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Standard Sofa Table Height (Complete Guide)

A sofa table can be a great addition to fill up the empty space in a room while acting as a fashionable yet functional access point. It can give your room a fuller look. 

You can decorate a sofa table any way you want. You can also use it as storage or a buffer between the wall and the back of your sofa. However, you must be wondering if there’s a standard size that you should be going for. 

Standard sofa table height:

The standard height of a sofa table, also considered a console table, is between 26 to 36 inches. Oftentimes, coffee tables, end tables, and side tables are also considered sofa tables. The height of the sofa table largely depends on the purpose of the table and the size of the sofa. 

There are no official rules or measurements as to how tall a sofa table has to be. Both homeowners and decorators go by their instincts and personal choice when they decide on the size of a sofa table. 

Basically, it all comes down to the compatibility between the sofa and the table and what you’ll be using the table for. 

It is considered best if the sofa table is slightly shorter in both height and length than the back of the sofa for a more appealing result. If you’re placing the table behind the back of your sofa, it should exceed the sofa neither in height nor in length. 

For a side or end table, the height should be the same or a couple of inches shorter than the arm of the sofa for easier access. 

For a center or coffee table, the height should be comfortable for viewing and reaching out for drinks or anything else. If you plan to use the sofa table as a TV stand, you should consider the right height of the TV as you place it on the table. 

If you use the table in the foyer or entrance as an entry table, it should be at a height comfortable to put the keys and other items.

You can decorate your room any way you want. But, if you want to make your room visually appealing while ensuring functionality, it’s important that you choose the right piece of furniture of the right size. 

A sofa table should be of a perfect height that is compatible with the sofa and the room’s furnishings. If the table is too low or too high, it won’t look good.

Height in inches:

coffee table – 16 to 18 inches, console table – 26 to 36 inches, side table – 22 to 30 inches

Height in cm:

coffee table – 40.6 to 45.7 cm, console table – 66 to 91 cm, side table – 55.9 to 76.2 cm

Height in mm:

coffee table – 406.4 to 457.2 mm, console table – 660.4 to 914.4 mm, side table – 558.8 to 762 mm

What is a sofa table? Is it the same as a console table, side table, or end table?

In general terms, a sofa table is a table that you place on the back of your sofa to bring a change in the seating area and to give your living room a fuller look

It is also known as the console table. A console table is generally placed against the wall to serve as an accent table. When you place a console table behind a sofa, it acts as a sofa table.

Depending on the place where you’re placing the table and its purpose, a sofa table can also be a coffee table, side table, a storage ottoman, or even an end table

While generally, a sofa table is what you place behind the sofa to make a statement, many people consider a coffee table or an end table as a sofa table as well. 

A sofa table can also be used as a buffer between the wall and the sofa. When you place a sofa table in the center of your seating arrangement, it works as the center table or coffee table. 

A coffee or center table will be different in height compared to a console table as it has to be in your arm’s reach but shouldn’t block your views when you’re sitting down.

A sofa table acts as an accent point that portrays coordination between the room and the furnishings. Sofa tables are great for filling out a large or empty space in a room. 

You can be quite versatile with the addition of a sofa table and give a touch of your own artistic personality in your room. 

What is the common dimension of a sofa table?

For creating the perfect harmony between your existing pieces of furniture and the new sofa table, you should choose a table of the right size and shape. 

While there’s no official standard set for the size of a sofa table, there are some common measurements that people go for when they are choosing a sofa table for their living room. 

The common length of a sofa table should be anywhere between 24 to 48 inches. The common height should be between 26 to 36 inches. Lastly, the common depth of the table is 12 to 15 inches from top to bottom. 

A sofa table is generally considered as the console table that you place behind the sofa. The table should not exceed the length of the sofa or else it will take all the focus away and lose its appeal. The length should be anywhere between the half to a full length of the sofa. 

There should be at least 6 inches to a foot of free space for avoiding injury.

Similarly, when height is the concern, the size should not exceed the height of the back of the sofa. The ideal would be at least an inch shorter than the sofa height. This way, when you decorate the tabletop with flowers, plants, frames, and lamps, it will look good.

The depth of the sofa table is important as it means the space allowed to decorate with any items you want. If you want to put heavy decor pieces or lamps on the tabletop, you’ll need adequate space. But, the depth should not exceed 15 inches or it won’t be stable. 

You need to ensure both practicality and functionality when you’re deciding on the dimension of your sofa table.

Things to consider for choosing the right size sofa table for a room:

One should certainly consider the following things while choosing the right size sofa table for a room:

Purpose and placement of the table:

A sofa table can be used for different purposes. As you’re choosing one to complete the look of your living room, first you must think about what you’re going to use it for. If it’s going to be a console table, you should consider the length and height of the back of your sofa. 

If you’re planning to use it as a TV stand, it needs to be at a level that’s comfortable for the eyes. If it’s going to be used for dining, you should take the counter or bar height into account as well. 

A center table or coffee table should be at a height that is convenient to reach out to but also does not block the view as you sit on the couch.

However, if you’re planning to use the sofa table for storage as well, you need to leave some space for foot traffic. In this case, you must consider the area between the wall and the table. 

If you’re placing the table against the wall, you need to consider the wall’s dimensions. A half moon table works great against a wall. It can be used for serving drinks and one-bite dishes.

Size of the sofa:

Since a sofa table is supposed to complement the sofa, you must consider the type and size of your sofa. Measure the length and height of the sofa to determine the dimension of the sofa table. 

If you’re placing the table behind the sofa, it shouldn’t exceed the height or length of the sofa. 

Size of the room: 

The size of the room is very crucial when you’re choosing a sofa table. You don’t want to overcrowd the room with unnecessary pieces of furniture. Take measurements of the room and the area that you’re planning to place the table in, then choose the sofa table. 

Room’s furnishing:

Coordination between the other furniture and the sofa table is essential. Before you purchase a new sofa table, take into account the placement of other furniture, their tones, and material. 

The sofa table should not look out of place. If you’re planning to get multiple sofa tables for various purposes, you can also go for matching sets of coffee tables, console tables, side tables, and even stools. 

Final thoughts

The standard height for a sofa table is considered between 26 to 36 inches. However, there’s no fixed no rule for determining the height of a sofa table. What matters is that the table is compatible with the sofa. You can decorate the tabletop with different items.