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How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Duvet Cover? (Explained)

The fabric of the duvet covers changes the outlook of the bedroom, given that its measurements are perfect. To match and fit the size of the bed, it is necessary to know how much fabric the duvet cover will need.

The amount of fabric will also determine the costs of making the cover. It will vary as it will depend on many factors. Thus, give a quick read to know all about it!

How much fabric do I need for a duvet cover?

A standard and full-sized duvet cover needs 5 to 6 yards of fabric for each of the sides. This amount of fabric yard is required only if the fabric is a minimum of 54 inches wide. A double-sized duvet is approximately 86 inches x 90 inches which requires a total of 12 yards of fabric.

There are different sizes of comforters that require different amounts of fabrics for covers. If you’re trying to sew a cover for your duvet or you want to customize it, you need to know how much fabric you will need to make a cover for your duvet. 


A twin-sized duvet is around 69 inches x 90 inches in height and width. Assuming the standard fabric size which is about 50-54 inches wide.

A twin-sized duvet needs 6 yards of fabric for each of the sides. A total of 12 yards of fabric will need to make a twin-sized duvet cover.


A single-sized duvet is around 150 cm long and has a height of 200 cm. For making a duvet cover for a single comforter, it will need 4 meters of non-directional fabric.

An additional ½ meter of fabric will be needed for the pillow covers. 

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A queen-sized duvet is 90 inches x 96 inches in height and width. It needs about 6 yards of fabric. The Fabric used for making duvet covers has a standard width of 54 inches with no pattern repeat. 

Again, queen-sized duvet covers will require 6 yards of fabrics with 27 inches repeat pattern.


 A king-sized duvet is 108 inches x 96 inches in height and width. 9 yards of fabric having a standard width of 54 inches is required in order to make a king-sized duvet cover.

These 9 yards of fabric are needed for each of the sides. 


A full or double-sized duvet is approximately 86 inches x 90 inches in height and width. A full-sized duvet needs 6 yards of fabric for each of the sides.

A total of 12 yards of fabric will need to make a double-sized duvet cover.

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What is the measurement of a duvet cover?

The measure of duvet covers depends on the sizes of the comforters or duvets. There are different sizes of duvets and the measurement of duvet covers vary from each other according to the sizes. The amount of fabric also differs for each size.

Type Duvet Cover Measurements (in cm)
SINGLE SIZED140 x 200cm
KING SIZED230 x 220cm
QUEEN SIZED260 x 220cm
EMPEROR290 x 235cm

The measurement of a single duvet cover is 140 x 200cm. The length and width of a full or double-sized duvet cover are approximately 200 x 200cm. The sizes are based on UK standard measurements.

King and Queen-size duvets are most common and widely used in most parts of the world. They are relatively larger and wider in size. The measurement of a King-sized duvet cover is approximately 230 x 220cm. Again, the Queen-sized duvet covers are usually 260 x 220cm by height and width.

Emperor duvets are the largest kind of comforters. The measurement of an emperor duvet cover is around 290 x 235cm in height and width. 

Either you buy or make your own duvet cover, but the size of the cover has to be right that should perfectly fit your duvet. Therefore, it is important to choose your duvet cover wisely.

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How do you make a duvet cover? How to sew a duvet cover?

Sewing a duvet cover at home can be easy if you follow a few steps.

Gather all the necessary things you’ll need:

For sewing a duvet cover you’ll need fabric for the cover, a pair of sharp scissors, a yardstick, a sewing machine, pins, iron, and an iron board. 

Prepare the fabric:

Choosing the best fabric for your duvet cover is important. An approximate 10-12 yards of fabric you’ll need for making your duvet cover. The fabric used for making duvet covers should preferably be made from light-weighted cotton. 

Cut the pieces of fabric:

Before cutting it to the exact measurements, join the pieces together. Begin by cutting a piece of cloth keeping it 3-5 inches longer than your duvet insert’s length. Double-check the length of the front side and, if necessary, adjust the top or bottom.

Adding the snap tape:

Fold the fabric in 1 inch at the lower edges of the panels and iron. Then fold it in half again and iron it. Split the snap tape in half and pin every half to the inner bottom edges of the front and back fabric pieces. Sew the snap tape down from both sides.

Sew the pieces together:

Pin down the cut pieces and start sewing the raw edges. Stitch the sides of the duvet covers keeping 1/2- 2 inches seam allowance.

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Inserting the Duvet:

Place the duvet insert on top of the cover. Secure the corners of the cover and duvet with safety pins. 

Which duvet cover material is best?

Duvets are excellent alternatives to traditional comforters since they are comfortable, washable, and a great décor for your home design.

It is essential to choose the proper fabric for your duvet cover—one that is breathable, washable, and cozy. Here are some of the best materials for your duvet cover.

Organic Cotton:

Cotton is one of the best choices for your duvet cover. Cotton is a low-cost material that is also highly durable. This cotton fabric makes your duvet cover look fluffy and gives you a cozy feeling.

Natural fibers like organic cotton are non-toxic and have a less chemical odor. Best choice for individuals with sensitive skin as the fabric is comforting. Cotton is also the best option for you if you want a no-fuss, low-maintenance fabric.

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Silk is a luxury fabric. Silk fabrics are very elegant and comfortable to use in most seasons. Silk is highly breathable, and the smooth and satin finish is appealing.

A silk duvet, on the other hand, may be costly to purchase and maintain because it must be dry washed and is often stained easily. It wrinkles quickly and must be ironed.


Flannel too is one of the best fabrics for your duvet cover, especially for winters. A flannel duvet cover keeps you warm and toasty on a chilled winter night. Flannel is a wool and cotton blend that is comfortable and robust enough to last for years.

This flannel fabric can be washed easily and is wrinkle-free.


It’s less expensive and also a wise choice to use a blend of cotton and rayon or cotton and polyester. These blends can be more comfortable and lasting and save cost.

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Even on the hottest of nights, linen is the finest alternative for duvet cover fabrics. It’s lightweight, breathable, soft, and very flexible. It has a natural elasticity that helps to retain its shape for a long time. 

Choosing the best fabric for your duvet cover is important in terms of comfort and durability. It is wise to select a fabric that will give you maximum benefit with less expense. Consider the weather and climate of your region and buy the best-suited duvet cover fabric accordingly.

What are duvet covers made of?

Duvet covers are commonly made of cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester fabric. Two sheets or panels of cloth stitched together can be used to make duvet covers.

Cotton is the most widely used for duvet covers because of its comforting quality and long-lasting capability. Besides, there are other kinds of fabrics that are also commonly used in making duvet covers like- Silk, Flannel and Linen, etc. 

Duvet covers are usually made by sewing two sheets or panels of fabric together.

What duvet covers do hotels use?

The majority of the hotels use duvet covers made of cotton. This is the ideal mid-ground duvet cover fabric for all seasons. These are easily washable and light-weighted. Cotton-made covers are comfortable enough for giving the guests cozy feelings at night.

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How do you attach a comforter to a duvet?

Place your comforter on top of your mattress, flat. Turn the inside of your duvet cover inside out. Find the two top corners by putting your hands inside.

Hold the top two corners of the comforter with your hands inside the cover. Flip the duvet cover right side out over the comforter, holding the top two corners firmly.

Next, shake and fluff the duvet cover until it falls down to cover the majority of the comforter. Now push the comforter’s bottom two corners towards the duvet cover’s bottom. Lastly, zip it up after everything is in place.

Final Thoughts:

On average, the amount of fabric needed for duvet covers is around 6 yards. A total of 6 yards will cover duvet covers for twin-size and king duvet covers. Single sizes will require even less. However, duvet cover fabrics of length 9 to 12 yards are required for king and full-size duvet covers.