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Should You Wash New Sheets? (All You Need to Know)

Sheets are an integral part of the bed as it provides you with warmth, comfort as well as ensure that you have a good sleep. Sheets also protect the bed and even pillows from dust and bed bugs, so that it doesn’t affect your sleep in any way. In addition, clean sheets also refreshes your mental health and also keep your physical health fit and healthy.

However, confusion arises when it comes to washing new sheets. In fact, many people don’t even know whether they should wash new sheets or not. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss whether you can wash new sheets or not.

Should you wash new sheets?

You will need to wash the new sheets as the new sheets contain high amounts of extra dyes as well as chemical components which can cause skin irritation or skin problems. In addition, the new sheets can have the existence of bacteria and dust which can cause health complications.

Well, it isn’t a requirement whether you will need to wash new sheets. However, a lot of research shows that it will be better for your health if you wash new sheets. As the new sheets contain a lot of excess dye, chemical components, excess colour and even dust. Therefore, you might need to wash the new sheets in order to remove those extra components that remain on new sheets.

In a lot of bedding stores, you might notice that there are labels attached to the sheets that say, “Wash before use”. It is because the manufacturer prioritises the customer’s health safety before anything.

Also, the manufacturing companies stated that they ensure that there is no existence of any sort of extra dye or chemical components in sheets before they are delivered to the retail stores.

However, chemical components can still be present in those new sheets, therefore, the manufacturers also attached the label that the customer should wash the sheets before using. The chemical components can cause skin irritation which can turn into an allergic problem for people who have sensitive skin. Also, the chemical residues can affect your sleep negatively as the chemical residues can enter your skin which can cause huge irritation later.

Therefore it will be best if you wash your new sheets before using them. Washing the new sheets will help you to avoid any sort of skin problems that are caused by the chemical residues that are present in new sheets.

Is it bad to not wash new sheets? Should you wash new sheets before putting them on the bed?

It is definitely not bad to wash new sheets as the new sheets may contain unwanted organic chemicals and smells that may harm our skin and cause skin irritation. Since we spend most of our time in bed, it is better to wash bed sheets just after purchasing. As a result, the sheet will become much softer and will produce a pleasant smell.

Though is it not mandatory but is highly recommended to wash new sheets before putting them on the bed. As the new bed sheets are being packed and sold directly from factories they may hold excess colours and harmful chemicals. Those who have sensitive skin and allergies may face skin irritation by sleeping in new unwashed bedsheets.

Again, new bedsheets can also contain dust particles when they are kept in stores for a longer time. So, we should wash new bed sheets with soap, detergent, and warm water. It will destroy all harmful chemicals and dust, remove excess colours, make the sheet softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

How many times should you wash new sheets?

Washing makes new sheets softer and more comfortable to sleep on. It is recommended to wash new sheets every week. Washing the new sheets every week will make the sheets softer and more enjoyable to sleep.

It may sound like a lot, but we should think about how many hours we spend in our bed every day. We sleep almost 6-10 hours a day, gossiping with our family every day in bed. Thus, the bedsheet gets dirty and dusty. Rewashing the sheets with proper care makes them clean and dust-free.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that you should not wash the sheets regularly. Here regularly means you should not wash the new sheets after using the sheet for two or three days. Because washing the new sheets regularly and spontaneously can downgrade the quality of the fabric. As a result, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably as well as the colour of the new sheets will be faded quickly.

Why wash new sheets – What happens if you don’t wash new sheets?

New sheets should be washed before use. This is because it may contain chemicals as well as dyes that may produce unwanted rashes. Besides, new sheets are often uncomfortable to sleep on because of their roughness. Also, any kind of defect may reveal after a wash.

If we don’t wash new sheets, there is a high risk of causing skin irritation and also the transfer of dyes from sheets to bed may take place. Those who have sensitive skin must wash new sheets after purchasing. The following things may happen if we don’t wash new sheets:

Skin Irritation:

Skin irritation is a common problem that may occur due to putting new sheets on the bed. Different manufacturers use organic chemicals and colours for printing different designs on bedsheets. These chemicals and dyes can be harmful to our skin. It can form rashes and irritation may occur. Those who have sensitive skin must wash new sheets after purchasing.

Transfer of excess dyes:

The manufacturers use chemicals and colours for making bedsheets. Sometimes, after buying a new sheet, the dyes often get transferred from bedsheets to bed or clothes. This feels bad and disgusting. So, washing new sheets removes excess dyes and makes the sheet clean and comfortable to sleep on.

Sheets may produce odd smell:

Since sheets are being packed and directly sold from factories, they may produce an odd smell. That’s why should be washed straight away. It is not possible to have a sound sleep if the sheets produce a bad smell.

How to wash new sheets?

After we have purchased a new sheet, it is time to wash it properly. We must wash new sheets with utmost care. Make sure you wash the new sheets with soft hands because washing the new sheets vigorously can tear up the cloth of new sheets. Therefore, you should follow some steps while washing the new sheets. Here are some steps that we should consider while washing is briefly explained below:

Step 1:

Firstly, we should add baking soda (one cup) with warm water. Baking soda is a cleanser that can remove dirt and stains very easily and also softens any kind of clothes. Make sure you don’t use low-quality detergents. Because low-quality detergents can shrink the new sheets as well as it can downgrade the comfortability of the new sheets.

Step 2:

Secondly, we should wash the sheets with warm water very gently. This will make the sheets softer and clean. We can also use some amount of detergent as detergent is also good to remove tough stains and have a pleasant smell.

Step 3:

Thirdly, we should use dryer sheets that serve the purpose of making the sheets softer.  The dryer sheets have a good smell and can remove the odour from sheets. The dryer can perfectly soak up the extra water from the sheets.

Step 4:

Finally, we should add one cup of vinegar with water and rinse the sheets again. Next, we should dry the sheets at low temperatures and heat. Then, we should iron the sheets to make them look good.

What temperature to wash new sheets? Should you wash new pillows?

New sheets should be washed with warm water instead of hot water. The water of temperature 30 degrees Celsius is considered warm water which is ideal to wash new sheets. The water of temperature 45 – 50 degrees Celcius is considered hot water. Hot water will fade the natural colour of the sheets. Again, cold water also cannot clean the sheets properly as it is unable to remove tough dirt.

Yes, we should wash the new pillow after purchasing. New pillows can also contain chemicals, dirt, etc. But, if we purchase pillows from good branded shops, it is not mandatory to wash those. Good branded shops always ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of their products. You can start using the pillow just after buying from branded shops.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it is evident that you will need to wash the new sheets. As the new sheets can have existence of chemical residues which can affect your skin negatively. Therefore, you should wash the new sheets properly before using them for your bedding or for your pillows.