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Should Bunk Bed Bedding Match? (All You Need to Know!)

Generally, bunk beds have two bunks on them; top bunk and bottom bunk. These bunks are two individual beds attached. Many people use different beddings on the two beds.

However, bedding on a bed can change the whole appearance of a bed and the room. So, choosing suitable bedding on a bunk bed is essential.

So, you might be confused about whether bunk bed beddings should match or not. So, let’s see details about bunk beds and how you should arrange the beddings of the bunk beds.

Should bunk bed bedding match?

It’s not compulsory to match the beddings of a bunk bed. You can apply different beddings. But matching bedding can create a good look and symmetrical condition on the bunk bed. A lot of bunk bed sets are available that have matching beddings. Otherwise, different beddings can also be used.

Bunk beds have two different beds but they are connected. So, a bunk bed is complete furniture. So, if you use matching beddings on the bunk beds, the beds will look good in the room.

Moreover, if you use the bunk bed for adults, you can match the beddings to create a formal look. But if the bunk bed is for kids, you can add different bedding covers with creative ideas.

Different types of bunk bed bedding sets provide matching or themed beddings and bed sheets. These sets have matching bed sheets most often. But if you want to modify the bedding for kids, you can add any color and design for a creative and stylish look.

What bunk bed bedding needs to match?

Generally, like normal beds, bunk beds also need beddings on them. Bunk bed bedding consists of a mattress, comforter, sheet, blanket, etc.

But when it comes to matching the bedding, you can match the visible bedding. So, let’s see what bunk bed bedding needs to match.

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It’s not compulsory to match the mattress of the two bunks of a bunk bed. You can even install a regular mattress on the bunk bed. But a matching mattress can provide equal comfort and appearance on the bunk bed.

If you use a different mattress, the height of the mattress and bed might not be the same and it can look weird.


Like the mattress, it’s not compulsory to match the comforters of a bunk bed. If the bunk bed has sheets on it, a comforter can be different.

You can even use different color comforters on the bunk bed. But if you want equal comfort and make the bed look the same height, you can match the comforters.

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Most people like to match the sheets of a bunk bed. Bunk bed sheets are the most visible part of the bed.

So, if you want to match the bedding of a bunk bed, you must match the sheets. But if you want to be creative using different colors of sheets, you can do it.


Another important element of the bedding is the blanket. Matching bedding requires a matching blanket. If the sheets of the bunk bed are matching, the blanket should also be matched.

But if you match the sheets and not the blanket, it can look messy. So, if you want to match the visible portion of the bunk bed, you should match the blankets also.

Should bunk bed comforters match?

You should match bunk bed comforters for their size requirements. Generally, bunk bed sheets cover the comforters, but the size of the comforter should match.

Generally, the size of the two bunks in a bunk bed is the same. Moreover, you can’t tuck all the edges of the comforter. You can tuck the bed sheets.

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But if you tuck the comforter, the bed will be uncomfortable on the edges. So, you should use a suitable size of the comforter that can be laid on equally all the sides.

So, if you add matching comforters, two bunks will be the same height and comfortable. Generally, bunk bed sets provide equal size and matching comforters. So, it will be wise if you buy a set for the bunk bed that has matching comforters.

How do you make a bunk bed look pretty?

When you place a new bunk bed in the room, you might need to decorate the bed and the room also. So, you have to make the bunk bed look pretty with some modification. So, here are some ways that you can follow to make a bunk bed look pretty.

  • You can paint the bunk bed according to the decoration of the room.
  • You can add padded fabric to the frame of the bunk bed.
  • If the bunk bed is for kids, you can add colorful curtains to the bunk bed to make it separated and creative.
  • You can add more and decorative pillows to the bunk beds.
  • You can put creative and colorful sheets on the bunk beds.

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Is there special bedding for bunk beds?

Yes, a lot of special beddings are available for bunk beds. You can even find matching bedding sets for bunk beds. But it’s not compulsory to use special bedding on the bunk beds.

You can use regular mattresses and regular sheets on the bunk beds. You can modify the bedding according to the size of the bunk beds. When you want to match the bunk bed bedding, you might need special bedding.

But it’s optional whether you want to use special bedding for bunk beds or not.

What bedding do you use for bunk beds?

The most common and essential bedding for bunk beds is a mattress. You must need two mattresses to apply on two bunks of the bunk bed. These bunk beds should maintain a height less than the safety rail.

Moreover, if the bunk bed is for kids, you should add a comforter on the beds. The comforter must follow the size requirements of the bunk bed.

Next, you will need the sheets to cover the mattresses or comforters. It depends on you whether you want to use matching sheets or not. You should also have pillows on the bunk beds.

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Besides, you should add blankets to the bunk beds. Two individual blankets are needed on the two bunks. But make sure the blanket of the top bunk might not hang from there.

What do bunk beds need to match?

If you want to create a symmetrical and stylish look, you can match some elements of the bunk beds. Let’s see what elements of bunk beds you can match.

Should bunk bed match dressers?

Many bunk beds are available with dressers. They are made with the same materials. But it’s not compulsory to match dressers with bunk beds. You can also use different materials dressers with bunk beds. But make sure they look good together.

Generally, we place the dresser with the bunk bed. So, if they are from completely different materials with different colors, it might look weird. So, matching the bunk bed with dressers is preferable.

Should a bunk bed match the wardrobe?

Like other furniture, the wardrobe doesn’t need to be matched compulsorily. You can use different wardrobe materials with a bunk bed.

Sometimes, the bunk bed and wardrobe are both made of wood. So, you can burnish the two pieces of furniture in the same color. If the furniture of a room matches one another, they will look symmetrical and stylish together.

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Should a bunk bed match a twin bed?

Like the dresser and wardrobe, twin beds are also not compulsory to match with bunk beds.

Generally, bunk beds are used to save space and provide extra sleeping space. So, if you use a bunk bed with the same room as a twin bed, you might have to match them.

Different types and colors of furniture might look messy and non-stylish. So, it would be better if you match the bunk bed with the twin bed.

Should a bunk bed match a single bed?

A bunk bed should not necessarily match a single bed. Single bed and a bunk bed are two completely different pieces of furniture. But you can separate the bunk bed as single beds.

But if you have a single bed and bunk bed in the same place, you should match them.

Matching this furniture isn’t essential. But if you match them, they will create a good appearance.

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Should the bunk bed match the desk?

You can match the bunk bed with the desk. If you match the bunk bed with the desk beside it, the whole appearance will look good. But if you add different materials and colors in a room, it might spoil the stylish look of a room.

Though bunk beds for kids might be creative and match with different materials, matching them is better. So, you can match a bunk bed with a desk to create a stylish and formal look.

Bunk bed’s bedding can change the whole appearance of the room. If you want to make the bunk bed look good and stylish, you need to match the bedding on it. But if you keep the beddings of the two bunks different, they will look messy and unsymmetrical.

Moreover, kid’s bunk beds can be colored and creative. But matching the bedding can make the bunk bed look better.