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Urinal Height: How High Should a Urinal Be?

Keeping the urinal at an appropriate height would make it suitable for use by all people. The urinal should be neat and clean. Meanwhile, it varies in size depending on where the urinal is going to be used. Choosing the right size is necessary so that people of all ages can use it. 

Following the below tips and information regarding the urinal and its height would help you to install one. 

Urinal height

Well, urinal height varies with the age of the people who are using it. For adults, the urinal can be 24 inches high while for children the height should vary between 17 to 22 inches. To make the urinal accessible to disabled kids, it should be the height of 17 inches from the floor. 

Urinals installed in a public place or in a school or college should be at an appropriate height from the floor. Otherwise, students would not be able to reach it and there is no use of the urinals if you do not have access to it. 

Urinal height from floor level in mm: 

A wall urinal should be kept at a height of 607 to 660 mm. Well, it is the appropriate height for keeping the urinal which should be used only by adults. Meanwhile, the height would be 500 mm or above for the kids.

Well, the height of 500 mm to 560 mm would help the school kids. Meanwhile, the infants would need a urinal which is at the height of 430 mm. Moreover, the height would also vary for disabled kids and which should be 430 mm. 

Urinal height from floor level in inches: 

The urinal in a public place or for adults should be at a height of 24 inches. Well, you can also keep it to 17 inches as it would be accessible to more people.

Moreover, kids can use the urinals having a height of 19 inches to 22 inches. Well, it also depends on the kid’s height and whether they can use the urinal or not. 

For disabled kids, the ADA requirement is the urinal should be at a height of 17 inches from the ground to the rim of the urinal.  

Do urinals have a standard height?

Yes, urinals do have a standard height which is 24 inches. Well, the height would vary depending on where it is going to be installed. For children, the height would be less than 24 inches. Meanwhile, for adults, a urinal height of 24 is the most suitable one. 

Apart from that, urinals for different aged people would also vary. Moreover, for special kids or who are disabled, the height should be 17 inches to make it accessible. As a result, the standard height also varies. 

What are the ADA requirements for a urinal?

ADA requirement for a urinal is that the urinal has to be at 17 inches height from the ground. The urinal can not be higher than this. Moreover, the depth should be 13 ½ inches. Mostly it is because of the disabled kids or special kids.

Otherwise, the standard height from the floor to the belongs in the range of 22-24 inches. Meanwhile, a 17-inch height is reachable by people of all ages.

Why are there urinals of different heights?

There are always urinals of different sizes. There are certainly some reasons for placing different height urinals. Whether you are placing the urinal in public or in school or colleges, the height should be followed. The reasons are summarized below.


One of the main reasons why urinals are of different sizes is because of the country code. Every country has its own code for it. In the USA, the ADA requirements say to put a urinal at a height of 17 inches. The code might vary according to the country and need.


To access the urinal for people of certain ages, the height must be kept at a moderate one. A primary school kid would be able to reach the urinal which is at the height of 17 to 19 inches.

Meanwhile, for adults, the appropriate height would be 24 inches from the ground. Even in school, you would find different heights of urinals which is because of the different aged kids. 


The height of the urinal is also somehow related to the flash. The higher the urinal, the less the splashing would be. As a result, there would be less chance to splash in the surrounding area. Meanwhile, a lower-height urinal would do the exact opposite. 

This criterion is also considered when putting the urinals. 

What are the different heights of urinals?

Urinals are mostly put at different heights to make them accessible to all people. Well, the different height of the urinals from the ground varies for different aged people. Some of the different heights of urinals and why they are kept at this height are summarized a bit below. 

17 inches:

17 inches is the maximum height you can consider while putting the urinal according to ADA. All people can use this height yet specially considered for special kids and disabled kids. Well, the code should be followed in order to make the urinals usable. 

24 inches:

For adults, the urinal can be kept at a height of 24 inches. It is the most appropriate height for an adult. Apart from that, the height of the urinal from the ground is also influenced by people’s height. 

Here, 24 inches is the standard one, though you can minimize the height or maximize it a bit. 

19 to 22 inches:

A urinal height between 19 to 22 inches is mostly kept while the urinal is going to be used by kids. Especially, in schools, different height urinals are common. The reason is that almost all ages gather there and urinals should be accessible to all of them. 

How high should a urinal be mounted for primary and elementary school?

Well, for the primary and elementary school the urinal should be at the height of 500 mm or 19 inches to 22 inches. The children studying in primary and secondary school are almost the ages between 5 to 11. 24 inches in height would be too much for them to reach. 

Instead, they can use a urinal mounted at a height of 19 to 20 inches. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, the height of the urinal also varies with the people who are going to use it. The standard height is 24 inches. While kids can only use urinals that are at the height of 19 to 22 inches. But the minimum height of the urinal should be 17 inches from the ground so that it is accessible.