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Should Bathroom Wall Tiles Be Horizontal or Vertical?

Using tiles instead of color coats on the bathroom walls is highly recommended. Tiles not only prevent the bathroom walls from the growth of any fungal strike but also makes it easier for you to clean and scrub on them without leaving any blemishes visible.

However, how you should attach the tiles on the walls, vertically or horizontally, is controversial. According to some, the tiles on the walls should be vertical and some others recommend that the tiles should be horizontal.

There are no rules on how they actually should be but there are always recommendations you should follow.

Should bathroom wall tiles be horizontal or vertical? 

Bathroom walls should be horizontal although it can also be vertical. However, we prefer the tiles to be horizontal because the walls with horizontal tiles make the bathroom look wider. As soon as one enters the bathroom, the bathroom doesn’t feel congested; rather it feels open and comfortable.

You can always use your bathroom tiles either horizontally or vertically. But all the recommendations are because of how the tiles’ set up change the look of your bathrooms. If you set the tiles vertically, your bathroom will look long in height.

On the other hand, putting the tiles horizontally will make your bathroom look wider. Meaning, your bathroom will look open and big in size and therefore, movement in there will feel comfortable.

However, there are no rules on how the bathroom tiles must be. However, as the recommendation goes, you should follow accordingly if you want a better bathroom look. So, try using the tiles horizontally. Because-

  • Tiles set up horizontally makes the bathroom wide horizontally.
  • Vertically set tiles will only make the bathroom look long in height which will be of no use if the bathroom looks small in width.
  • Wide bathrooms make the user more comfortable than the high bathrooms do.

However, if your bathroom is wide enough and all you need is the height to be increased a bit, you can easily set the tiles vertically. Only where the space is the concern should the tiles be put horizontally.

Should bathroom floor tiles be horizontal or vertical?

Bathroom floor tiles should always be balanced with the wall setup. First of all, you need to see if the bathroom needs space to the width or does it need to reach the height.

In case, the walls need the horizontal setup of tiles, you need to put the floor tiles horizontally to match the pattern and the same goes for the vertical setup.

No matter what direction you choose for the floor tiles of your bathroom, choose it wisely. This is so because once the tiles get fixed, you will not be able to change the pattern or the direction of the tiles because they get set with cement as their concrete base.

So, you’ll need to create a pretty big mess to correct the wrong in this case.

Should shower tiles be horizontal or vertical? 

As a shower space is usually built inside the bathroom, we’ll once again recommend you to set the tiles in balance with the tiles setup on the walls of the bathroom.

If in any case, the shower has no connection to the bathroom and your shower space is already wide enough, you can simply go for a vertical setup of the tiles. Nevertheless, go for the horizontal setup.

Always try to use bigger blocks of tiles rather than using small tiles because setting up the small ones will require a lot of them which will nip the elegance of the tile setup. Bigger blocks cover a lot of areas at once and these are profitable as well.

What direction should you lay tile in a small bathroom? 

As the controversy goes, some opine that the direction of the tiles should be vertical while some others say that these should be horizontal.

However, how the bathroom tiles should actually be, will depend on the size of the bathroom; how big, wide or small the bathroom is.

In the cases where the bathroom is smaller in size, the tiles should be laid diagonally. Only an expert in tiling can do this critical setup. Diagonal setup will attract the sight of the viewer on the corners of the bathroom making this small space look longer and wider.

Which way to lay rectangular bathroom floor tiles? 

Before setting up the rectangular floor tiles, you need to keep in mind that your target is to make the bathroom look wide, big while making it look standard. So, try setting up the bathroom floor tiles smartly. Rectangular tiles are perfect for patterns.

You can easily use them diagonally. You can also create a brick look on the floor using these rectangular bathroom floor tiles. In both cases the bathroom will get a bigger look.

Otherwise, you should use these rectangular floor tiles horizontally. This will once again make your bathroom look wide.

Which way to lay floor plank tile on a small bathroom floor?

Floor plank tiles are also rectangular tiles. So, you can simply go for any pattern you prefer. You can also set them diagonally, horizontally, or even vertically. 

However, if the bathroom is small, go for a horizontal tile flooring. It will definitely make the small bathroom feel less congested as the walls of the bathroom are also recommended to have the diagonal tile setup.

The walls will anyway then make the bathroom look wider and the diagonal bathroom floor tiles will only add to the description.

Should tile be laid diagonally or straight? 

Tiles can be laid both diagonally and straight. It entirely depends on the structure of the bathroom. Laying the tiles (especially the square ones) straight, meaning, maintaining a straight line is easy to set. It gives the bathroom a straight linear pattern.

On the other hand, the diagonal setup of the tiles means the same square tiles are set in an angle of about forty five degrees and then maintained a similar pattern. This is not only difficult to do, but also it provides elegance to the specific area.

What size tile looks best in a small bathroom? 

There are a lot of sizes of the tiles available in the market but you need to be wise enough to choose the right size of tiles for your small bathroom. In a small bathroom, it is not wise to use smaller tiles. Rather, use larger tiles.

The recommended sizes are- 12″x12″, 14″x14″ or 16″x16″. These recommendations work for square tiles. However if you want rectangular tiles, they start from 4″ which we don’t recommend you to use. Instead, go for at least 8″ wide and 12″ long size tiles.

The larger the tiles will be, the less the lines of the joints will be visible making your bathroom look flawless and large in size.

Do large or small tiles make a small bathroom look bigger? 

Among the small sized tiles and the larger sized tiles, the larger sized tiles make a small bathroom look bigger.

This is so certain because the more tiles there will be in a bathroom, the more the joints will become visible and it will create a sight where the bathroom will look smaller even though the tiles are set horizontally. So, always keep in mind to use bigger tiles for smaller spaces.

This will make the place bigger while saving your budget and preventing any waste. Only a few pieces of tiles will be required and the setup will be finished in no time.

Bathrooms are sensitive places where people can get really uncomfortable if anything goes hostile. So, ensuring that the bathroom looks comforting is really necessary and this is only possible by the proper setup of the tiles.