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Is Elmer’s Glue PVA? (All You Need to Know)

We often perform various household tasks with woods and other objects. The use of screws and hammers can lead to the distorting of these objects.

The use of glue can diminish this issue. There are different types of glue available in the market. Elmer’s glue is one such glue that performs a variety of tasks.

Is Elmer’s glue PVA?

Elmer’s glue is PVA-based glue. It has a difference in formulation from PVA glues. It performs the same task of sticking woods and similar objects. The strength and longevity of these two types of glue differ.  Elmer’s glue is a synthetic polymer with some other components in it.

Elmer’s glue is an all-purpose glue. This glue is famous for its strength and ease of use. The use of non-toxic elements makes this glue environment-friendly. Anyone can use it without much hassle.

You can use it to fix different household objects made of wood, cardboard, etc. Kids can use it for various DIY projects and crafts.

One of the components of this glue is polyvinyl acetate. This glue is toxin-free and safe to use. But these can disintegrate and become yellow over time.

There are different kinds of Elmer’s glue. The formulation of these glues is different depending on the material of use.

Elmer’s school glue:

Elmer’s school glue has PVA in it. You can use it on paper and fabric. It got a flexible bond.

You can wash it off without much trouble. This glue is safe to use for children and environment-friendly. It is the most common type of glue to use.

Elmer’s clear glue:

Elmer’s clear glue has no color and is fixable before setting. It is a PVA-based glue.

You can use this glue in wood, paper, and fabric. This glue does not take much time to dry.

Elmer’s wood glue:

This glue is the generic version of Elmer’s carpenter’s wood glue. This glue also contains PVA and does a wonderful job with woods.

This glue does not produce any fume and is safe to use. But do not let children use this glue.

Elmer’s carpenter’s wood glue: 

If you are searching for glue for heavy-duty carpenter works, this glue is the one for you. Elmer’s carpenter’s wood glue is a PVA glue that serves woodworks.

This glue is powerful and works effectively to stick woods. They are great for household purposes.

Elmer’s glitter glue:

The use of glitter in Elmer’s glue has made it more attractive to the kids. This PVA-based glue comes in different colors and makes projects very attractive and colorful to the eyes.

Elmer’s glitter glue adds aesthetics along with effectivity.

Elmer’s white glue:

Elmer’s white glue turns colorless when it dries. It takes less time to dry and has PVA in it. This glue performs lights works. It is not harmful and easy to use.

Elmer’s glue all:

This glue has a curing time of 24 hours. It has PVA along with alcohol and glycol components of the polymer group. This glue is effective for a lot of purposes. It can work well on all kinds of objects.

Woods, boards. Paper, fabrics, etc., are some working canvases for this all-purpose glue. This glue is famous for its variety of use and strength.

Elmer’s glue sticks:

Elmer’s glue sticks has PVA or PVP. Many argue with this statement. But Elmer’s glue patents state that it has PVA. The color of the glue is purple. And when this glue dries, it becomes clear.

This glue works on paper and cardboard. It is fun to use and easily applicable on surfaces like paper. You can handle it according to your need and get your work done.

What Is PVA Glue?

Glues made of PVA or polyvinyl acetate are known as PVA glue. It is an adhesive that sticks solid materials together, like woods, chipboards, plywoods, etc.

PVA glue does not have any odor or color. The manufacturing of these glues does not include any toxic components. And thus, they are safe to use in bare hands as well.

But do not eat it, nor make contact with sensitive body parts like eyes, nose, etc.

The bonding power of these glues is very secure. You can clamp wooden materials using this glue.

This glue works better at room temperature. A high temperature and moist environment can cause these glues not to bond objects. You will need proper air circulation for this glue to work and bond.

A thick consistency with a powerful bonding agent is the special feature of PVA glue.

They are soluble in water as well. You can add water to this glue to make it less thick and use it for various purposes.

What is Elmer’s glue?

Elmer’s glue has a long history. At first, it was made from animal milk protein, casein to be precise. Later, the company went through different stages of improvement and made changes in its production process.

Non-animal products are in use to produce Elmer’s glue now. The mixture of various chemical components makes it an effective glue for multi-purpose.

You can use it on various surfaces like paper, wood, fabrics, ceramics, etc. Tasks at home and school, projects, etc., are handy with this glue. Elmer’s glue is a must in every household.

There are varieties of Elmer’s glue available in the market. Buyers can select from a wide range of options according to their needs.

Are PVA glue and Elmer’s glue the same thing?

One of the components of Elmer’s glue is PVA. There are other components present in this glue as well. These components decide the drying time for the glue.

PVA glue is more powerful and does permanent tasks than Elmer’s glue. The bonding strength and time of PVA glue are different than that of Elmer’s glue.

PVA glue and Elmer’s glue are not the same in terms of the longevity of their effectiveness. But they are the same in terms of their purpose of fixing of sticking objects together.

Elmer’s glue is not fit for permanent jobs. You can use it in various ranges for temporary usage. But if you want something permanent, you have to explore your options more. PVA glue is the better option in this case.

What’s the difference between PVA glue and Elmer’s glue?

There are several differences between the two. Let’s get to know them.


The chemical components of Elmer’s glue and PVA glue are nearly the same. There is some difference in the amount of mixture of these components.

There is a difference in the amount of solvent in use as well.

Bonding strength:

The bonding strength of PVA glue is greater than that of Elmer’s glue.

Bonding time:

PVA glue dries faster in better air circulation than Elmer’s glue.


If you want a permanent job, use PVA glue. For arts, crafts, and temporary projects, use Elmer’s glue.


PVA glue is famous for industrial works and selling objects. These pieces need more support than temporary solutions. Elmer’s glue is perfect for household works and projects.


Elmer’s glue is available in many colors, consistency, etc. PVA glue is not available in such options.

​​How much PVA is in Elmer’s glue?

Elmer’s glue does not contain any animal hide or protein. It is a synthetic production of adhesive from various chemical components.

The prime element of this glue is polyvinyl acetate. It has other components like petroleum, water solution, natural gas, etc.

This glue contains PVA in high quantity. The main component of Elmer’s glue is this synthetic polymer. It is produced from the reaction of acetic acid and acetylene.

It then combines with an emulsion or solution of water. It gives the glue a watery consistency. Otherwise, the glue would become rubbery and not work as an adhesive.

Can I use Elmer’s glue instead of PVA glue?

PVA glue is more powerful than Elmer’s glue. It does the permanent jobs. And Elmer’s glue can wear off over time and usage.

The purpose of glue is to stick objects. And if you are doing a project or task of sticking woods and similar objects, you can use anyone from both of these glue.

But if you plan to sell the work or use it for a long time, PVA glue is the option for you.

Selling any work requires better finish and longevity. Elmer’s glue does the work for the time being. It is not a safe option to use here.

But the use of various kinds of Elmer’s glue is widespread. These glues are famous for their flexibility and easy use.

Final thoughts

The difference between PVA and Elmer’s glue is in its production process. They are the same in the sense of performing their tasks of adhesive. But they are different in their working nature and longevity. Elmer’s glue is ideal for household works and projects containing PVA. They bond faster.