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8-Foot Table Dimensions? (All You Need to Know)

From dining to weekly meetings, tables can be an essential part of your household or office. That is why the right size table enhances the beauty and makes any work comfortable. In this article, we will discuss table dimensions. 

What are the dimensions of a 8 foot table? 

Since the tables play an important role in any gathering, the most commonly used dimension of an 8-foot table should be at least 30 inches wide and 96 inches long. This width is considered great for intimate discussion. This dimension is also used in the banquet tables as a standard size.

From having lunch with the family to the meetings at the office, the table is an essential part and used everywhere. A table can be used in multiple ways. But most importantly, it can be used as a platform to serve things in front of people.

That is why a table needs to be in a good shape. Sometimes an 8-foot table can be used to play billiard or to dine. The description of dimensions of different types of 8-foot tables are given below: 

8-foot pool table: 

Generally, an 8-foot pool table has a surface length of 88 inches with a width of 44 inches. Sometimes an 8 feet pool table can have an overall size of 103 inches long, and 59 inches wide.

Generally, the height of the pool table should be 29 inches to 32 inches higher from the ground. 

8-foot banquet table: 

Generally, the dimension of the 8-foot banquet table comes 30 inches wide and 96 inches long. In some cases, the extra-wide 8-foot banquet tables come in 36 inches in width. Height should be around 30 inches.

8-foot folding table: 

The 8-foot folding table comes 36.5 inches in width and 3 feet long when folded. It has a height of 29.6 inches. 

8-foot rectangular table: 

The 8-foot rectangular table is available with a width of 30 inches. It has a length of 96 inches and has a height of 30 inches from the ground. 

8-foot billiard table: 

The size of an 8-foot billiard table has a length of 88 inches and white or 44 inches. In addition to that, it has a height of 39 to 41 inches from the ground. 

8-foot dining table: 

Generally, the length of an 8-foot dining table is around 96 inches. It has a standard width of 36 inches. It is approximately 36 inches high from the ground. 

8-foot craps table: 

The length of a standard 8-foot craps table is 98 inches, whereas the width of the table is 47 inches. The craps table is 32 inches high from the ground. 

8-foot plastic table: 

The length of a standard 8-foot plastic table is around 96 inches, whereas the width of the table is about 33 inches. The table has a minimum height of at least 29.2 inches. Sound and can be high up to 33 inches. 

8-foot round table: 

It is very easy to measure the dimension of a standard 8-foot round table. This 8-foot round table has an accommodation of 8 people per table. It has a length of 96 inches. Since it is a round table so it does not have any specific width. 

8-foot trestle table: 

The standard dimension for an 8-foot crystal table is around 96 inches long, 30 inches wide and 29 inches height from the ground. 

8-foot ping pong table: 

Generally, this type of table is used to play ping pong on top of it. This type of table has a length of 108 inches. It is 60 inches wide and 48 inches high from the ground.

8-foot conference table: 

A standard 8-foot conference table has a length of 96 inches and a width of 42 inches. The distance is measured considering ease of discussion. 

8-foot picnic table: 

This table usually has a height of 28 to 32 inches from the ground. The benches are 17 to 18 inches high from the ground. And has a 10 to 14 inches gap between the bench and the table. It simply is 96 inches long and 30 inches wide.

How wide is a standard 8 foot table? 

A standard 8-foot table is generally 30 to 36 inches wide, depending on the type of table. This wait is specially dedicated to intimate conversation.

The width, which are the shortest side of the table, should be kept within a minimum width to maintain the aspect ratio. Some tables are designed in such a way so that at least eight adult people can easily fit in the bench to use the table.

A standard table that is 8 feet long should be at least 30 inches in width. The tables can be used based on different criteria. Depending on that, the width is determined.

However, the width of an 8-foot table should not go more than 36 inches. This may look disproportionate and less convenient regarding the adjustments into a specific space.

What size tablecloth fits an 8 ft table? 

There are some specific measurements required for the tablecloth of an 8-foot table. A standard tablecloth should be made of linen cloth. In most cases, the 8-foot tables are rectangular.

Considering that the standard size of the tablecloth of an 8-foot table should be 156 inches in length and 90 inches in width. Using such a tablecloth for this measurement will help the tablecloth to fall from the table, but not touch the ground.

It will also create an aesthetic look to the table. That is why the proper measurement for the right type of tablecloth required for an 8-foot table should be kept in consideration.

It is better to keep the measurements accurate.

This dimension is for a full drop tablecloth and the standard drop tablecloth dimension is 120 inches long and 52 inches wide.

How many chairs does an 8 foot table fit? 

Generally, the 8-foot table is made to accommodate at least eight people to do activities. Depending on the people you can increase or decrease the number of chairs surrounding the table.

But it is recommended not to add more than eight chairs. You should place four chairs on each side of the length of the table and two chairs should be on the wider side of the table, each on one side.

This will make the table look more convenient to use. In addition to that, this type of seating arrangement will help people to move their belongings from one side of the table to the other very easily and they will not have to sit in a crowd.

This will make it easier to get rid of clutter. In some cases, you can add two more chairs if you want. But this will make your table set up more congested and difficult for the people to sit comfortably.

So, it is highly recommended to use the standard measurements along with a specific number of chairs to create the best arrangements for the table.

3 factors that affect the 8 foot table dimensions 

Before determining the dimension of an 8-foot table, keep some factors in consideration. A table can be used in many different ways. Considering that, there may be differences in its measurements.

Again, the use of a table for a meeting or a meal may vary in height. It is also possible to determine the dimensions of a table with several factors in mind.

The size of the table can change depending on the area of ​​use or how many people will be seated. The following are some of the factors discussed: 

The width: 

Depending on use, the width of a table may vary. The whites of a dinner table and a meeting table won’t be the same.

In the case of a dinner table, you need to serve multiple dishes and utensils on it, so the dinner table should be wider than the meeting table. 

Sitting capacity:

During the sitting capacity, you may need to bring changes to the length and width of the table.

In addition to that, the height of the table may also change. If you’re willing to accommodate at least eight people at your table, you can use the standard measurements.

But if you want to add more than eight people to the table you will need to bring some changes in the length and height.

Reasons for use: 

A table can be used for various purposes. You may need to use a table for a meeting, or even a family dinner. The 8-foot tables don’t need to be of the same dimension. There might be changes depending on the reason for use.

Final thoughts

The standard dimension of an 8-foot table should be 96 inches long. The length of an 8-foot table is fixed because it is mentioned the table should be 8 feet. The width of a table should be from 30 to 36 inches. It should be at least 29 inches higher from the ground and can go up to 33 inches.