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How to Store Cleaning Supplies in a Garage (BEGINNERS TIPS)

Who doesn’t like to have a clean, spotless, pristine household? The answer is “No one.” To serve that purpose, almost all of us need to buy and store cleaning supplies. They may be disinfectants, bleach, glass cleaners, dusting products, etc. Now all these things have one thing in common! They all need to be safely stored. Often, this becomes a nuisance for the general public.

In the following feature, we explore different ways to safely store cleaning supplies in a garage. That is right! A garage! Sounds pretty convincing, right? Wait till you see for yourself as we bring you excellent ideas to store these supplies and make your life easy and maintaining a tidy home, a pleasure!

How to Store Cleaning Supplies in a Garage?

Big items such as vacuum cleaners, steam mops, etc. can be stored in the garage conveniently. Just pick a spot and sort the supplies in order! A cabinet can be built in a site to store labeled spillable items safely. Keep flammable chemicals away from cars and generators!

Ways to Store Cleaning Supplies in a Garage:

You should initially map out the floor plan of the garage, as this will contribute to the efficiency to which you can store the supplies.

This section focuses on the ways that you can use to store cleaning supplies in your garage. Below are some of the ways you can use the large spaces in your garage as effectively as possible:

Divide the garage into a number of sites, to store and keep track of different supplies, using the floor plan

This step will make sure that your supplies do not get mixed up and, as a result, stored in an organized way so that you can access anything easily.

Build wooden open shelves in some sections of the garage

This will help you keep the different chemicals and items organized.

Construct some close cabinets and multi-tiered racks to store dangerous chemicals

Multi tiered racks will make sure that certain toxic or flammable chemicals are kept away from the reach of pets or children.

Have multi-product holders installed in a wall mount

Wall mount shelves or wall mount baskets can help you to store small products such as sponges and liquid soap conveniently, making it easier for you to access.

A mobile storage cart is a must-have item!

This comes in handy to store items that you may need to use frequently to clean your car inside the garage. You can find many budget friendly portable storage carts on amazon. Check these too.

Larger cleaning supplies such as mops, lawnmowers, or vacuum cleaners can be kept in a designated area

This makes it easier to reach them for daily use. Mop or broom holders on your garage wall can save you from a lot of mess. You can set separate clip like single holders or install an all in one wall mounted hook rack to organize your brooms, mops or yard tools in your garage.

Flat objects such as ladders and seasonal sports gear can be stored in the garage ceiling

These are items that you do not use frequently and so, can be put away from your sight to keep things simple. Simply install wall mount hooks or ladder holders on your garage ceiling to store the big ladders and sports gears.

Use caddies or storage baskets to store mop-clothes, all-purpose cleaners, dish soap, etc.

Carry caddies for cleaning products can be great help. You need these supplies on a regular basis as so, keep them accessible in this way.

If you have enough money to spare, you can build up some walls and create a designated room to store all the cleaning essentials you need.

These ideas will help you greatly to keep your cleaning supplies organized in an easily reachable place, and as a result, take away your worries with the benefits of retaining the cleanliness of your beautiful home!

Where to Store Cleaning Products at Home?

Kitchen drawers, storage and bathroom cabinets, caddies, baskets, wall-mounted rods, door organizer shelves are some places, to name a few, where you can store cleaning products at home.  A pantry-style shelf can be used to store items such as dustpans, scrubbers, mops, and brooms. 

A tray can be used on the kitchen sink to keep the dish soap and scrubber. A soap dispenser to store dish soap beside your sink faucet can be a great option too. Dividing utensils, products, and necessities according to tasks, such as window cleaning, stain removal, scrubbing, dusting, etc. can go a long way into helping you store cleaning products at home without making a mess.

You can allocate labeled storage bins to keep these products in an accessible space.

What is the Best Way to Store Cleaning Supplies?

The best way to store cleaning supplies is to find clean, dry and cool spaces to store all your products. The supplies should be stored in their original containers so that they do not get mixed up and create all kinds of messes. This will also help reduce the space needed to keep the products. 

Shelves may come in handy, as they can be stacked and so, reduce the space required to store the items. 

Rolling carts can be used for convenience as they can be taken room to room easily, without the hectic work and making a huge chemical mess. 

You can use tension rods to hang items such as mops and brooms in your closet door. This keeps the items reachable without using up much space. 

Cabinets often have doors that can be utilized in order to hoard the much-needed and widely used supplies.

Kitchens have a large space under the sink where some chemicals can be stored.

Can you put Cleaning Supplies in Storage?

It is not actually wise to store cleaning supplies in the storage unit. There are a number of reasons.

For starters, most cleaning supplies are chemicals containing alcohol or other flammable chemicals such as acids, propane, gasoline, etc. Storage units may get warm enough to cause these items to blow up, and as a result, a dangerous accident can take place. 

Cleaning products are often harmful and toxic, and so, they can poison any other items that are kept in storage, posing a danger to the health of the inhabitants. 

Items used for cleaning are often wet and scenty. These provide perfect conditions for molds to grow and may attract rodents and insects into the household.

Overall, using the storage unit to keep cleaning products is discouraged as this may result in unwanted messes and accidents.

Can you Store Bleach in the Garage?

Garages often get cold enough to freeze bleach. As a result, it becomes unusable and makes a huge problem for you. This is why storing bleach in garage is definitely not a good idea!

Bleach should be kept out of the way of daily life as it is corrosive and may cause accidents. Storing in garage would mean constant interference with other activities, posing a risk of knocking down the fragile bleach container while using your car. 

If you use your garage as storage for cleaning supplies, it is wise to not keep the bleach there as it may be knocked off shelves or spilled from the cabinets while you try to reach for other supplies. This can result in accidents and shambles, increasing your work rather than making it easier.

Bleach should be labeled and kept in a safe space, away from the reach of children and animals. The temperature around should not be too warm or too cool, and both might result in disempowering of the bleach.

What Cleaning Chemicals should not be Stored in a Garage?

Cleaning chemicals such as glass cleaners, oven cleaners, floor waxes, toilet bowl cleaners, bleach, air fresheners, etc., often contain flammable and toxic solvents. These may be harmful to health in the long run and may harm various parts of the body. Thus, they should not be kept in garage, cluttered with other products.

Supplies that are sensitive to high temperature such as drain cleaners and some homemade soaps, propane sprays, aerosols can be damaging and dangerous as they may cause the elements to blow up, resulting in severe injuries! 

Products such as furniture polishes and some air fresheners may contain formaldehyde, which may be a potential carcinogen. These should be kept away from other items in the garage.

Garage Cleaning Supply Storages that We Love

These tips and tricks should hopefully serve your needs for storing cleaning supplies efficiently and within reach. You should now be able to make your home look beautiful and smell amazing.

With a little bit of self-determination and this guide, you can go lengths at transforming your home into a dazzling and fascinating scene.

These tips are tried and tested by experts and top professionals in the field, and they surely will come in handy the next time you think about reorganizing and storing your cleaning supplies. 

Happy Cleaning!