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How Much Weight Can Laminate Floor Support? (Explained)

Most of the laminated floors are sturdy enough to take weights and it is a really smart decision if you have already invested in good quality laminate flooring. You might be wondering why is that? Let’s find that out and also know how much weight can laminate floor support.

How much weight can laminate flooring support?

Laminate floorings are designed to have heavy objects and furniture without drastically damaging the floor. It can take up to 450-500 lbs and not above that. Furniture like treadmills and bulky ones can be harmful to the laminate floor. It is necessary to lift or slide these objects while you move them.

If you want your laminated floor to survive all the heavy objects in your household, then it should be your priority to make sure whether your laminated floorings are placed properly with the subfloor.

The floor will look nice when the planks are installed in a good manner and also prevents dent or any other ruins that might have caused in the future.

Is there a weight limit for laminate flooring?

There is probably no accurate weight limit for laminate floorings.

You can keep weights of your choice on the floor by taking proper precautions, making sure you have an extra layer on top of the floor before putting the weights. After that, you are likely not going to face any inconvenience regarding the heaviness of it.

For example, you can keep a carpet under your sofa to avoid dents and scratches, which would have occurred if it did not have an extra layer.

How much weight can laminate flooring support?

It is wise to keep the weight capacity of the furniture 400 pounds or below 500 pounds.

Even though the floorings are built to have heavy stuff, there is a high chance of having a dented floor if it exceeds 500 pounds.

Say, you own a medium grand piano and it usually weighs around 600 pounds. This amount of pressure would be too much for laminate flooring and as a result, it will cause breakage on the floor. So, it is safe to not have such heavy stuff on such floors.

It will also be helpful to ask the seller about it beforehand. Because it depends on what type of laminate flooring you are going to use. Thus, asking them would give you a precise idea about how you should take care of it.

Can you put heavy furniture on laminate flooring?

Almost all the furniture in a household like a bed, closet, cupboard, dining table, etc. is hefty. And yet, after keeping them on laminate flooring, it lasts for a decade.

This shows how durable the floors are and it is possible to keep large and heavy objects in your house.

These are some precautions that can be taken before putting heavy furniture on the floor.

Having laminate flooring is like a commitment for years, so it would be convenient for the buyer to have premium quality laminate flooring which has a thick wear layer as it will serve them for a long period.

Moreover, it will also help to solve the problem of not being able to keep heavy things on the floor.

Further what can be done is, people can also buy a useful thing called the ‘foam furniture pads’. They are cheap and can be found in any hardware store.

It can also be ordered from the ‘Amazon’ website. It is self-adhesive which makes it easy to apply. All you have to do is stick it under the stands of the furniture. This will give a slight rise of the furniture from the floor and will prevent it from getting scratches.

However, there are some items of furniture which are bad for laminate floors. Here are some names of them:

  • Rocking Chairs
  • Sofa (sleeper)
  • Treadmill (exercising equipment)
  • Washing Machine

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Should you install laminate flooring under appliances?

You surely can install a laminate floor under appliances but then again it also depends on what type of material you are using for laminating the floor and what appliances are actually under.

For example, for items like washing machines, it is necessary to put any type of slider underneath it to make it work without any difficulty.

Can a pool table sit on laminate flooring?

Yes, a pool table can sit on a laminating floor.

And before you do that, you just have to take care of one while buying, which is,

‘How much it weighs’.

It would be a smarter choice to buy a pool table that does not weigh too much. Again, it should be under 500 pounds to prevent it from chipping the floor.

A protective layer can be used underneath the pool table to save the floor from denting.

Can a piano sit on laminate flooring?

It is possible to place a piano on top of a laminated floor. You can have a vertical piano, like a ‘Studio’ or ‘Console’ piano, which is within 300-400 lbs. These are bearable weights for a laminate floor and can easily settle on them.

There is another thing that can be done. There are different kinds of caster cups for different pianos. Having them would make sure that the floors stay like new ones always.

Can you put a refrigerator on laminate flooring?

Yes, you can put a refrigerator on top of a laminate floor. It plays an important role in whether the floors are installed solidly.

Because there are some critical areas in which the planks tend to break very easily if the refrigerator is on top. You can use two planks under the refrigerator to place them carefully on top of the floor.

Can a bookcase sit on a laminating floor?

Of course, it can easily sit on the laminating floor without any problem.

Bookcases are light enough for the laminate flooring to handle, so without any doubt, you will be able to have them in your house.

Will heavy furniture damage/dent laminate flooring?

Some heavy furniture will dent laminate flooring.

If you move the heavy objects without lifting or sliding them, then certainly damages will take place. The floor will be full of scratches, and it will chip as well.

If you are living in a house with laminated flooring, you might as well want to take good care of it to keep it beautiful.

But there are other factors as well for which floors might get dented even after taking care of it. If the planks are old and have been in the house for a long time, then you should immediately change them and get new ones.

How to protect laminate floors from heavy furniture?

There are various ways of protecting laminate floors from heavy furniture.

  • Wipe water spilled: Spilling water on the laminate floor is a big no. Because there is a possibility that the planks will absorb the water, which will dampen and darken it. To avoid it, you should quickly wipe the water with a dry cloth or tissue paper so that it doesn’t get time to absorb.
  • Lay rigs under heavy furniture: Laying clothes or thick rugs under the heavy furniture to protect the floor from getting scratched.
  • Use protection pads: Pads can also be used as a protectant for the floors.

What is the best flooring for heavy furniture?

Many different kinds of flooring are best for heavy furniture.

Porcelain floor tile:

In Asia, you can find that a lot of houses use porcelain tile to do their flooring. This is because they are good for heavy furniture and don’t break by the pressure.

They carry their true appearance, without fading, throughout the usage and don’t get scratched as well.

Brazilian redwood:

This flooring is also good for heavy furniture as they are simply known for being a sturdy material. It holds the place quite well under heavy furniture, which is why it is preferred to have this flooring.

No matter what kind of flooring you choose to have, if you are looking after it carefully and take the necessary steps to maintain it, it will serve you more than you would have thought about it.