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What Color Goes with Espresso Cabinets? (Quick Answers)

In the 20th century, espresso cabinets were gaining massive popularity all around the world for their sophisticated outlook and elegance in enhancing interior designs.

In order to uphold the beauty of espresso cabinets, it is very important to be careful in setting the color combinations of different elements that we set around them. 

Because if the color of your other surroundings does not compliment these cabinets, it can make your entire kitchen and house look dull, dark, gloomy, and boring.

Therefore, it is certainly important to select the color of different elements carefully to make them blend nicely with espresso cabinets.

Now, let us talk about what colors go well with espresso cabinets and also some tips and tricks for arranging different elements in their surroundings.

What color goes with espresso cabinets?

There are a variety of color combinations that go beautifully with espresso cabinets. They blend nicely with iconic whites and creams, blues and greens, and bright blacks, silvers, and reds. As many colors mix well with espresso cabinets, it’s easy for everyone to choose their favorite colors.

Espresso cabinets are modern, classy, contemporary cabinets that are rich and warm with vibrancy, elegance, and a dark finish in color tone. Espresso kitchen cabinets complement every color scheme.

Let’s talk about the different components and what colors they should be in order to complement espresso cabinets. Those are as follows:


Espresso is a versatile color. Therefore, it complements both dark and light shades of color. It’s no different in the case of floors as well.

You can either choose a light-colored or dark-colored floor in order to blend it well with espresso cabinets. However, oak and maple wood floors are two of the best choices.


The floor with vinyl shades of light oak and beige goes perfectly with the espresso cabinets. 

However, deciding the vinyl shades for your floors will be highly dependent upon your choice of ambience that you want for your interior, and also on the shade of your espresso cabinet.


Shades that are lighter than espresso and give an overall neutral view, those hardwoods go well with espresso cabinets.


The lighter color of tiles goes well with espresso cabinets. Therefore, you have a variety of options available for choosing your tile color as there are a huge number of contrasting shades with respect to espresso cabinets. 

Dining Table: 

For dining tables, you can choose both light and dark shades, as both would go perfectly with your espresso cabinets. 

Choose either white, light hues, or dark hues like dark brown or black for your dining table to complement the espresso cabinets.


The hardware in both cool hues and warm-toned goes perfectly with espresso cabinets. If you like warm-toned hardware, then go for golden nickel and brass wares. For cool-toned hues of hardware, you can choose brushed nickel or stainless steel.


If we look into the ongoing trend, the dark colored espresso cabinets are being matched with lighter shades of countertops nowadays.

Choose a vibrant yellow, smooth and soft butter-cream shade, or classic golden color for the most elegant and classy countertop for your kitchen, which will perfectly complement the rich and dark finish of your espresso cabinet.


Before you get more confused about choosing the perfect color for the walls, wondering over and over which color will go well with the espresso cabinets, trust in the green, gray, and blue hues and go with either green-gray or blue-green for your walls.


The contrasting shades of espresso look quite good when it comes to choosing the color of the furniture. Pastels are one of the best options for furniture that would complement the espresso cabinets perfectly.


For tables, go for white or black. Because both go perfectly with espresso cabinets. Light olive, blue-gray, mint green, and green-gray can also work well.


Choose white or black chairs in the same way that you did for the tables. You may also use green, blue, or red to paint your kitchen chair.


The neutral and bright colors go well for kitchen islands if you want to blend them in with the espresso cabinets. However, it is not compulsory to match islands with espresso cabinets. Thus, you can improvise them as per your own preferences.


A backsplash of sage green, gray, and white is the best choice for espresso cabinets. A marble backsplash with a gray pattern is also a wonderful choice. Beige is another hue that complements espresso’s warm tones.

Are espresso cabinets timeless? 

Many of you must have heard the term “Timeless”. But for those who have just got acquainted with this word, ‘Timeless’ is used to describe things that do not get affected by the passage of time, do not get changed by trends or fashion, and remain beautiful all the time.

As a matter of fact, espresso cabinets are timeless. Because the elegant dark hue of espresso cabinets does not fade away with time.

If you successfully arrange all the elements of your kitchen, like the countertop, island, appliances, furniture, backsplash, granite, floor, wall, etc., with colors that go perfectly with your espresso cabinet. 

Then nothing can change the elegance and sophisticated outlook of your kitchen interior.

What color goes with espresso?

The shade of espresso possesses a distinct versatility that blends in with any color. Starting from iconic white shades, the majestic cream hues, and the calming blues, up to the earthy greens, and so on, espresso just tends to mix so nicely with each and every one of these colors.

By nature, espresso is a color with a dark hue of brown and black. Therefore, the colors that you can choose to match with espresso can either contrast with its outlook or completely blend in with it.

Let us now look at some contrast and blend-in colors that go well with espresso. Those are as follows:

  • Green
  • Golden
  • White
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Turquoise
  • Lavender
  • Gray
  • Green-gray
  • Green-blue
  • Light olive
  • Mint-green
  • Sage green
  • Blue-gray

3 things to consider while choosing color with espresso cabinets

You should consider the following things while choosing color with espresso cabinets –

Select the color combination:

Choosing the right color for various elements like countertops, islands, background, hardware, appliances, furniture, etc. is a very important factor when it comes to picking color schemes with espresso cabinets.

Because this selection of color combination will determine whether it will complement the espresso cabinets or make the interior look even darker and duller.

Using contrasting/blend-in colors:

Another thing to consider when picking colors for an espresso cabinet is whether you want contrasting color combinations or colors that blend in with the color of espresso.

Since espresso has a dark hue, its contrasting colors are usually lighter tints of the same color. On the other hand, hues like dark brown, black, crimson, and others, on the other hand, are shades that are quite close to espresso and generally blend in with it.

Consider the vibrancy of colors:

Each color has different levels of vibrancy. Therefore, too many gaudy or attractive colors might overshadow the beauty of the espresso cabinets.

Therefore, always consider the vibrancy of different colors before matching them up with your espresso cabinets.

What color appliances to use with espresso cabinets? 

Black and stainless steel are the perfect options that you can use with the espresso cabinets.

You may also use white-colored appliances in order to create a contrast with the espresso cabinets, which just look amazing. On the other hand, the black appliances mix quite well with them, maintaining a smooth balance within each other.

However, sometimes white-colored appliances might seem bland and soulless in appearance. Thus, to create a consistent kitchen outlook, black-colored stainless steel is considered one of the ideal options.

If you think both black and white are not very compatible with your espresso cabinets, you can go for panel door appliances to create a neutral outlook in the kitchen interior.

What wood and granite go well with espresso cabinets? 

Stonewood, Black Marinace, and Titanium granites go quite well with espresso cabinets. As espresso cabinets are mostly of darker shades, it is better to use granite of lighter shades in order to maintain a sophisticated interior outlook.

However, it is best to check the compatibility between your short-listed shades and the espresso cabinet shade before finalizing it.

Besides, in terms of choosing wood, both light and dark shades of wood complement the espresso cabinets. Red oak and cherry would go great with espresso cabinets.

Moreover, you can use light-colored hardwoods like maple, ash, pine, hickory, etc. in order to give an elegant contrast to your kitchen with the dark shade of the espresso cabinets.

Final Thoughts 

Espresso cabinets look great with white, cream, cool and calm shades of gray and blue, and modern, vibrant shades of silver, red, and black. Since there are so many colors that go well with espresso cabinets, it’s easy for everyone to pick their preferred colors for their kitchen’s interior design.