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What Circuit Breakers Are Compatible with GE Panels?

You cannot always use the same circuit breaker over and over. Sometimes, you may not find the same brand or precisely the same circuit breaker from the nearest hardware shop. Then, it will become a challenge to get a perfect substitute instead of the original.

If you ever face the issues, you know it’s a pathetic job to find out the compatible circuit breakers. You will find it from today’s article and get the perfect one and the list.

What circuit breakers are compatible with ge panels?

The Siemens circuit breakers are compatible with the ge panels. You will also find some other breakers compatible with the ge panels. However, you cannot use all the circuit breakers with the ge panels; there are some power differences between them.

Most GE circuit breakers are compatible with the GE panels, but none go with them. You must check the manufacturer requirements and the compatibility chart. You can only decide if you can interchange or use them on the GE panels.

Compatibility may also come from third-party breakers, but they are not safe. You will find many non branded circuit breakers that can be used on the GE panels, but they are not secure and can harm your device or appliances.

The third party or non-branded circuit breakers have some advantages. One of the most positive sides of them is the cost. You can buy the nameless circuit breakers with a few bucks, whereas the branded products will cost you more. 

Sometimes, it is twice the price of third party products.

Apart from these, you can also use the Homeline and ITE breakers in your GE panels. They also come with the exact requirements; therefore, they are safe and go with the GE panels. So, you can use them in your GE panels.

Here is a list of the compatible circuit breakers with GE panels.

  • Siemen Breakers
  • Homeline Breaker
  • ITE breakers
  • Third-Party Breakers

Are these breakers compatible with ge panels?

Not all the breakers are compatible with GE panels. You need to find out the same characteristics of circuit breakers that will safely handle the GE panels and can bear the load. Let’s see if they all are compatible with the GE panels.

Bryant breakers:

The Bryant breakers are not compatible with the GE panels. They are different, and you cannot use or interchange them. They are rated with different compatibility. So, you must avoid using the Bryant breakers on any GE panels.

Eaton breakers:

The Eaton breakers and GE panels both fit, which means the Eaton breakers are compatible with the GE panels. 

Still, you must check the AMP rating, compatibility chart, and manufacturer instructions before inserting the Eaton breakers into your GE panels.

Siemens breakers:

The Siemen breakers are perfectly compatible with the GE panels. You can interchange them and use them securely. You don’t even need to look at the manufacturer’s instructions; it will be time-consuming. 

Go to the hardware shop and buy the Siemen and install it accordingly. 

Squared breakers:

The Square D breakers are not compatible with the GE panels. You must have the manufacturer’s clearance and check everything. You can use it on the GE panels if they match a certain Square D breaker.

Homeline breakers:

The Homeline breakers are also compatible with the GE panels. You can alter them or use them safely on the GE panels. Still, you should check the rating and get clearance from the manufacturer. 

Murray breakers:

You can use the Murray breakers on GE panels because the Murray breakers are compatible with the GE panels. But some may come with a different rating and create some compatibility reasons. 

So, you need to check everything before installing on your GE panels.

ITE breakers:

The ITE breakers are the same as the GE panels. So, the ITE breakers are, of course, compatible with the GE panels.

Westinghouse breakers:

Both the Westinghouse breakers and the GE panels are Interchangeable. But whether they are compatible perfectly with one another is a big concern. 

You need the manufacturer’s instruction and permission to use Westinghouse breakers on your GE panels. 

Cutler hammer breakers:

again, the cutler hammer breakers and the GE panels are Interchangeable but not recommended. You need to go through the manufacturer’s clearance before putting them on your panels. 

However, the cutler hammer breakers are compatible slightly with the GE panels.

How do I know which breaker fits my ge panels?

We need to rely on some parameters to use another breaker instead of one that fits your ge panel. Knowing those parameters, we can replace them according to the character of the breaker. 

And you need to know what kind of connections you want to use to determine which breaker will match your channel. That is a process where you can select your desired breaker for your exact needs. Here we have tried to present such issues to you.

Depending on voltage:

The power of connection is determined by the voltage of the desired utility in case of taking electrical connection in our home or commercial line. 

And by keeping the desired voltage unchanged, we can easily use another breaker instead of a circuit breaker of the same feature on that ge panel.

Depending on the frequency:

In the case of using a breaker in an electrical connection, it is necessary to determine the adequate frequency in that line and place it accordingly. 

Once this has been determined, you can use a breaker that fits the ge panel or use another breaker instead of that. In both cases, there is a need to maintain the consistency of the frequency.

Based on the rated current:

Knowing the rated current is a significant criterion in selecting a circuit breaker for an electrical connection. It is essential to understand its load, and a critical feature that drives them is the rated current. 

It allows you to use one circuit breaker instead of another.

Are all ge circuit breakers interchangeable?

Not all GE circuit breakers are interchangeable. Some breakers, such as bolt-in breakers, are not interchangeable with others; there are many different types of breakers to choose from. 

GE and a few other brands will not fit into other panels due to their physical size for plug-in breakers.

Circuit breakers are identified by markings stamped on the side of the device, and they are often found inside the cover door of the panel. A label on the panel will inform you of the breaker required for installation in that specific panel.

The load on the circuit will determine the size of the circuit breaker you need – and you’ll want to be sure you obtain the proper brand because not all breakers are interchangeable. Ensure that the correct brand of breakers is installed in your breaker panel.

What breakers are compatible with ge thql?

GE, Siemens and some third party breakers are compatible with GE THQL. The most secure method is to utilize GE circuit breakers with GE breaker boxes. 

These products were created to work together and are easy to find because their packaging references the proper breaker panel.

Siemens breakers are compatible with GE breaker boxes and are commonly regarded as interchangeable. When utilizing Siemens breakers, make sure that the size and voltage requirements are met, as using the incorrect breakers can result in dangerous consequences. 

If the incorrect circuit breaker is utilized, it may fail to trip (turn off the electricity) during a surge. This could cause the breaker box to melt and start a fire. It is strongly advised that the incorrect breakers never be utilized in any situation. 

You can also use other breakers manufactured by third parties, which can also be compatible with GE THQL.

Once again, make sure that the size and voltage are the same, and seek guidance from the dealer. Although employing lesser-known providers can result in financial savings, safety should always take precedence over everything else when dealing with power in the home.

GE circuit breaker compatibility chart

When installing a circuit breaker on a GE panel, you must know its rated current because it will be compatible with that system if the rated current matches with the GE panel. Some of the circuit breakers available in the market match the GE panel smoothly.

Breakers NameCompatibilityAmpere Rating
Eaton BreakersYes, it is compatible.20 Amps
Siemens BreakersYes, it is compatible.15 Amps
Homeline BreakersYes, it is compatible.20 Amps
Murray BreakersYes, it is compatible.150 Amps
ITE BreakersYes, it is compatible.16 Amps

Final Thoughts

The Siemens, third party and Homeline circuit breakers are compatible with the GE panels. If you check the compatibility manually and check our compatible chart, you will know more about them and get some other circuit brakes that are also compatible with the GE.