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How Much Does It Cost to Build a 24×24 Garage? (Explained)

Do you want to build a garage but don’t know where to start? We will give you some tips on how to save money on the construction process as well as an overview of the cost of building a 24×24 garage. 

Make an informed decision about your garage project and get the best value for your money with this information.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A 24×24 Garage?

A 24×24 garage might cost between $25,000 and $30,000. In general, $50 – $60 per square foot of a garage is an appropriate amount of money. This cost includes the materials needed for flooring and roofing. You should also consider the cost of permits as well as the cost of construction crews.

Determine your budget first. You can use this information to estimate the total cost of the project, including materials and labor. You may want to consider a 24×24 garage if you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to add storage space to your home. 

Typically, this type of garage costs at least $25,000. Various vehicles – from cars to motorcycles – can be parked here. 

The price will likely be higher if you plan to use concrete due to the time and labor involved. The price of a premade garage kit will likely be lower since it includes all of the necessary components.

How much does it cost to build a 24×24 garage yourself? Is it cheaper to build or buy a 24×24 garage?

Depending on the size and style of your garage, building a garage yourself can be a relatively easy and affordable project. It will cost around $20,000 to build a 24×24 garage if you do it yourself. You can save a lot of money on labor.

Alternatively, if you plan to sell cars or repair bikes, it may be cheaper to buy a pre-built garage. A 24×24 garage, however, is not cheap to build. It can cost upwards of $30,000. 

That does not seem like a bargain at all. Building your garage may be more affordable if you only plan to use it for storage.

How much does it cost to build a 24×24 attached garage?

Depending on the complexity of the project and the location, a 24×24 attached garage can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000. Several factors can affect the price, including the size and type of roof, the number of windows, and the type of flooring. 

Metal or tiles are the most common materials used for roofs. Also, windows allow natural light and air to enter the garage. One window costs approximately $75. It is possible to build floors from concrete, asphalt, or wood, and each has its benefits and disadvantages. 

Concrete is cheaper, easier to install, and costs $5 – $7 per square foot. It costs more to install asphalt.

5 factors to consider the cost of building 24X24 garage

Garages are typically 24X24 in size. These factors will help you reduce the cost and plan properly if you are planning to build a garage of this size.

The strength of the material you intend to use:

Make sure the sheet metal you choose is galvanized and corrosion-resistant, such as aluminum or steel. A-frame needs to be sturdy enough to hold different materials such as tires, storage containers, tools, etc. without collapsing under their weight. 

The price of metal sheeting for your garage can be as high as $5 per square foot, not including installation.

Choosing the right floor:

When making a concrete floor, don’t make it too large. A concrete floor can cost $5 per square foot. This makes the concrete floor at least $2500. Garages are great places to install rubber tile flooring. 

However, it will increase the total cost since Rubber Tile Flooring is more than $10. If you are looking for something beautiful and have no concerns about your budget, stone flooring would be a great option.

Stay away from big poles and don’t rely on steel prices:

The demand for steel in garages is increasing rapidly today. However, consider just how much you need those extra 4 feet if the price difference is worth it. One additional coat will make all the difference in saving space in this case.

Some Bigger Is Better:

Some people will opt to build a larger garage so that it is more spacious. A larger house is not the only way to add more space to your home. You can easily fit four cars on a 24×24 footpad, whereas you would have difficulty fitting three or even two kit cars with their motors.

Measure twice and cut once:

Having a measuring tape and ruler is one of the most important steps you need to take in a garage. 

Without these things, people often attempt to add an extra foot or foot of space by simply “building up” what they already have. Your garage wall will be roughly one inch longer on either end, and you will also need to reinforce the edges where it meets adjoining walls.

How much is a 24×24 garage slab?

Concrete garage slabs are a type of ground floor that is commonly found under the earth. Most people use it to protect their valuable items, such as their cars and motorcycles. A garage slab can cost between $5 and $10. Therefore, a 24×24 garage can cost between $2500 and $5000.

You should consider the size of your garage before buying garage flooring since small and large sizes will have different prices. It is not just a matter of how much money you want to spend, but also of how much you can afford.

Cost of materials to build a 24×24 garage

Planning can reduce the cost of any contract. Hence, you need to determine first what kind of materials you want to use in your garage based on your budget. Here is the inexact cost of materials to build a 24×24 garage.

Foundation slab:

The cost of a monolithic concrete slab ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot. A 24×24 garage will cost you at least $5700. However, you can reduce the cost by using Stem Wall Concrete Slabs. It is cheaper to use and costs less than $2700. 3/4 in. 

Lag bolts cost around $20 – $25 per pound, and you’ll need 24×24 lag bolts if you’re building a typical garage floor. A 24 x 48 unit requires 3600 lag bolts in total.


There are many options for garage doors. Among them are concrete, stone, epoxy, and rubber. For a 24×24 garage, concrete can cost $2000 – $2500. 

The cost of stone can be $4000 or more. Using epoxy can cost up to $8000. A rubber garage floor is a good option. This can cost up to $6000.


Asphalt Shingles, Composite Shingles, Concrete Tiles, and Wood Shingles can all be used to roof your garage. You will pay $2 per square foot or $1000 for a 24×24 garage if you use asphalt shingles. 

Composite shingles are an expensive option. Composite Shingles are more expensive than $5700 if you wish to use them for the roofing. 

Concrete Tiles are the cheaper option and cost at least $2500. Shingles are a medium-priced option, costing around $4000 for a 24×24 garage roof.


Drywall costs $1 – $1.5 per square foot. You will need to budget $800 for your 24×24 drywalling project. Labor costs are not included.

Electrical cost:

Electricity costs are very high nowadays, so there are a lot of ways to finish the stuff.

It is okay to install your drop light over your garage door, but it will bring little profit and be a risk. A full electrical installation can cost as much as $2500.

Garage door:

Steel, wood, and aluminum are all options for garage doors. The steel door can cost anywhere from $1000-$3000 just for materials. 

A wooden door is an alternative if you are on a budget. A wooden garage door will not cost more than $1500. The most popular garage door material is aluminum. It will cost you about $2500 for an aluminum garage door.

Garage window:

Adding a window to your garage can make it more functional. Casement windows are common for garage windows. A casement window costs about $500. For a 24×24 garage, at least two windows are recommended. 

As a result, you will need to budget $1000 for the casement window. You can also choose an awning window. It costs about $800 for two windows.

Final Thought

Garages require concrete, metal studs, roofing, insulation, and windows. These materials vary in price. For a basic 24×24 garage, you can expect to spend between $25,000 and $30,000. After permitting and other fees, the cost may end up being closer to $45,000.