the PVC wall panels. Moreover, the PVC wall panels are lightweight and easy to install. Their water-resistant feature making them demandable wall panels day by day.

The wall panels made of PVC like laminated panels, UPVC, etc., are also waterproof panels.

How long do bathroom wall panels last?

How long bathroom wall panels will last depends on which material is used as panels. Generally, ceramic and tiles have a longer lifespan than the others. But ceramics and tiles are brittle materials.

Generally, bathroom wall panels last at least 15 to 20 years. If you use high-quality laminated materials, the wall panels will last even longer.

But if you use wood as bathroom wall panels, the panels will not last a long time. So, it depends on the materials how long the panels will last.

Are bathroom wall panels cheaper than tile?

Yes, bathroom wall panels are cheaper than tile. Especially if you buy PVC panels for bathroom walls, the cost will be less.

Generally, panels made of ceramic and tile materials are comparatively expensive. The manufacturing cost is also high. Moreover, tile is a comparatively labor-intensive installation. So, the installation cost will be high.

But the bathroom wall panels are easy to install. So, the overall cost also will be cheaper. So, bathroom wall panels are cheaper than tile.

How do you stick bathroom wall panels?

Sticking bathroom wall panels isn’t that difficult. But you have to follow a process to stick bathroom wall panels properly. Let’s see how you can stick bathroom wall panels.

  • Measure the wall and the panels and decide how many panels you need to stick.
  • Cut the panels according to the wall area if needed.
  • Clean the wall properly.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth the panel edges and clean the panels.
  • Now, you have to stick the panels with adhesive.
  • Apply a thin layer of panel adhesive on the panel and apply some adhesive in a zigzag way on the wall.
  • Stick the panels on the wall and continue the whole area.
  • After sticking the panels, add sealant to the base and corners.

Can you put bathroom wall panels over tiles?

Yes, you can put bathroom wall panels over tiles. Bathroom wall panels are pretty easy to install. Even you can install bathroom wall panels with adhesive. So, there is no difficulty putting bathroom wall panels over tiles.

Generally, tiles are also waterproof. Moreover, bathroom wall panels are also water-resistant. So, if you install bathroom wall panels over tiles, the wall will be more water-resistant and protected.

Putting bathroom wall panels over tiles will make the wall more protected and durable. So, you can put bathroom wall panels over tiles.

Can waterproof bathroom wall panels be fastened to studs?

Yes, you can fasten waterproof bathroom wall panels to studs. Generally, most bathroom wall panels can be stick to the wall with panel adhesives. But if you want to fasten to studs, you can do it.

But if you use studs, you might have to seal the wall edges and corners with sealants. You need to check the condition of the wall. Because if the wall is brittle, the wall might be damaged using studs.

So, you can fasten the wall panels to studs but it’s not recommended.

Can you paint waterproof bathroom wall panels?

You can paint waterproof bathroom wall panels. But you have to make sure of the condition of the wall panels. If the wall panels are very smooth, the color will not stick to the panels.

So, you have to use sandpaper to roughen the panels. This will stick the primer and color to the panels. Moreover, you have to color a small area to see the reaction. After drying the small colored area, you can apply color to the whole area.

So, you can paint waterproof bathroom wall panels but you have to prepare the panels properly before applying paints.

Most bathroom wall panels are made of waterproof materials. For example, laminated fiberboard, PVC, UPVC, etc., are waterproof materials used as bathroom wall panels.

Other materials might not be 100 % waterproof. But you can make them waterproof panels by sealing or using sealants. So, bathroom wall panels are waterproof or can be made waterproof.